My Spring/Summer Purse//What’s In My Bag??

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday and welcome to another blog post! I’ve wanted to do this post for a while and since we are in the beginning of summer (it’s already so hot here already) I thought it would be a great time to let you know what’s in my Spring/Summer Purse! Now I will be honest, a bunch of stuff in my purse you have already seen in other blog posts, but hey I love these items so much! So let’s get right into!

The Purse

First let’s talk about the purse. The purse is a mini backpack from Forever 21. The reason why I wanted a mini backpack this time around is because the cross body purse I was using before was starting to hurt my shoulder from the weight of carrying all the stuff on one shoulder. So I thought “Why don’t I just even out the pain from just one shoulder to both shoulders?!”. I knew what I was looking for, I wanted to shy away from the usual black or grey purses I normally get and get a pastel pink mini backpack. When I went in to my nearest Forever 21 they had the style of mini backpacks I wanted but not in pastel pink. So I ordered it online and in a few days top it was in my hands. I was nervous since I was ordering it online that it wouldn’t fit all my stuff but I am happy and relieved to say that it all fit! I love how it is very lightweight (even with all my stuff in it) and it is perfect for carrying a lot or a little during the spring and summertime. I’ve had it for about 2 months now and it is still in good shape, so I hope it lasts a while!

The Pin that Started it All

I knew that I wanted a new purse right when I started to get really sick of feeling pain in my shoulder, but I didn’t know what purse I wanted. Then I was shopping at Hot Topic and I found this Sailor Moon Transformation Brooch pin and I knew right then and there that I needed a pastel pink mini backpack to put this pin on. Now I did have a hard time getting this pin on (with the fake leather and loose pin back) to the point that I almost gave up on it, but I’m glad that I didn’t because it turned out so well! I always get compliments on it and asked if it is a sailor moon purse (like if the pin came with the purse) but nope… I put it together myself and I am so proud of it!

Sailor Moon Keychain

Since I was going with a Sailor Moon themed purse I wanted a keychain that would go with it so when I found the brand Sugarbones on Instagram I knew they would be perfect. Sugarbones is an artist/designer based in Canada who creates pins, patches and art prints of things that supports girl power, fighting crime and the forces of evil while looking completely kawaii :)… and Sailor Moon is one of those things. You will definately see more of Sugar Bone on my website/social media, I love what she does and I can’t wait to see what else she creates! She recently designed two Sailor Moon inspired keychain souvenirs, one from Crystal Tokyo (which is a beautiful pastel blue with pastel pink roses around it) or the Negaverse (aka Dark Kingdom) that is a beautiful purplish maroonish color with red roses around it. I was originally going to get the Crystal Tokyo keychain because of the matching pastel colors, but the dark/black loving half of me has always connected with the Dark Kingdom, so I chose that one. With this keychain dangling, if you can’t find me, just listen for a jingle from this keychain and you’ll find me!

Car Keys… aka more Sailor Moon Keychains


First let’s start with what is in my front little pocket. Now you don’t need to see my car keys because you know what car keys look like, but you haven’t seen the keychains that are on them! Now I had these keychains long before I had the idea for the Sailor Moon mini backpack but it’s kind of cool how it all turned out like it.

The first two has an old keychain and a new keychain. The Luna cupcake is from a dear friend who saw it while shopping and thought of me, which was so sweet of her, so thank you Tina! The bow with the little moon stick is pretty new, I found it at Barnes and Noble when I was shopping with one of my dear friends.

The last two are my two favorite keychains (not saying I don’t love the other two). The moon stick is my oldest keychain (as you can tell with how dirty and old it is), it is actually one of the first ever sailor moon items I’ve ever had. The other keychain is from of my bestest friends ever. Last year around this time her and her family went to the zoo in which even though I was invited I couldn’t go. So she surprised me with this keychain with an adorable elephant on it! Now that I have become a shift supervisor and don’t work at the same store anymore I cherish the keychain even more. Sailor Moon keychains may come and go but I will always keep and cherish this item of friendship.

Cosmic Heart Compact Mirror

If you haven’t noticed yet, but I love shopping at Hot Topic. They have a bunch of great anime items, band tees, and some unexpected great finds, this item is one of those great finds. I have been meaning to try to find a compact mirror because I am sick of pulling out my phone camera when reapplying lipstick. It just so happened that it was a Sailor Moon one that I found! And before anyone asks, unfortunately no the heart on the inside doesn’t do anything when you push it. Believe me I’ve tried, millions of times.

Chapstick and Lipstick of Choice

I also carry around my favorite chapstick and the lipstick I wore the day before. My go to chapstick is “Nivea Smoothness Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen Lip Care”. It is getting hotter by the day and the last thing I want is to have sun burnt lips (especially when I wear liquid matte lipstick quite often) so this chapstick keeps my lips feeling moisturized and protected from the sun. The lipstick is “LimeCrime Bloodmoon Liquid Matte Velvetine”. This is currently my favorite color. It gives me a dark red matte lip that makes my outfit from normal to dark and sexy.

Things You’ve Already Seen

Sunglasses from Target

Shown in “My Pastel Pink Collection”

Sailor Moon Coin Purse from Hot Topic

Shown in “My Pastel Pink Collection”
The funny thing about this now is that I didn’t realize it until I grabbed the coin purse out of my bag that I almost have one of each of Sailor Moon’s transformation brooches. I just need one of Crisis Moon and Eternal Moon than I have all of them! Agenda

Shown in “My Pastel Pink Collection”

If you want to read more on these items, you can head on over to “My Pastel Pink Collection” blog post here:

Now back to more things you haven’t seen yet!

Totoro Wallet

Recently my sister, mom and I went to the CelebrAsian festival downtown to celebrate everything in the Asian culture! Not only was it fun cause I got to have some well needed family time but I got to eat some delicious Filipino food (my mom’s side of the family is Filipino) and check out all things Asian! While we were there I got a really cute Totoro makeup bag and this adorable Totoro wallet! The colors go well with the pastel theme I have going on with my purse, and even though you can’t see it there’s a cute dangly tossle on the side of it. Plus since it folds, it fits so much easier than the big wallet I was using before.

Flamingo Notebook

I found this great notebook at World Market. I got this back in January just in time for the start of my new promotion, so it was great timing on my part. All I use it is for work but I really don’t know what I would do without it. Just having it and writing the list of things I have to do helps me get through the shift.

Glasses Cleaner Kit

Another thing I cannot live without is this glasses cleaner kit from Target. In the kit it comes with a cleaning spray, cleaning cloth and pre-moistened cloths. I love this kit because it is small enough to be on the go but does the job perfectly. My friends who doesn’t wear glasses always tease me when I pull it out of my purse, but the friends who do have glasses always ask me to clean their glasses as well.

Portable Charger

Another strange but useful item I keep in my purse is a portable charger I got from Target. I originally got it for the little day trips I have been having with my family and friends (going to be useful for a small weekend trip I’m planning this summer) but with the shortage of charging cords in my apartment, I’ve been gravitating towards using this more. Plus it’s rose gold so it goes perfect with pretty much everything I have!

Cinnamon Gum

The last but not least is just a pack of gum to hide my coffee breath. There’s not much more to say than that ha.


So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this “What’s in My Bag?” post. What weird but useful things do you have in your purse? If you have any ideas for a blog post, as always you can comment down below! I also linked somewhere in this post another blog post talking about my pastel pink collection so if you haven’t read that one yet, there’s that link there! I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I will see you on Sunday!


My Pink Hair Experience//L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Review

Happy Sunday and welcome to another blog post! Recently one of my favorite youtubers Leighannsays dyed her hair rose gold and after watching her video I got inspired! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink but was always scared to because yes even though my job does allow unnatural hair color in our dress code, but with my position as a shift supervisor I was nervous to do it. But in her video, Leighann said that the dye is semi permanent and washed out in 3 washes so I thought why not? See what it would be like to have pink hair! So without further ado, let’s get into my experience with pink hair!

The Hair Dye


The hair dye that Leighann and I used was the Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Dye. I really like what Leighann did so just like in the video I used a mix of two colors, pink and soft pink. Leighann had two bottles of each hair dyes because she was covering her whole head and she was scared that she would run out, but since I was only coloring the blonde parts in my hair (which is the bottom tips of my hair) I only got one of each bottle. In the end I ended up only using a little more than half of the bottles so I had left-over hair dye to use in case I wanted to retouch it up (spoiler alert, I retouched it up). What made me want to use this hair dye (other than the fact that Leighann used it tehe) is the fact that it is semi- permanent. According to the box the color is supposed to last 4 to 8 washes and since I wash my hair about once a week I expected it to last a little bit. I bought my hair dye at Target, and it was about 10 dollars for each box so it wasn’t expensive at all.

My Experience


(thats my sister with me :D)

When I opened the box I was surprised to see that the hair dye was in a squeeze bottle. Usually hair dyes come in three separate parts where you have to add one part to another and have this weird small tip that took a bit to get any product out, but this was very easy to use as well as time saving. Another thing I really liked was not only did it have a brush, but it came with a million of gloves! In a hair dye pack you only get one pair of gloves which is great, but really inconvenient when you accidently rip a glove or you have to take it off for some reason. So having multiple gloves was really nice, especially since I retouched up the pink later on.

My bottom tips were pretty blonde so the finishing color was very pink which I liked (first photo). The bright pink lasted until I washed my hair for the first time which then it turned from an in your face pink to a more rose gold kind of pink that I really liked. Even though I really liked the rose gold color that the pink faded into, It already started to fade fast after one wash and like I said earlier, I still had left-over dye, so I retouched it up and was back to the bright pink. Since I was dying the pink on top of an already pink tinted hair it was a more bright pink and after one wash it turned into a more beautiful rose gold color so I do recommend that if you have left-over product, I would retouch it up.

I have washed my hair three times since I retouched the color (third photo) and I feel that it is really faded. I can see a lot more blonde in my hair coming up again and the color isn’t as bright or as pretty as it used to be. It is also patchy as well which could easily be my fault more than the product’s from applying it to my hair. I feel like in the next two products my hair will be back to being blonde and the pink will be completely gone.

Finishing Thoughts and Would I recommend?

All together I would say that I have had a good experience with this hair experiment. In the long run I want to have my hair to be more blonde, I feel more confident with my hair being blonde, but in order to do what I want to do with my hair I would have to go to a professional which I can’t afford right now. So until then I thought I would have some fun with it while I can! The only bad thing I would say about it, is that it only lasts for about 4 to 6 washes instead of the 4-8 washes the box said. But hey, that could just be that with my hair, it could last longer for someone else’s hair! I really enjoyed having pink hair, it gave me a confidence like the blonde does, but a different kind of confidence. With all that being said, would I recommend L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Dye to friends or family? I would! I love how it gave me a taste of having colored hair like I’ve always wanted and the color is very bright and vibrant, and even pretty when it’s faded too!

There are other colors in the line, and I would like to try other colors, but I also have come attached to the pink color… so I don’t know what to do? What do you guys think? Would you like to see me use the same hair dye brand but a different color, or try a different brand of pink? I would love to try LimeCrime’s Unicorn Hair Dye one day! Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you like post like these, as well as ideas for other blog posts! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you all on Tuesday!


If you want to see the video that inspired me to dye my hair pink, here it is:

50 Random Questions About Me!

Happy Wednesday and welcome to a better late than never blog post! I was looking for an idea for a blog and I realized that you guys don’t know much about me other than I love lipsticks and anime! So I thought it would be a fun idea to answer 50 Random Questions about me for you guys! So let’s get right into it!

  1. Current anime you are watching? Death Parade
  2. Current favorite song? Stay by Zedd (with Alessia Cara)
  3. Current favorite album? Paramore’s New Album.. Really if you haven’t listened to it, please do!
  4. Current favorite Starbucks drink? Venti Green Ice Tea, no water, no sweetener, add peach.
  5. Current favorite place to eat? Chipolte! Their bowls are awesome!
  6. Current favorite past time? Watching Youtube videos.
  7. Current place to shop? Hot Topic.
  8. Last movie you watched? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2.
  9. Last tv show you watched? 1st episode of Twin Peaks on Netflix.
  10. Last person you texted? My good friend Jenna 🙂
  11. Last person you called? My older sister Cierra 🙂
  12. What was the last thing you bought? A mini sewing kit and gift wrapping.
  13. Do you have any pets? No, but my roommate just got a white kitty, her name is Luna.
  14. Are you allergic to anything? NO THANK GOODNESS!
  15. If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on? Tattoos and cosplay!
  16. What is your favorite sweet? Snickers 🙂
  17. Backstreet boys or NSYNC? You’re all I ever wanted… you’re all I ever needed. So tell me what to do now, when I WANT YOU BACK!!
  18. If you had to only live off of 3 foods, what would they be? (does coffee count??) Strawberries, Pizza and Tacos 🙂
  19. Favorite movie of all time? Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle.
  20. Messy or Super Clean? Messy 😀
  21. Early, on time or late? Early or on time. I hate being late.
  22. Favorite Actor of all time? Emma Watson.
  23. Can you play an instrument? I used to play percussion in school.
  24. Favorite Band of all time? Panic! At the Disco!
  25. First Concert you’ve been to? Skillet… was back in the summer before my sophomore year!
  26. Last Concert you’ve been to? Marianas Trench with my older sister and dear friend!
  27. Planning on going to any concerts soon? PARAMORE THIS SUMMER!
  28. Left brain or right brain? Right brain completely.
  29. How many piercings do you have? My ears lobes and cartilage on my left ear. I want to get more!
  30. What were your top favorite shows when you were little? Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon.
  31. Celeb Crush? Gerard Butler of course! <3.
  32. Favorite album ever? “Masterpiece Theatre” by Marianas Trench! That’s the first album I ever heard from them and needed to hear more!
  33. Places you’ve visited? Outside of the US, Canada when I was little, but the places inside the US i’ve remember visiting for more than just driving through would be California, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota (for a MT Concert), and New York!
  34. Places you want to visit? I’ve always had a interest in Oregon, I also want to visit the Philippines, and the UK!
  35. Favorite Youtubers? Jenna Marbles, Kelly Eden, leighannsays/LeighAnnVlogs, h3h3productions/Ethan and Hila, and so many more (should I do a separate blog post??)
  36. Is there any tv show you have watched multiple times? Other than my favorite anime shows, there was this time when I was younger over the summer I watched the full series (and yes the series) of Avatar the Last Airbender three times! They were playing it on Nickelodeon!
  37. Favorite Disney Princess? When I was little (and I will always will still love) I loved Belle! I do love Tiana though… I love how strong and independent she is!
  38. Have you broken a bone? NOPE! And I don’t plan on ever breaking one (hopefully!)
  39. What is your Chinese Zodiac and star sign? I am the Year of the Monkey and I am a Leo!
  40. Who would play you in a Hollywood movie? Ever since I was little, everyone thought that I looked a lot like Selena Gomez, so I would say she would!
  41. First Manga? Pichi Pichi Pichi Mermaid Melody!
  42. Soprano or Alto? Both! When I was in choir I was a alto and sometimes I would sing some tenor parts (we were a small choir so we didn’t have a lot of males) but in jazz choir I was a soprano!
  43. Favorite Harry Potter Book? Movie? Book: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  44. Favorite animal? Fruit Bats… aka Flying Foxes!
  45. Do you collect anything? I collect lots of things! Anime figures (mostly Sailor Moon), lipsticks (tehe), patches, and buttons! (future ideas for blog posts… would you guys like to see my collections?)
  46. Horror movies or comedies? Comedies!! I can’t do horror movies!
  47. Morning, afternoon or evening? Afternoon… I work most the time in the afternoon and more awake. But I am most creative at night… maybe that’s why my blog posts are always published late late at night??
  48. Any Tattoos? Sadly no :((.. But I plan on starting soon!
  49. Biggest Dream(s)? To become a successful freelance designer! Also to be able to cosplay and go to anime conventions!
  50. How long have you been blogging? Oh man, it’s been over a year already! I really didn’t start hardcore blogging (trying to stay on a schedule) at the start of March!

So that’s it! I hope you learned a couple things about me! With some of the answers I asked you guys if you would like me to put those answers into it’s own blog post, so if you would like me to do them, please let me know in the comments below! Also if you have any other ideas for posts, let me know as well, I am always up for new ideas! I hope you guys enjoy your day and I will see you guys on Sunday!




My Favorite Anime Ending Credits!

Happy Sunday and welcome to finally another blog post! These past couple of weeks have been crazy with my weird work schedule and then I also got sick… but now I feel so much better and ready to get back in the normal groove of things! And what better way to get back into it than do an anime blog post! A little while back I did “My Favorite Anime Openings” and today it is time to show you my favorite anime endings! You know that feeling when you just went through an intense episode and it ends and goes to the credit screen and just all the intensity disappears with the beautiful song and animation that goes with it. These are the anime endings that either gave me that feeling or I loved the song so much that I had to look up the whole song and listen to it on the regular… or even both! With these types of posts, I usually do a countdown but all of these anime ending credits deserve the number one spot so I couldn’t put them in a specific order. With that being said let’s get right into it!

Bleach Ending 2 “Thank You!” by Home Made Kazoku

The first ending is from Bleach. As you know, I used to really love Bleach and this was from one of my favorite seasons. Rukia is taken by the Soul Society and Ichigo and his friends are set off to rescue her. So in the ending credits I feel the song “Thank You!” fits perfectly because it is Rukia’s way of thanking Ichigo for coming to her rescue and being a true friend even though she has accepted her fate and punishment for her crimes. This brings me so many of the nostalgic feels when I hear this because it reminds me of my early anime days. I couldn’t find a video of the actual anime ending credits but here is the song so you can hear the song.


Hunter X Hunter Ending 5

This year I finally got around to watching Hunter X Hunter. If you read my blog post “Let’s Get Chatty// Good Endings and New Beginnings”, you heard some of my thoughts and feelings about the show, but this post isn’t talking about that. Before I got to season 5 I was happy with each of the seasons. The show had little to no filler episodes so each episode was jam packed with a lot of story and character build which I loved. So of course I was excited to get drawn into a new season. But after seeing the first couple of episodes I was drawn away from it because it took a turn on a more creepy level and I wasn’t really ok with one big ant eating humans. I was about to give up on the series all together. Luckily I was encouraged to watch more and I thought since I came this far, I shouldn’t give up on it now. I am so glad I continued to watch it because this season became one of my favorite seasons in the whole show. And to bring it all together there is a wonderful anime ending credits that bring all of the season together. And the song is great as well! I don’t know what it’s called because it is in a different language but I listened to the full version and it is wonderful.


Death Parade Ending “Last Theatre”

The anime that I am currently watching is Death Parade. I was honestly first drawn in because I fell in love with the anime opening credits but really wanted to know who these characters were and what they were up to. I also learned early on that this anime is very depressing (deals with lots of death) so I had to pump myself up to watch this anime. Now that I have started watching, yes it is very sad and very intense, but it is still so good! I’m over halfway through the anime and it’s starting to get into the real intense stuff. Anywho, I was delightedly surprised when the ending credits started to how much I loved it. The intensity in this song matches perfectly to the anime and the main ending animation really does fit the anime itself. Once again, I had to look up the full song because it is so beautiful. If you haven’t seen Death Parade and are wanting a very intense anime (it has already made me cry once) you should watch it, it is so good! I can’t wait to see how the ending is.. So please no spoilers! 🙂


Black Bullet Ending “Tokohana” by Nagi Yanagi

The last anime ending is from the anime Black Bullet. Right at the get go when the ending credits start, I get goosebumps and is immediately drawn into the song and animation. Black Bullet is one of my favorite newer animes and I wish it had a second season, because the ending of the series made me question so much. I loved the story and the character development throughout the series (even though I did question one character in the end…). I love how the credit scene is through the perspective of Enju and I feel that you get a sense of how she feels deep inside with all of her responsibilities and troubles she has to endure. I also have to give credit to the singer Nagi Yanagi, she has an incredible song and you can feel her soul through her lyrics. I love in songs how even though I don’t understand what they are saying because of a language barrier but I can tell what it is about or what the message they are getting through with how the singer performs it. You can feel the way she is feeling as a listener.



So that is all of them! I really do love each and every one of these anime endings. When I need a pick me up, I go to these songs to get me pumped to write or just to feel a little better. I hope you enjoyed this post and still are enjoying these anime posts, because I really love writing them! If you have any ideas for a blog post (anime or not) please let me know in the comments below, I am always up for ideas! I hope I am able to get back in the grove of getting posts out regularly now that I am feeling so much better, so I appreciate all the patience with me! I hope you guys all have a great Memorial weekend, and I will see you on Tuesday!


My Teenage Playlist

Happy Sunday and welcome to another blog post! This past week, one of my all time favorite bands Paramore came out with a new album and I can’t stop listening to it. In honor of them coming with a new album and release of their new tour, I thought that it would be a good idea to show you guys a playlist of all the music I used to listen to during my middle school and high school days. There’s a bunch of variety in it but you’ll start to notice a little trend (aka what music I listened to the most) so let’s dive right into it! I bring to you my Teenage Playlist!

  1. My Immortal by Evanescence
  2. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
  3. Going Under by Evanescence
  4. Everybody’s Fool by Evanescence
  5. Tourniquet by Evanescence
  6. For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic by Paramore
  7. Misery Buisness by Paramore
  8. Let the Flames Begin by Paramore
  9. Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore
  10. Turn it off by Paramore
  11. The Only Exception by Paramore
  12. All I Wanted by Paramore
  13. Decode by Paramore
  14. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off by Panic! At the Disco
  15. I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At the Disco
  16. Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco
  17. That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) by Panic! At the Disco
  18. Helena by My Chemical Romance
  19. I’m Not Ok (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance
  20. The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance
  21. Dead! By My Chemical Romance
  22. Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
  23. I Don’t Love You by My Chemical Romance
  24. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance
  25. Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance
  26. Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
  27. Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance
  28. Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy
  29. Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy
  30. Sophomore Slump Or Comeback of the Year by Fall Out Boy
  31. The Take Over, The Breaks Over by Fall Out Boy
  32. This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy
  33. I’m Like a Lawyer with the Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me and You) by Fall Out Boy
  34. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy
  35. You’re Crashing But You’re No Wave by Fall Out Boy
  36. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
  37. I Don’t Wanna Dance by Hey Monday
  38. How You Love Me Now by Hey Monday
  39. Candles by Hey Monday
  40. 6 Months by Hey Monday
  41. Josey by Hey Monday
  42. Should’ve Tried Harder by Hey Monday
  43. Let it Roll by All Time Low
  44. Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low
  45. Remembering Sunday by All Time Low
  46. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
  47. Fat Lip by Sum 41
  48. Motivation by Sum 41
  49. In too Deep by Sum 41
  50. Over My Head (Better Off Dead) by Sum 41
  51. Still Waiting by Sum 41
  52. Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings
  53. Be My Escape by Relient K
  54. Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 
  55. All Around Me by Flyleaf
  56. There for You by Flyleaf
  57. Just The Girl by the Click Five
  58. Swing Swing by the All American Rejects
  59. Dirty Little Secret by the All American Rejects
  60. Move Along by the All American Rejects
  61. It Ends Tonight by the All American Rejects
  62. Wherever You Will Go by the Calling
  63. The Mess I Made- Parachute
  64. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  65. I Want to Break Free by Queen
  66. Just Like You by Three Days Grace
  67. I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
  68. Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace
  69. Riot by Three Days Grace
  70. Over and Over by Three Days Grace
  71. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon
  72. Count on Me by Default
  73. It’s Not Over by Daughtry
  74. Used To by Daughtry
  75. Over You by Daughtry
  76. Feels Like Tonight by Daughtry
  77. All These Lives by Daughtry
  78. You Don’t Belong by Daughtry
  79. Surprise by Daughtry
  80. Life After You by Daughtry
  81. Learn My Lesson by Daughtry
  82. Call Your Name by Daughtry
  83. Crawling Back to You by Daughtry
  84. We’re Not Gonna Fall by Daughtry
  85. Rescue Me by Daughtry
  86. Stolen by Dashboard Confessional
  87. Born Again by Third Day
  88. Call My Name by Third Day
  89. The Way That You Are by The Classic Crime
  90. Headlights by The Classic Crime
  91. It’s Not Over by Secondhand Serenade
  92. Shadows by Red
  93. Pieces by Red
  94. Breathe Into Me by Red
  95. Dance With the Devil by Breaking Benjamin
  96. Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
  97. One More Song by Every Avenue
  98. Think of You Later by Every Avenue
  99. A Story to Tell Your Friends by Every Avenue
  100. Only Place I Call Home by Every Avenue

So that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this just as much as I liked getting it all together. It brought so many memories (both good and bad) back of those days. One thing I know for sure is that without these bands and these songs, I wouldn’t have been able to get through those times in my life. Also by making this playlist I’ve realized that I still pretty much listen to this type of music as an adult. It’s so awesome to see how each of these bands have grown and I love to see growth and listen to new music. Let me know what you think of this playlist and also what type of music you listened to when you were younger in the comments below! I hope you enjoy this post and I will see you on Tuesday!




Lime Crime Hi-Lite Opals// Swatches and Review

Happy Sunday and welcome to another blog post! Recently, Lime Crime came out with their brand new highlight palette just in time for spring “Hi-Lite Blossoms Palette”. So I thought in excitement for the new palette I would do a review of the first highlight palette “Hi-Lite Opals Palette”. “Hi-Lite Opals” came out earlier this year and since I was so impressed with the “Velvetines” I bought the palette just as it was hitting the website. So let’s get right into the review!


Let’s first talk about the packaging. The case is both iridescent and holographic showing multiple pinks and purples which I love so much.

On the back of the packaging it shows the ingredients (which I appreciate) and each of the colors.

Each of these are very impressive but what impressed me the most was the inside and the actual product size. Usually in a palette, the highlights are very small but in this palette you are getting well worth your money. You can tell by the picture that I have used them a lot already (I’ve had the palette for a few months) and still have lots of product.

It’s Swatch Time!

From top to bottom:





Unfortunately I can’t put this product through my three test questions because this product is a highlighter and not a lipstick but there are three main points I want to talk about with this product.


One thing you need to know about the Opal Palette is that it a little goes a long way. Like I said earlier, I’ve had this product for a few months now and I use it almost everyday and there is still a lot of product left. A little swipe of a brush or even a press of your finger picks up a lot of product but still lasts a long time. It is also very long lasting. I’ve worn this during a long shift and at the end of the day, you can still see some sparkle on my face.

Layer to Shine

Another thing I love about this product is that you can layer this product. If you want a more settle look, one layer does the trick. If you want a bright in your face look you can layer it for more shine. It is really up to you on how much shine you want. Personally I’ve noticed that with my skin tone it doesn’t take much with the Gold color to be bright and it takes a couple of layers to build up the Pink and Peach color.

It’s More than just a Highlighter

Throughout this blog post I’ve been talking about how great this highlighter is, but this palette works more than just a highlight. As well as highlighting the high points of the face, you can use it as an eyeshadow. I’ve been putting it on my tear duct. You can also tap it on your lips to give your lip color a little more shine. Either way, it is more than just a highlighter.

Conclusion: Would I recommend?

On the website, the “Hi-Lite Opal Palette” sells for $38.00 and I think you are getting your money’s worth. Like I said throughout this post, you get big product sizes with pigmented, layerable product that can be used for more than just highlighting. So would I recommend the “Hi-Lite Opal Palette”? 10 out of 10 yes I would recommend. Am I going to purchase the “Hi-Lite Blossoms”… yes I will totally. So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this review. As always let me know in the comments below on what product you would like me to review next. Until then I will see you all on Tuesday!


Anime I Forgot About Now but Loved as a Teen!

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another blog post! I was scrolling through my anime list ideas and noticed while doing research some animes I completely forgot as an adult but loved as an a child! Now remember, I started watching anime when I was 13 years old, so I was in the midst of my pre-teen years and was still just learning about life as a girl let alone what anime was. Other than Pokemon and Digimon, I was obsessed with Romance and Comedy/Slice-of-Life anime. I didn’t start opening up to other types of anime until I became an adult. So let’s dive into the animes I totally forgot about as an adult but loved as a child/pre-teen!


Right off the back let’s talk about one of my all time favorite animes, and that is “Kodocha”. “Kodocha” revolves around a girl named Sana who is part-time an elementary student and part- time a famous child star! The show shows Sana go through life growing up trying to balance being a child star and normal girl. I love this show so much because it not only is Kodocha funny and entertaining to watch, but you get to see Sana grow up with the seasons. If you go even farther than just the anime and read the manga you find in the last arc of the series, Sana goes through depression which back then I didn’t realize that it was but now appreciates the story and the characters so much more.

Marmalade Boy

The next anime is a show called “Marmalade Boy”. This anime is about a girl named Miki whose life is turned upside down when her parents announce they are divorcing. The kick is that not only are they divorcing but are switching partners with a couple they met in Hawaii. The show revolves around Miki meeting a boy Yuu through this crazy situation and her relationship with him. I loved this show when I was little, the two main characters reminded me of an older Sana and her love interest Akito (it’s probably the hair) and even though I don’t remember much that happened in the show now, if I watched it over now, I feel like I would still like it.

Shugo Chara

The next anime is a show called “Shugo Chara”. This anime is about a shy girl named Amu who wants to fit in with the cool kids at school. She one night wishes for the courage to show her true self to others and wakes up the next morning with three little eggs in her bed. These eggs hatch to little guardians who with a “character change” give Amu a different character trait. They also each give Amu a special power that helps fight and defend herself which comes in handy when trouble brews at school. I love this anime because it is about finding courage and also shows the dreams of a child.

Full Moon O Sagashite

Oh the feels with this one. This next anime is called “Full Moon O Sagashite”. It’s about this girl named Mitsuki who dreams about being a singer but has this disease that can only be cured by a surgery that can ruin her vocal cords. One day she is visited by two shinigami (gods of death) who tell her she only has one more year to live. She decides that this is her time to act upon her dream and she is helped by the two shinigami who transforms her from a 12 year old girl to a healthy 16 year old girl to live her dreams before her year is up. I love this show so much because it shows that you should live your dreams. I also love the author of this series Arina Tanemura. She is a wonderful artist and I admire all of her work.

Gakuen Alice

The last anime I want to talk about is an anime called “Gakuen Alice”. This anime is about a girl named Mikan who follows her best friend Hotaru who moved away. What Mikan didn’t realize that she followed her to a school for elite children who hold special powers or “alice” that are unique depending on the person. The more Mikan is at the school she finds out there is a trouble in the school and it is her job to protect her one true friend. I love this show because it revolves all around friendship and nothing is stronger than the power of friendship. I also love how many cute moments are in this show!


Well there you have it… animes I forgot about now but loved as a teen! I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what animes you have forgotten about but still love as well as if you seen any of the animes I mentioned in the comments below! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you all on Sunday!


What House do I Belong to?// My Sorting Hat Experience

Happy Tuesday and welcome to a better than late blog post! (aka… this was supposed to go out on Sunday). This blog post you guys to get to see my experience with the Sorting Hat Test on Pottermore! I’ve wanted to do this post for a while, I’ve seen a lot of Youtubers take the test and it made me really wonder what house I truly am in. So that being said, let’s get right into it!

My Experience

I first took the test yesterday while I was at a Creative Meeting with my older sister Cierra and dear friend Candice. Cierra is a proud Gryffindor and Candice is a proud Slytherin. For a while now I knew that deep down I am a Hufflepuff. When I was little I always thought I was going to Gryffindor but as an adult I feel I relate more to Hufflepuffs. In the movies, Hufflepuffs in the movie series are shown as the less clever but I didn’t see that! I saw them as very trusting and loyal wizards and witches who doesn’t get the credit they deserve. I just had a gut feeling that I am meant to be a Hufflepuff.

So I took the test. I thought hard about each answer but was shocked to see that I was a Slytherin. Candice was excited that I was a fellow Slytherin, but I was disappointed that I wasn’t sorted into Hufflepuff. So I took the test again knowing that if I got Slytherin again I would just have to accept it. This time around I got Gryffindor and I was just left completely confused. I went home and all night I couldn’t stop thinking about how and why I didn’t get sorted into Hufflepuff. Am I really not a Hufflepuff?

I woke up this morning and I knew I had to take it again. I sat down on my computer and retook the test once again. I took my time with each question and really thought about how I would answer each of these questions. I couldn’t accept being a Slytherin. I couldn’t accept being anything else other than a Hufflepuff… and if I didn’t get it this time, I would just have to accept it. I am happy to say that this time around I was sorted into Hufflepuff! I was so happy to see the colors yellow and black pop on my screen I was honestly about to cry I was so happy.

My Answers to Questions

On Pottermore I was blown away by each of the art pieces that were with each questions. It made the experience much more interesting and felt like I was truly in the Wizarding World. I took the Sorting Hat Test three times, and each times a mix of different questions were asked, not just the same questions for each time. I was asked at least one question that was different than the others. So if you take the test different times you really have to think of each answer instead of just answering the one you think will get you in the house you want. If you take this test you may get these questions or even some other questions but here are the questions and answers I chose which helped me get sorted into Hufflepuff!

Other choices:

-Apparition and Disapparition (being able to materialize and dematerialize at will)

-Transfiguration (turning one object into another object)

-Flying on a broomstick

-Hexes and Jinxes

-All about Magical Creatures, and how to befriends/care for them

-Secrets about the castle

Other choices:

-Standing on top of something very high and realizing suddenly that there are no handholds or footholds, nor any barrier to stop you falling.

-An eye at the keyhole of the dark, windowless room in which you are locked.

-Being forced to speak in such a silly voice that hardly anyone can understand you, and everyone laughs at you.

Other choices:




-Being Ignored

Other choices:

-The Trumpet

-The Piano

-The Drum

Other choices:

-Tabby Cat

-Siamese Cat

-Ginger Cat

-White Cat

-Tawny Owl

-Screech Owl

-Brown Owl

-Snowy Owl

-Barn Owl

-Common Toad

-Natterjack Toad

-Dragon Toad

-Harlequin Toad

-Three Toed Tree Toad

Other choices:

-The Wise

-The Good

-The Great

After I found out that I was in fact a Hufflepuff I was taken to my new homepage that was now in Yellow and Black with the Hufflepuff emblem at top followed by my name. I also read a Hufflepuff Welcome Page written by J.K Rowling and from the perspective of Prefect Gabriel Truman.

<h3> Hufflepuff Facts</h3>

<h4>Most Well-Known Hufflepuffs:</h4>

-Nyphadora Tonks

-Cedric Diggory

-Pomona Sprout

<h4>Hufflepuff emblem:</h4>

A Badger! Badgers are an animal that is often lives quietly until attacked. When provoked, badgers can fight off animals much larger than itself, including wolves.


Black and yellow

<h4>House Ghost:</h4>

Fat Friar

<h4>Hufflepuff Traits</h4>






<h4>Fun Facts!</h4>

-Hufflepuff has produced the fewest Dark Wizards of any house at Hogwarts!

-Hufflepuffs aren’t the greatest Quidditch players, but we hope to win a tournament one day!


So that’s it! I am so happy that I did end up retaking the test this morning and really thought out my answers to each question. I knew I was meant to rock out Black and Yellow! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and if you want to see more like this let me know in the comments below! Also let me know what house you are in, I would love to see what houses you are all in! Hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you in the next post!



Let’s Talk About Headers! //Blog Tips 101 Introduction

Happy Tuesday and welcome to another blog post! This blog post is a little different from my usual blog post. On Sunday I posted a lipstick review and while I was writing it I found myself having a little difficulty on the use of headers. It could be that I was tired while writing this or I haven’t had a HTML or CS class since 2015 but I was so stumped on it that I had to re-look it up. After looking it up and was back on my writing spree I started to get distracted from writing once again to think of a new series I’m going to start on this blog! Are you a new blogger? Wouldn’t it be great if there were some helpful tips to becoming a better blogger? Well you are in luck! I bring to you a new series on this blog, Blogging Tips 101 brought to you by yours truly!

*insert Sailor Moon happy yay!*

Here on this series, I will give you tips and tricks on becoming a better blogger! From blogging ideas to coding tips. This series goal is to help upcoming bloggers get tips on the blogging world and even some long time bloggers who need a refresher on some tips… I know I always need a good refresher! So without further ado, let’s jump right on in with the first of the series where we talk about headers!!

What are Headers and why are they awesome for blogging?

Now if you are new to blogging you may be asking yourself, “What are headers?” Headers are what introduces your topic or a point to your audience. They are great for any blog posts because they give attention to a point you are making. Especially when you use the bigger headers, the bigger the header the more attention you are drawing to the point. Another reason why headers are awesome for blog posts is because it keeps the blog post organized. When I write my posts I’ve learned that writing the headers first helps me keep my thoughts and points in line and organized instead of all over the place like my brain. It also gives the reader a different look to your post. If a reader is just reading lots of small words, sooner or later they are going to get bored or lost with the words. You are writing your post for a reason, headers are there to help readers learn your point of view!

The Basics of Headers

So now you know what headers are and why they are awesome for blog posts, you are now ready to use them right?

Well first you need to know the basics!

According to, “Headings are defined with the <h1> to <h6> tags. The <h1> tag is the biggest header to show the most important point while <h6> shows the smallest point and <h2> – <h5> shows all the sizes in between. Personally I don’t usually like using the <h1> tag or the <h2> tag, I think they are borderline to close to the title (which should always have the most attention). The header you will see me use the most is the <h3> tag for my main points and the <h4> tag for my sub points. I think they are at the perfect size for how my website theme is set up plus h3 reminds me of h3h3 productions, one of my all time favorite Youtubers :D.

A quick tip always remember to open the tag with a <hr> (with the number of heading you want) and close it with a </hr>. You just want to draw attention to the main point, without closing it all of your text will be in that heading.


Bring on the Headings!

Header 1

Header 2

Header 3

Header 4

Header 5
Header 6


Only use headers to emphasise headings, not to bold or make text big.
Use sub headers to make supporting points to main points.
Use headers that go well with your style, you don’t always have to go with the rules!


Now you are set to use headings in your blog post! I hope this post helped with your heading needs. If you want to see more in this series make sure you like this post. Also if you have any ideas to give tips on when it comes to blogging let me know in the comments below! I hope you all have a lovely week and I will see you on Sunday!


Here are the websites that helped me write this post:


Black Moon Liquid to Matte Lipsticks & Sugarpill Pretty Poison Lip Color// Review and Swatches!

Happy Sunday and welcome to another blog post! These past couple of days I have been out of town visiting my sister so I haven’t been able to do my usual blog posts but now I am back! A couple of blog posts ago I posted a review on Lime Crime’s Velvetine Lipsticks and really enjoyed doing it! So of course since I have no self control I got some more lipsticks to review! This time around I don’t have as many lipsticks from the same brand so I have two awesome brands to show you this time around! There’s a lot to say so let’s get started!

Black Moon Liquid to Matte Lipstick

The first brand we are starting with is an awesome brand I found through both Youtube and Instagram called “Black Moon Cosmetics”. “Black Moon” is a makeup brand set in California who has been delivering cruelty free, vegan, paraben-free and gluten-free products since 2015. They believe that pretty shiny things go hand in hand with elegant darks and that glitter can go on anything than just pink! This brand fits perfectly with my kind of aesthetic because I love both sides of the spectrum and we all know I connect with anything that has to do with the moon… cause I am a moon princess ;).


I was first intrigued by the brand from the awesome names and colors but what really got me to purchase items from this brand was the packaging. The box is black but when you open it the package is white with the words Black Moon on it. Surrounding the “Black Moon” logo is this beautiful art that reminds me that we are in this magical swamp. To contrast the white, the package is lined with red tissue paper. It also came with a little picture to show off some makeup looks and a thank you card.

Just like the mail packaging, the box that the lipstick is in matches perfectly which I love. I just can’t get over the art on the package. Especially with it being on the little boxes, it’s too perfect. That I think will make this brand memorable.

Now to contrast the original box packaging one of the lipsticks I got is apart of the Black Metal collection so instead of the white box the box is black. And instead of the art like the white boxes the silver holographic words are surrounded by purple holographic icicles (or at least I think they look like that).

And now it’s time to show the actual packaging of the lipsticks that got me to buy them. The packaging is gorgeous! The lid is black with “BM” and a crescent moon all in holographic silver. Than the container first starts with black to match the lid but then fades to the color of lipstick. It is so cool because it gives an ombre effect. I always get people asking about the makeup brand from seeing the packaging!

Swatch Time!

The descriptions are from the “Black Moon Cosmetics” website. I love love love how they choose the names for each color as well as the description written for each of them. So let’s get into the swatches!

From top to bottom:



“Gloom is the perfect “greige” nude with gray, beige, and the tiniest touch of pink that works on all skin tones.” Surprisingly, this color is my favorite out of the three. It goes great with any skin tone and goes with any cute/pastel and dark and mysterious dark look!


This is the only lip color I got that is apart of the Black Metal collection. “Immortal is a purple unlike any other- a blackened purple with flecks of purple and artic blue.” I love how the Black Metal collection was inspired by Black Metal music, and after getting this one, I definitely plan on purchasing more!


“A blacker than the blackest black of all blacks created with your soul in mind.” I’ve always wanted to let my inner emo out with a black color, and I finally feel like I can with this one!


Just like my last review, I played and wore the lipsticks for at least a week so I could get a true review and opinions on the lipsticks. What usually works for me is wearing the lipstick for a full 8 hour shift at work. During my 30 min break I check to see if it’s long lasting and if it pasts my three test questions. And by the end of my shift, I usually have an opinion on them.

Right on when I opened them I noticed a slight smell in them that reminded me of vanilla frosting. I will have to say the black metal had a weird smell that I can’t put my finger on right at this moment, but when I tried it on I didn’t notice the smell which was good. I wasn’t turned away from the black metals from the smell.

Now to see how the Liquid to Matte Lipsticks pass my three test questions!

Are they Long Lasting?

Yes, they are very long lasting. I was a lot more nervous with wearing “Sleepwalker” aka the black color because who wants to see splotchy spots missing from the lip color when you are going for a dark black look? I know I don’t. I was very pleased with how long lasting they really are. I only had to touch it up a little during my long break, and I didn’t have to touch it up that much.

Does it dry out and crack?

I am happy to say that for the most part it does not dry out. With Liquid to Matte lipsticks always make sure to put a good moisturizing lip balm on first to help keep the moisture locked in because in order for it to be matte it has to dry and that can cause drying to the lip. Now because it is a little drying it can lead to cracks, that is why I always have my lip balm on hand, dab a little on my finger (so I don’t dye the lip balm) and pat it on. By doing that, it helps it from cracking.

Does it pass the Straw Test?

Yes it does! I think that’s one of the things that I love about liquid to matte lipsticks is the fact that most of them do past the straw test. It’s always gross to go for a sip of your drink and you taste lipstick.

Would I recommend “Black Moon” Liquid to Matte Lipsticks?

Black Moon Cosmetics are only sold on their website and for each of their lipsticks they are only $18.00, which is cheaper than both Lime Crime and Too Faced. And for the product I would say you are soo getting your money’s worth. I really love this brand, the beautiful packaging, the well thought out names and the long lasting formula makes me come back to them to buy more.. Maybe even branch out to their other makeup items. So would I recommend Black Moon to a friend… of course I would! 10 out of 10, would recommend.

Sugarpill Pretty Poison Lip Color

The next brand of lipsticks is a brand I saw one of my favorite Youtubers review called “Sugarpill Cosmetics”. “Sugarpill Cosmetics” is a cruelty-free cosmetics brand based in Los Angeles, CA. They have a wide range of makeup from lipsticks, eyeshadows and even fake lashes! Recently “Sugarpill” came out with new “Pretty Poison” lip colors that caught my eye. Normally they have very bright and pretty lip colors, so seeing them come out with darker colors I couldn’t help but have for my own. There are 4 colors total but I only got 3 out of the four, cause I was only ready to have one black lipstick in my collection. So let’s dive right into the review!


Right from the get go, the box that it all came in is adorable. The box is pink with a cute white heart that says “Hi Cutie!” in a cute font. Surrounding the heart is little pills like the original makeup packaging. The box is lined with a cute sky blue tissue paper and comes with a card showing the product but also a “Sugarpill” sticker! How adorable! The boxes that the lipsticks in are black with the words “Pretty Poison” on it and what really gets me that on top of the box has another “Hi Cutie!” on it! I love it when brands correlate all the packaging together!

Now this is the first time I’ve had any “Sugarpill” products in my hand but I have seen Youtubers review them so I have seen the original “Sugarpill” lipstick packaging. Normally the lipsticks are shaped like a pill (get it, cause SugarPILL) with a pink and white colors and a pink heart with a cross on it, very cute. But since “Sugarpill” is going for more a darker look instead of the white contrasting with the pink the bottom half is black and the heart is black as well.

If you open the lipstick you can see the word “Sugarpill” across the lipstick in a cute pink and black font. This packaging is too adorable.

Swatch Time!

From top to bottom, descriptions come from their website.


The perfect cobalt blue. I was too intrigued not to get this color, now I need to find a look that would go great with this color!

Dark Sided

A matte, deep plum. A very close relative to my all time favorite dark red. I feel like I can let my “dark side” out with this color. (Ha… get it dark side, the lip color is Dark Sided… ok I think I’m funny.”


A semi-matte blackened burgundy. My favorite out of the three. It perfectly describes me in the name and in the color.


If I’m going to be honest with you guys I do have to say that I did have a little bit of a struggle with these lipsticks because they are a normal lipstick and not a liquid lipstick! I have come so accustomed to the putting on liquid lipstick, I look at a normal lipstick and think “What do I do with this?!” I think that is the main reason why I was afraid of getting the black color because I knew I would make a complete mess out of myself.

Putting all that aside, when you open the lid it doesn’t really have a certain smell to it (other than it smells like lipstick) so that was an interesting surprise. Putting it on, I’m not sure that it’s because i’m not as experienced with them as I am with liquid lipsticks but for me it was a little harder for me to get the lipstick on. The formula is very creamy though, that’s why I feel with more practice it will get easier. Blame the person, not the product ;).

Now does “Sugarpill’s Pretty Poison Lip Colors” pass my three test questions??

Are they long lasting?

Yes, they do last but not for too long periods of time, especially if you are eating or sipping continually throughout the night (like I was sipping off a cup of water during my shift) I did have to reapply it a few times throughout the night. That being said, you know how with some lipsticks after you wear the lipstick for more than a few hours it starts to get uncomfortable on your lips, these lipsticks don’t give me that uncomfortable feeling. So even though it does fade a little, it’s still a comfortable wear.

Does it dry out and crack?

It does dry out after a while because so I always put a lip balm on before and tap it on while wearing it, but this product does not crack! Since it is a normal lipstick and not a liquid to matte liquid lipstick it doesn’t suck all the moisture in your lips in order for it to dry matte.

Does it pass the Straw Test?

Unfortunately it does not pass the straw test, but honestly I would rather have a little lipstick on my straw then have my lips feel uncomfortable during the time I wear it. That’s the downfall of wearing normal lipsticks compared to liquid lipsticks.

Would I recommend “Sugarpill’s Pretty Poison Lip Colors”?

If you are experienced with normal lipsticks rather than liquid to matte lipsticks I would say yes to recommend them! Despite my troubles with putting them on I still think they are a great product. They are only sold on their website and for each they are $20.00 and I do feel they are a little pricy but they are still a good product. I enjoy each of the colors (Anti-Socialite is my favorite out of the three I got) but if I had to choose between a liquid lipstick that was cheaper compared to these, I would go for the liquid lipstick because that is what I am used to using. Now there are some liquid lipsticks that Sugarpill has, so I do want to try those and I will let you know what I think. That all being said I would still recommend this brand because the colors are great, the creamy formula and the adorable packaging. 8 out of 10, would recommend.


Well there you have it, my thoughts and opinions on “Black Moon” Liquid to Matte Lipsticks and “Sugarpill” Pretty Poison Lip Color. This post was a long one, but it was well worth it! I always have fun doing these types of blog posts, so if you have any makeup brands or lip products you would like me to try and review let me know in the comments! I’m sorry again for being M.I.A last week with being out of town, but I am back and ready to write now! I hope last week went well for you all as well as this week goes well and I will see you on Tuesday!