Big Announcement!

Hello Friends! If you follow my Instagram account or like my Facebook page this is old news but for those who don’t (and you totally should) I have exciting news!

On October 22nd, 2016, I will be apart of my first art show!

How Did this Happen?

Well I was at school and noticed a flyer on the bulletin board saying “CALLING ALL ARTISTS!” with a bunch of Christmas designs. I first thought it was a flyer with a play (does my college even do school plays??…I know.. Such a good student). No matter what it was I was interested and found myself going back to the flyer multiple times. I noticed that my classmate who I just so happen sit next to in one of my classes is hosting this “event” so I asked her the next class period about what it was about. She told me it was an art show. She didn’t know the date for it but she said that there was one coming up on the 22nd of this month if I was interested in it. With it being the month of Halloween I was of course more interested in this show than the Christmas show. She told me that since this month is busy for her, her friend is hosting this show and would ask if there was a spot for me (there’s only so many spots in a show). A few days later she informed me that I had a spot in the show! (and a spot in the show in December too) You guys heard it first (my Instagram and Facebook followers don’t know this yet) As well as other talented artists I get to show and sell my art in two shows!

The Big Question

So what does this mean for my blog posts? This is a big concern for me, especially with it being Halloween Month I had a bunch of fun ideas for blog posts but with the show being this month (2 weeks away now.. But who’s counting) I need to concentrate on producing art for the show. So will I be blogging? The answer isn’t no, but the answer isn’t yes either. The answer is that I would still love to bring those ideas to life, but there is no guarantee.

So Many Feels

This is a huge opportunity for me to get my name out (and potentially make some money) as well as my website and I can’t express all the overwhelming feelings I have about all of this (there’s too many to count). Kate and Hailey, if you ever read this, I can’t thank you enough for getting me a spot in these shows and all the help you (now and in the future) have (and will) give me.

I hope you all understand and are supportive of me. I promise if I don’t do as many blog posts this month, I will make up for it in the future!

If you haven’t already and would like to see my progress to the show you can follow me on social media!


Facebook page: @katarinastarkinfo

I even have a Snapchat! : katstark92

I hope you all are having a good Halloween month, like I said I am really excited for this opportunity and to have you guys go along it with me!

Until next time,



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