Christmas Cards 2016

Happy December and welcome to another blog post!!!

This time around I wanted to show you how I did my Christmas cards for my friends/coworkers! This has been a tradition I’ve done for a few years, and I would usually make little goodie bags (with hot chocolate and a peppermint stick) but this year I have so many wonderful people I work with plus doodlemas (if you don’t know what doodlmas is, you should check out my Instagram wink wink nudge nudge) I decided just to make homemade cards instead.

If out of everything that says “graphic design” if I was forced to choose my favorite aspect, it would be typography. On Youtube, I am always jealous of the handwritten typography videos on bullet journals and such, and what better way to beat the jealousy by doing it yourself. Practice makes perfect!

So without further ado, here are my handwritten Christmas Cards 2016! It is all very easy and fast to make, if you only making a couple, not 15-20 like I did!

Supplies Needed


The Supplies I used for this project are as followed. Note: You don’t have to have exactly these items, most of these I had lying around my place.

  1. Tan Blank Card and Envelope Set at Target. Perfect because I found them in the Hot Spot so it was only $1 for 20 cards!
  2. 6×6 Christmas Paper Pad at Target. Also found in the Hot Spot!
  3. Christmas Stickers. I thought the Snowflake was a cute touch.
  4. Sharpie Pen
  5. Metallic Marker
  6. White Marker
  7. A Regular Black Sharpie
  8. A Pencil
  9. Prismacolor Premier Marker in “Scarlet Lake”
  10. Prismacolor Premier Marker in “Dark Olive Green”
  11. Scissors
  12. Red and White Yarn (of course when I was taking the photo I forgot to add this in, you will see it in other photos, or have seen it in my first photo…my bad)
  13. Glue (also forgotten in the photo.. But you know what glue is)

Creating the Inside of the Envelope


The insides of the envelopes are blank and boring so I thought it would be a good idea to add some Christmas color to them!

Out of the Christmas paper, I chose sheets that looked well together, one for the envelope flap and the other for the inside of the envelope. For the flap I tried to cut the same shape as the inside of the flap but for a good majority of them just made rounded triangles (close enough, right?? They get the idea…) Each 6×6 page makes about four rounded triangles so it becomes useful for how many I was making. For the inside of the envelope all I did was just cut rectangles and glued them in. The great thing is that the rectangle doesn’t have to be as big as the envelope because they’re not going to be looking in the whole envelope. Just that part that shows the inside!!

Merry Christmas Typography


This part took the longest, but my favorite part out of everything…. Writing “Merry Christmas” in cursive typography!!

Before even writing it for real, on extra cards (I bought two packs of the tan card sets in case I messed up, plus they were a dollar) I tested out how I wanted to write it. When I originally planned everything, I wanted “Merry Christmas” to be written in white, but the cheap old white marker was too light to read words. But it made perfect dots for snow! To outline and make the letters stick out I used a black sharpie. I used my red and dark green Prismacolor premier markers (the smaller pen like end) to make a little branch with berries to add some color.

Snowy Background-back side of card


I must have really liked the snow, because I brought the same technique to the back side of the card around the edges. I left the middle blank so I can write a personal note to the person I was giving it to. I used a sharpie to write their name, than the sharpie pen to write the note.

Putting it all Together


Aside for writing “Merry Christmas”, seeing the cards coming together was another favorite moment. The best part will be seeing the faces of the wonderful people I am giving these to but that’s besides the point. On the envelope, I wrote the person’s name in the fun cursive typography and inked it with a sharpie, and tied the red and white yarn around it.

Finished Project


And there you have it!! I’m really proud of how these turned out, and I’m excited to give each of them out. I’ve met a bunch of wonderful people and this way gives me a chance to express how awesome they are and how much I appreciate them!

If you are wondering how I am wrapping my christmas presents it is pretty much the same idea (tan wrapping paper, red and white ribbon/yarn) just picture it on a bigger scale.



I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I’ve worked really hard this month getting a blog post up every week and a doodle everyday! Some days have been tough and if I skipped a doodle (due to family time or mental stuff), I did two the next day!

Doodlemas may be coming to an end, but I have another blog post planned for next week, and then it will be 2017!!! If you are coming from Instagram, I want to thank you for following along this ride of Doodlemas with me! It was fun getting to make a new doodle everyday and getting a chance to talk to you guys through the comments!!

I hope you are all having a good holiday season, and remember, making homemade cards and buying gifts are fun and everything but what really counts is that person you are giving it to and what they mean to you.

Thank you for reading this post, and I will see you next time!



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