2017 Goals and Introduction to My Bullet Journal

Happy January!! And a very happy new year! And what a better way to start the new year with a new blog post!!

At the start of a new year, we as people make unrealistic “Resolutions” to make ourselves better and by the time the year ends, we find that we break the resolutions a long time ago. With the start of doodles.by.kat I finally found a purpose to create doodles and get back into blogging and as the months went by my passion for art and writing became stronger and stronger. I want to become a better blogger and create better doodles so instead of Resolutions, this year I made three reasonable goals for me to accomplish in 2017. My goals are as follows…

1. Write 50 blogs

With the help of Doodlemas, I got in the habit of dedicating Sundays to writing my blogs. My schedule works perfectly that way, and you get a new blog post at the beginning of each week. I did that math and I counted that in 2017 there are 53 Sundays. I originally wanted to have my goal to write a blog post every Sunday this year but I got to thinking, there may be weeks that I am sick or have plans that I can’t cancel. So instead of 53 I decided on 50, that gives me 3 “skip” weeks. Plus 50 is a better number to remember than 53.

2. Create 100 Doodles!

Now I know 100 doodles seems like a lot, but from September-December I created 60 doodles!! (and that’s not even including the work I did for school) If I can create that many doodles in just three months, how many do you think I can create in 12 months! And plus even if I surpass the 100 mark, next year’s goal can be even higher!

3. Establish my Youtube Channel

Wait you have a Youtube Channel Kat? Why yes, I do. We all know my love for my favorite Youtubers and I’ve always enjoyed watching vlogs (leading to the creation of Doodlemas… Vlogmas to Youtubers = Doodlemas to me). One of my favorite vloggers have mastered the art of time elapse and I have become interested in time elapses. Since the outside of where I live is boring I thought why don’t I create a time elapse of a doodle! So with the little information I know about iMovie and making videos I made my first ever doodle time elapse! There is no music and I’m still messing around with the placement of my camera (that’s why it’s filmed sideways) but I enjoyed doing it so much! I got to thinking I can do more of these, and make them fun by adding your contributes to ideas and thus doodles.by.kat’s Youtube Channel started.


If you go to my channel, you will see that is not even close to where I want it to be. I need to take updated photos of myself (unfortunately my hair is no longer silver) and I really want to change my Youtube banner when I get more doodle videos up.

Now when I say “establish” my Youtube Channel, I don’t mean gain a bunch of followers and suddenly have my focus be on my Youtube Channel. I just want to take this year to get it up and running like I did my Instagram, Facebook page, and slowly my blog page and website. Creating doodles will always be my main goal, having this Youtube Channel is just another way to portray my doodles. 🙂

Now the only way to reach my third goal is to actually do it and create content and videos but how am I going to keep track of my progress in my first two goals? Let me introduce you to my new and first Bullet Journal!


I’ve been doing research on Bullet Journals for a while now, and I know that a lot of users use their bullet journal for weekly things but I already have an agenda or planner that I use everyday and love (if you’re wondering it’s by ban.do) so my Bullet Journal will have monthly things but not weekly things.

There are a lot of really good journals specifically made for bullet journaling, but since it was my first one, I went with a notebook from Target.



When you first open it, the first page is my Year in a Glance page. Note, lesson learned, always take the extra step and write the days in pencil first before inking because as you can see, there were some mistakes made with the days in the month.


Going to the next page it goes straight into my Blog Post Goal. With every post written I then color in the number until all 50 spots are colored in!


And because I like to see things in a list, if you turn the page, you see my Blog Post List where I can see which blog post was written for each week. When this blog post finally goes up (it’s past Sunday, off to a great start already) I can go to my bullet journal, color a number and add it to my list.



The next 5 pages are dedicated to a Blog Idea Log. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I find myself thinking of new blog ideas and don’t want to lose them. Sometimes the ideas for new blog posts come to me randomly but I already have a blog post planned for the week. This way, not only can I write this idea so I don’t forget the idea, but I can also keep track of the progress on the blog post (like when I finish writing it, and take pictures.)


After the last page for the Blog Idea Log it goes into my Doodle Goal. The concept is the same as the Blog Post Goal Page but instead of the goal being 50, the goal is 100!


This next page is a big page to me, it is called A Year in Pixels. When I was doing research I came across this idea on Pinterest and it hit me right at home. As you know I have anxiety, some days are really good days mentally, and other days are bad days. On this page is a chart of everyday in the year 2017. After each day I color in the box of that day depending on how the day went. If the day went wonderful (there’s never a perfect day) it’s a red, a good day orange, an ok day yellow, a bad day green and the worst day blue. At the end of the year this gives me a chance to look back on the year to see how much my anxiety and mental days really affect me. What I really love about this page is the quote I found.

“Just remember, even your worst day only lasts 24 hours.”

This is a wonderful reminder that even bad days don’t last too long and that everyday isn’t a bad day.


After that page, it goes into the month of January. I have January wrote in a fun font, a little snow globe with a snowman, and a bigger calendar than on my A Year in a Glance Page.


Flipping the page, you see my page for Notes and my Tracker Page. Throughout the month, if I have any mental notes for any doodles or blogs that aren’t strong enough to put on my blog idea log or a good reminder instead of making a million notes on my phone I can write it on this page.


When I was doing research on Bullet Journaling I found a bunch of people using this and I was really excited to use this. If you don’t know what a Tracker or a Habit page as some people call them, it pretty much is a habit tracker. There are some things I need to be better about or habits I’ve been doing that I would like to keep track of. On this page, like the A Year in Pixels page there is a chart, but instead of the year it is the month of January. The reason why it is only the current month, because habits and things I may want to work on may change throughout the year. Everyday before I go to bed I open to this page, if I did the habit or the things I am working on I mark it. If I didn’t do it, I leave it blank. At the end of the month when getting next month ready, I can look back onto my tracker and really see what my habits are.

And there you have it, my goals and the introduction to my Bullet Journal! I hope this helped in any way. I know we are only on day 2 in the new year, but I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. If you made any resolutions or goals let me know what they are in the comments below! If you also started a bullet journal or are continuing one comment below any tips or pages you enjoy! I enjoyed being creative and getting mine all ready and is excited for months to come!

Until next time, I will see you in the next blog post!



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