Recap of January/ Plan With Me February Edition {{Bullet Journal 2017}}

Hello and welcome to another blog post! January has and is always a rough month for me (with my depression and it being so cold) so I apologize for the lack of blog posts this month! Only I would have my first blog post talk about my goals and then immediately start failing at it. But hey, next week is a new month and that means more opportunities to redeem myself! With that being said, in my last post I introduced the start of my Bullet Journal and it’s getting to that time to introduce a new month! Before we get into that, let’s recap on the first month of 2017.

Recap of January 2017


Not everyday in January was rough as you can see on my “Year in Pixels” page. Most squares are colored in with Orange so most days were above average.



On January 15th I took part in my second Art Show where I got to sell some of my doodles as well as hang with my friends/fellow artists for a few hours.

In the month of January I was also promoted at my job to a shift supervisor. I was really happy and excited when I heard the news (i’ve been working towards getting this promotion for some time) but was also sad to know since I was transferring I wouldn’t see my closest friends on an everyday basis anymore.


Even though I decided early January that I wasn’t able to take classes this semester I still made sure to still stay creative. Even with an art show and a promotion I managed to create 31 new doodles, already almost halfway to my goal of 100 doodles.


I also decided to add another page to my bullet journal to keep track of the order of my doodles. At the end of the year I like to make a fast slideshow of all my doodles, and having a list of doodles 1-however many in order will making that slideshow a lot quicker.


I may have excelled in getting doodles done this month, but when it came to writing blog posts, I did not. I know I shouldn’t have any excuses for getting them done. With my new promotion, I’m not sure of what my week to week schedule will be like, so the day of the week where a blog post comes out may or may not change. I will know in time and I will let you guys know. Note, I guess that makes 2 blog posts completed with this post coming up! (celebrates internally)


What I did take full advantage in this past month was shockingly my notes page. Every time I had an idea for a doodle or a self reminder, I found myself writing them on this page.


I realized after I created that page that other bullet journalers use this page as a habit tracker than just a tracker (they have other pages for specific trackers). I use this page differently than others because whatever I write down I’m using the tracker page to keep of track of how many times in the month I do it. As you can tell the bottom item I did an awesome job of continuously doing it everyday. The other two I did it continuously in spurts than skip a few days, and that cycle would repeat itself. I also noticed that the closer it got to the end of the month, the more lazy I got, so I will remind myself next month to keep a watch out for that.

Now that we have recapped January it is finally time to plan out February.

Looking Ahead to February 2017

With the cover page I decided that just having a doodle and the month written out wasn’t enough.


For this page I still have the month written out but it is smaller and in the corner. Since Valentine’s Day is in February, I drew a few hearts as this month’s doodle. Under the month is a space to put any important dates like holidays/birthdays/events that are going on in the month. I still really like the “Hello (whatever month it is)” like I did for January, so I jazzed up “Hello February” on the bottom.

The next two pages are repeats from last month, a Note page (since I used that page a lot last month) and a new tracker page.


I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post as well as had a great first month of the new year! Did you have any fun memories or have a new opportunity present itself to you? Let me know in the comments below!

Also to all the other Bullet Journalers out there, I need your suggestions! Recently I’ve been using just a normal pen when I ink my pages and I’ve been noticing the pen creases when I turn to a new page. What are some pens/markers out there to help stop that issue! Let me know also in the comments below!


Thank you guys for reading and being awesome this month, and I will see you in the next blog post! Let’s hope for more blog posts this month! :))



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