Anime Tag!!

Hi, friends and welcome to another blog post! One of the videos I saw from Kelly Eden when I was binge watching was the Anime Tag and what better way to start my new motivation kick then by starting with an Anime Tag!! There are 22 questions so let’s get into it! (Warning: It is very hard for me to choose so most of them have 2 answers! :D)

1. Who is your favorite anime character?


My favorite anime character by far would have to be Kyo Sohma from Fruits Basket. In the show, he is the bad boy of the group always pushing Tohru (the main character) away and always running away (but always comes back when he’s hungry). He may act like a “bad boy” on the outside but on the inside, he’s just looking for acceptance and love, which you get to see throughout the show and even more in the manga as he opens up to Tohru.

2. Who is your favorite Female anime character?


I have two favorite female anime characters. The first one is, of course, Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon. Not only do I love her because I grew up with her as a child who loves anime but I love her character growth. We all know Usagi as the clumsy crybaby in the first season but throughout the seasons we see her grow not only as a Sailor Scout but as a person.


My second favorite anime character is Sophie Hatter from Studio Ghibli’s “Howl’s Moving Castle”. Throughout the movie, you get to see Sophie grow as a person through the curse and meets Howl and the gang. Plus Old Sophie is one of the most hilarious characters ever.

3. What is your favorite anime soundtrack?


Speaking of “Howl’s Moving Castle” the soundtrack is amazing. I do love all of Joe Hisaishi’s work, but the work in this soundtrack is my favorite of all time. Every time I feel anxious or sad the theme song always makes me feel better.
My second favorite soundtrack is the soundtrack to one of my all-time favorite anime,


“Angel Beats”. When I’m working on doodles or blog posts, “Crow Song” is always on repeat. The awesome beat always gets me in the mood to work on stuff for you guys! Also if you haven’t seen the show, the song is in the first episode and is what helped me get drawn to the show. Here’s the scene!:

4. What is your favorite anime opening animation?


The first season of Sailor Moon in English Dub. I remember when I was little, every time that opening would start I would go straight to the tv to watch it. Even as an adult I have all the words memorized.


With that being said I also love the opening to Sailor Moon Crystal. I was so excited that they were remaking the series and the first time I heard the opening credits I started crying with all the overwhelming feelings. It was just like when I first fell in love with the show.

5. What is your favorite ending song and animation?


My favorite anime ending would be the ending of the anime “Black Bullet”. The song is so gorgeous and goes perfect with the anime that I couldn’t just listen to the song clipped for the animation, I had to look up the actual song. I actually just recently rewatched “Black Bullet” and normally I would skip the ending song, but with this anime I would watch it.

Here is the ending sequence!

My second favorite anime ending sequence is the 2nd ending song to “Bleach”. This is during the season where Rukia is taken to the Soul Society and Ichigo and the others have to go rescue her. I love this ending because the song “Thank You” is so catchy and it’s like Rukia is saying Thank you for rescuing her.

Here is the ending sequence!

6. What is your Favorite Anime Scene?



My favorite anime scene would have to be the ending scene from “Angel Beats”. If you haven’t seen Angel Beats you might wanna skip this question but if you have, oh man you know what scene I am talking about. In the last episode, everyone had finally made peace with themselves and passed on from the high school except for Otonashi and Kanade. Before they pass on Otonashi wanted to tell Kanade his true feelings. I won’t get too into it (you have to see it for yourself) but after she passed and then he passes, the scene goes to another life and Otonashi is a student learning on a building. A girl passes by humming a certain song and Otonashi has to chase and grab the girl’s arm who is Kanade. It is the saddest, happiest ending in anime history.

7. If you had to meet any anime character who would it be?


If I had to meet any anime character it would definitely have to meet Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon. I feel like I can relate to her a lot and I feel like we would have such a great time hanging together. Plus she can introduce me to the other scouts! :))

8. What is your favorite thing about anime?

I really enjoyed Kelly’s answer which is the variety that anime has and storytelling. When I first got into anime, I admit, I just thought that most anime was about a plain high school girl getting the most popular guy to fall in love with her, but boy was I wrong. Anime can take you to any world at any time and still be relatable to you.

9. What is your least favorite thing about anime?

Long drawn out fight scenes. Are you a fan of “Bleach” and/or “Naruto”?? Now I love “Bleach” (“Naruto”, not so much), the first couple of seasons are in my top anime list but the reason why I stopped watching “Bleach” and even stopped reading the manga is that of the long drawn out fight scenes. Fight scenes are great (spoiler alert, there is a bleach fight scene as an answer in this tag) they can make or break a scene, but when it gets drawn out and it takes 3-5 episodes or 5-10 really short manga chapters than I get bored and just want it to be done.

10. Who is your favorite anime animal?


Ok, I have three. The first one would, of course, be Kyo from “Fruits Basket”. Kyo as a character is very sassy but when he transforms into the cat, his sassiness shows even more.


The second one is Luna from “Sailor Moon”. Who wouldn’t want a smart sassy black cat?



And the last favorite animal is Kirara from “Inuyasha”. She is so adorable in both forms and so bad ass as her full-grown self.

11. What anime would make a good game?

I’m going to be honest, but I don’t actually play video games… but I would love to get into them (like final fantasy and kingdom hearts) so I feel I can’t answer this question.

12. What was the first anime you ever watched?


Me being the 90’s child I am of course my first anime was Pokemon and Digimon. Other than those two if you read my last blog post you know that “Spirited Away” was also one of the first animes I was introduced to. Followed by those were “Cardcaptor Sakura” and of course “Sailor Moon”.

13. Do you think you’ll ever stop watching anime?


14. What was your first genre of anime?



15. What is your least favorite genre of anime?

When Kelly did the anime tag, I really agreed with Kelly’s answer to this question which was the anime that do a little too much fan-service. When I say fan-service I mean when a show sexualizing female or male bodies. It doesn’t bother me when they do it a little bit but when it starts overpowering the anime it starts to bug me. If it bugs me enough, I will stop watching the show altogether.

16. Are you open to watching anime with people you know?

Of course! Anytime I can show someone Howl’s Moving Castle or my favorite anime, I will totally take that chance!

17. Have you ever been to Japan?

Sadly no :(( but one day I would love to go!

18. What anime was the biggest let down for you?


“Aldnoah Zero”. It was such a great show, but the last episode during the last fight scene they killed off the main protagonist and it just kinda ended there. I was left at the end thinking what the hell just happened. I just learned recently that there was a season two, and I do want to watch it, I guess I am still getting over the ending of season one. If you have watched season two “Aldnoah Zero” let me know what you guys thought of it. I would love to know that the second season is worth it.

19. What anime was better than expected?


“The Irregular at Magic High School”. I was scrolling through Hulu looking for something to watch and I came across this anime, and just kind of clicked on it. Suddenly I was a few episodes and made sure to watch every new episode. I’m really sad they didn’t make another season (or they have and I don’t know about it), it will be an anime I will show David!

20. What is the best anime fight scene?


Remember a few questions ago when I said that one of the “Bleach” fighting scenes is an answer to one of the questions? Well, here it is! One of my favorite anime fight scenes would have to be the fight between Ichigo and Ulquirra in “Bleach”. I love this because I honestly love Ulquirra (even though I was sad to see him die). I loved the weird relationship he had with Orihime and everything that Ichigo went through leading to this fight. I remember sitting through these episodes (of course it’s “Bleach” so it took a couple episodes for the whole fight scene) so anxious and hoping Ulquirra wouldn’t die… but of course Ichigo wins the fight and I was sad to see Ulquirra die. I guess there will never be an antagonist like Ulquirra.

21. Who is your anime Husbando?


I love that this question is next because speaking of Ulquirra, he is one of my 3 husbandos! Something about his cool and yet cold attitude made me fall in love with him.


If you haven’t guessed by now, my second husbando would be the one and only Kyo Sohma, the sassy cool cat.


My last husbando is Howl from “Howl’s Moving Castle”. Something about the cool boys always gets to me.

22. What was your favorite video game as a child?


Once again I didn’t play any video games but oddly enough (it could be the artist in me) I love watching them. My old roommate was a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts and she decided to replay it when we were living together. After watching her play it once it kind of started to become a little tradition that every night when we would both come home from a long day at work we would sit in the living room and she would play, I would watch. One day if I ever do decide to start getting into playing games Kingdom Hearts would be the first followed by Final Fantasy.


And that was the last question! I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post. Let me know what you guys thought or any animes you really enjoyed or didn’t enjoy. Speaking of anime you least enjoy, I did mention my uncommon opinion that I don’t enjoy the ever so popular anime “Naruto”. My question for you guys would be, would you guys like me to write a post about why I don’t like “Naruto”? Let me know in the comments below! Also since I’m here full of questions, how do you guys feel about me posting on Tuesdays? My schedule is still pretty weird and it just keeps on changing so I’m not really sure what day blog posts are coming up. Plus I’m still trying to catch up with my Blog Post Goal for this year, so I’ve been trying to post twice a week. Plus I have many new blog post ideas I can’t wait to share with you.

I hope you guys have a great week and I will see you in the next blog post!

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