Halloween Haul 2017

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! The best month of the year is finally upon us so that means that all the stores finally have their Halloween stuff out! Actually when I went to Michaels even though it is the BEGINNING of October all of the Halloween stuff was on clearance to make room for Christmas stuff! I shouldn’t really be complaining because I was able to get a bunch of awesome stuff at a great price but come on Christmas stuff already?! We just started celebrating the month of Halloween! Oh well, let’s just get right into it! Here is my Halloween Haul 2017!

Note: I wanted to try something new with the blog so when I normally on a haul post put in a big header the store I got the items instead I put it into each of the photos!

Skull and Flower Container

The first item I got was this awesome “glass” container. Inside there is a black skull and these beautiful blood red flowers that caught my eye enough to buy this. This goes great with the red background for future Halloween blog posts.

Table Runner

Another great item for my Halloween background is this Table Runner I found from Target. I love the fact that it looks torn and that the edges aren’t perfectly cut. Makes it look more worn and creepy.

Book of Spells

Next is this decorative Book of Spells. I love this because it goes perfectly with my Halloween background. On the front, it has the words “Book of Spells” and has a skeleton with a creepy smile on it. For being hollow on the inside it is very heavy!

Stack of Books

To go with the Book of Spells I also got a stack of books that I’m going to set on top of it. On the side it says “Curses” on the top book, “Spells” on the middle, and “Potions” on the bottom book. That is the one thing I wish the “Book of Spells” is that it was on the binding like these ones so all the books would blend together. On the top of the top book there is a skull and on the side of the books is this big spider.

Black Wings

Out of everything I got this item would be my favorite. It is a bowl like a container but is shaped like angel wings. The texture on it makes it look like real feathers but it definitely isn’t the same weight as wings of course. I’ve always loved angel wings since I was younger and I plan on using it even after Halloween because I love it so much! I can put my keys in it or little things like that.

Clear Skull Container

Another item is this clear skull container from Michaels. I got two of these containers but I can’t tell you what I have planned for these skull containers because I have a fun Halloween post planned for these so stay tuned for that!

Skull Cups

So because Michael’s had all of their Halloween stuff on clearance I got a little carried away with certain items, this is the aftermath of it. I found these glass skull cups and I originally was just going to get the clear one but I saw that there was a purple one and a green and blue one and I just thought “Oh I can get one of each cause they’re on clearance!”, so that’s what I did. I don’t know when I’m going to use all of them (they are glass) but hey they look cool!

Led Bat

The last item was completely going overboard but I couldn’t help but feel that I needed it. This is a led light that is in the shape of a bat! I love bats and even though I have nowhere to put it in my office I needed to have it. So we shall see if it actually goes up. Do I regret buying it? No, I do not!


So that’s all the items! I hope you guys enjoyed this Halloween Haul! Is your house or room all decorated for Halloween? What is your favorite decoration? Let me know what it is as well as ideas for other Halloween posts! I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to the month of Halloween and I will see you all in the next post!

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