My Halloween Costume 2017

Happy Halloween and welcome to another blog post! I am so excited to finally be able to share with you my Halloween costume for 2017! I love how it turned out and how my friend was able to capture it in photos. So that being said, let’s just get right into it! Without further ado, I present to you my Halloween Costume for 2017!

The Idea for my Costume

When I was thinking about what I wanted to be for Halloween I knew automatically that I wanted to be a Hufflepuff student from Hogwarts with the sorting into House Hufflepuff earlier this year. Even though the Harry Potter Series has been around for a long time, merchandise for houses other than Gryffindor wasn’t really popular since Harry, Ron, and Hermione is all from House Gryffindor. But with more and more people taking the sorting house quiz on Pottermore, Harry Potter merchandise is finally opening up more to more than just Gryffindor. People are proud to be in their sorted houses and want to show off to other fans their House Pride, myself included. I want the world to know that I am proud to be in Hufflepuff and what better way to do that than dress in full Hufflepuff from top to bottom (almost completely) for Halloween.

It just so happen that I found all of my Hufflepuff gear from Hot Topic (no this isn’t sponsored, I only wish) which made putting this costume together so simple because it was all in one place! Let’s get into the pieces!

The Skirt

This was the piece that inspired to go this direction instead of finding a robe. It is a yellow skater skirt with a black plaid pattern and a badger and the house name in the corner. It also comes with straps, but since I was wearing a sweater and a tie, I thought it would be too much so I took them off. If I wasn’t wearing the sweater, showing off the straps would be very cute!

The Sweater

This sweater is a long black sweater with yellow accents on the sleeves and the house emblem on the front. You can wear it buttoned up or unbuttoned and stay warm when you aren’t wearing a robe!

The Socks

These socks were a great find because it goes great with the skater skirt idea. They are black socks that go over the knee and have a badger and Hufflepuff written on it. This brings the uniform all together!

The Tie

This skinny tie makes the uniform look more professional. It is a silky yellow tie with black stripes. Please don’t tease me for how it is tied, before this I never knew how to tie a tie!

The Headband

This headband is a yellow thick headband with the emblem on the side. It is great for when you want to have your hair down but still wants to show your house pride.

The Scrunchie

This is another great find at Hot Topic. This, as well as two others, came in a variety pack for when you need to pull your hair back. Scrunchies have made a comeback and what better way to show your school pride in a subtle way than with this hair accessory.

And now that you’ve seen the costume up close, let’s get some action shots!

From posing normal….

…to getting that side angle.

From staring at your awesome socks…

…to realizing you don’t have your wand.

From posing at this angle…

…to this angle,

…to this angle,

…to in your face.

Now make a cute pose again…

From realizing you have a broom…

…to realize you should have paid attention to your flying lessons.

From catching up on your favorite book series…

…to finally getting an inside photo with your wand.



So that’s it, that is my week of Halloween posts leading up today! I really hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did putting them together. I worked really hard on them and I hope it shows! I want to thank my close friend Melissa for taking these photos, without her I don’t know how I would have pulled this off!

Whatever you did to celebrate this holiday I hope you spent it with loved ones and created awesome memories! Let me know in the comments below what you dressed up as what your plans were as well as ideas for new blog posts! I am always up to new ideas! I am also still working hard on a huge project that I will be hopefully sharing with you soon! But until then, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween, a wonderful rest of the week and I will see you in the next post!

Stay Spooky!

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