Blogmas Day 3: My Christmas Wish List!

Happy Saturday and welcome to day 3 of my 12 days of Blogmas! For today’s post I wanted to share with you a couple of things that are on my Christmas Wish List! I normally don’t ask for much but I thought with Blogmas it would be fun to share them with you today. That being said let’s get right into it! Here is my Christmas Wish List!

Morphe 3502 Palette

I’ve mentioned this product in a blog post before, but the first on my list is the Morphe 3502 Palette. I’ve already explained why I haven’t gotten this palette already in the blog post but if you haven’t read my “Autumn Makeup Tutorial” blog post yet I pretty much said that I suck at creating eyeshadow looks so I don’t want to spend money on a good palette until I get more practice. This is my ideal eye palette because of all of the beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows, it all reminds me of Autumn.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Since we are on the topic on makeup, the next item on my wishlist is Tarte’s Shape Tape Contour Concealer. I have heard from every single beauty Youtuber I watch about how much they love this concealer, and the more I hear about it the more I want to try it. I don’t really use concealer (I have been using it more recently with how much stress and little sleep I have been getting) but I feel like if this product is up to the talk about it, I could get into using concealer more often.

Lime Crime Makeup

The last makeup items on my wish list would be pretty much anything from the brand Lime Crime. You have read my reviews so you know how much I love this brand. My favorite liquid to matte lipsticks and highlighter has come from Lime Crime and I just want more. From more Velvetines to add my already huge collection to trying out the other Highlighting palettes, I just want more. I’m even interested in their Mermaids Brush Collection. If you got me anything from Lime Crime, even items I didn’t mention already, I would be perfectly content with it because I know that it is going to be a good product.

Anime Merch

Going away from makeup the next item(s) on my wish list would be any kind of anime merch. From Sailor Moon to Attack on Titan, to Studio Ghibli to My Hero Academia, if it’s from an anime I’ve seen and loved, I’m most likely going to love it. This is why I say that out of my family and friends, I am the easiest to shop for because you can get me almost any anime item and I would be happy with it.

Women’s Faux-Fur Robe- Gilligan & O’Malley

The next item is an item I thought I didn’t know I would want until I felt it. I was walking around Target and this robe caught my eye. I went up to it and felt it and fell in love with it. My house is always cold during this time of year so this robe would be perfect to wear around the house plus it is my perfect color. The only thing is that this robe is $40.00 and I don’t really want to spend that much money on just a robe. But hey, maybe one day I will get it. Until then I’m just layering and layering to keep myself warm.

Giovanna Fletcher’s and Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Books

If you have read “My Favorite Youtubers” blog post a while back, you know I love Giovanna Fletcher and her sister in law Carrie Hope Fletcher. They are both very creative and inspiring women who have achieved a lot in their lives, one being published book authors.I would love to own and read all of their books one day not only because I think I would enjoy the books even if they weren’t written by them but to know that I am supporting some of my favorite Youtubers.

New Camera

The last on my wish list is a new camera. I don’t know what kind of camera yet (I would have to do research) but what I do know is something better and more updated than the one I currently have. I bought this camera 4 or 5 years ago with one of my first ever tax returns and didn’t really do any research on which camera to get. I just looked around and picked out a random one that I thought was good enough. But with my blog posts and now Etsy shop I’ve been needing to have good quality pictures and my camera isn’t giving me that. I’ve been using my camera on my iPhone 8 plus more and more because the quality of the photos is so much better but it takes more to edit them. So until I get a new camera, I’m going to be using my phone more often but one day when I save enough money I will get a better camera!


So that’s my Wish List! I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I did putting it together! What is on your Christmas Wish List? Have you tried any of the makeup items I’ve mentioned? Do you have any suggestions for a camera I should consider buying? Let me know as well as blog posts ideas (Christmas and non-Christmas!), I am always up to new ideas! I hope you are having a wonderful month of December and you are getting pumped for Christmas, I know I am starting to! Until tomorrow, I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow for more Christmas festivities!

Stay Merry!

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