Blogmas Day 6: My Christmas Wrapping

Happy Tuesday and welcome to Day 6 of my 12 days of Blogmas! Can you believe we are already halfway through Blogmas! With Christmas inching closer and closer, people are starting to finish their Christmas shopping and starting to wrap them. That being said, today I thought I would share with you my Christmas Wrapping! If you remember during Day 1 of Blogmas in my Christmas Tag post, I was asked if I am a pro wrapper or do I fail… well, I am not the greatest at wrapping, so be kind! That all being said let’s jump into it! Here is My Christmas Wrapping 2017!

Note: I won’t be showing how I wrap my presents because I don’t want to spoil my family and friends on their presents. Plus I’m not the greatest when it comes to wrapping and there are better tutorials out there on how to wrap presents out there if you need a tutorial.

The Thought Process!

So my thought process for Christmas wrapping is that I wanted to do do something more of my aesthetic but I also had some leftover wrapping from last year so I thought I would just use both! I have a mix of people I am giving my gifts to from my girlfriends and sisters to my sister’s significant others who wouldn’t enjoy the girly wrapping as much so having both would be perfect! The wrapping from both this year and last year are from Target (I think only one item is not from Target) so it was nice to be able to get everything I needed all at one place.

Marble Wrapping

This year I have been really getting into the marble trend so when I found it at Target, I originally bought it as a background for blog posts but since I had it, I might as well use it for its actual purpose as well!

Pink Ribbon

Since I was going for the marble theme I wanted something to compliment so I was walking around Michaels (since Target didn’t have any) and found this pretty pastel pink ribbon that went perfectly with the wrapping.

Animal Wrapping Paper

This is the wrapping paper that was left over from last year that I couldn’t say no to this year. On this wrapping paper, there are foxes, bears, and mooses surrounded by red glitter all on a silver wrapping paper. It was so cute that I couldn’t let it go to waste. So since the girls are getting the girly pink and marble wrapping paper, the boys on my Christmas List are getting this.

Wrapping Bows

To go on top of the Animal wrapping paper were these bows also left over from last year. They come in all different sizes and colors including white, silver, red and candy cane stripes. They go perfectly with the different colors on the wrapping paper.

T-Shirt Boxes

These are so easy to find and even easier to use. When I bought these last year they were so convenient because if you have a gift that you are wrapping but it is hard to wrap on its own you can stick it in a box with other small things if you are giving them multiple things! Plus they came in a pack of 4 or 5 so if I didn’t use all of them I could save them for the next year, which I did! So if you are looking for a wrapping hack, get yourself some T-Shirt boxes because they are so convenient and really cheap!

Tissue Paper

To go into T-Shirt boxes, I had some leftover cute red and dotted tissue paper left over from last year. They are perfect to give those small gifts support in a box as well as keeping the box lined and more full.

Gift Toppers

These are what I am the most excited about for my gift wrapping. I was originally going to go with just stickers for gift tags but as I was walking around Target I found these glitter letter gift toppers and fell in love with them! They go perfectly especially with the marble wrapping and gives it a different take on gift tags.

Other items you will need would be scissors and tape, but who wants to see pictures of those? Now that you know what I chose for this year’s wrapping, let’s see it put together!


So that’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did putting it together! I still can’t believe we are halfway through Blogmas! Now that you know how great of a gift wrapper I am, let me know if you are a pro-wrapper or do you fail like I do? What kind of wrapping paper did you go with this year? Do you go for more fancy or you don’t care since it’s going to be ripped off anyways (haha, I just came to that conclusion…ha…). Let me know in the comments below as well as new ideas for posts, Christmas and non-Christmas I am always up to new ideas! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your week and I will see you tomorrow for more holiday festivities!

Stay Merry!

12 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6: My Christmas Wrapping

  1. ugh you are so lucky you live in America! here in the UK, we don’t have a target😭it seems like the BEST place to shop😂 x


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