Blogmas Day 8: A Day In the Life // My Little Sister’s Graduation!

Happy Thursday and welcome to Day 8 on my 12 days of Blogmas! Today I wanted to do a blog post a little different from my other blog posts. This past weekend I got the honor of watching my little sister Fallan graduate college so I thought that I would share that day with you today. I’m calling it a “Day in the Life” and if it goes well, maybe I’ll do another one. I’m still a little nervous and don’t really have the right equipment to “vlog” so pictures and captions will just have to do for now. But hey, goals for one day! That all being said, let’s get right into it! Here is A Day in My Life, My Little Sister’s Graduation!

The day started early (8 am) meeting at my parent’s place. After a few pit stops and caffeine run, we were on our way to Cedar Falls!


It was a long two-hour drive and lots of songs played on my headphones but we finally made it to the University!

When we got there we were about an hour early before the ceremony started so we found our seats and waited.

…took selfies while we waited.

…and waited. I did manage to get a nice Stark family selfie!

During the wait, Fallan sent us a text with her in her gown and made me feel so proud as her older sister. ❤

Finally, the ceremony had started! In a crowd full of graduates…

There she was!

Look at that smile!

After the usual things, speeches made by the president and class representative, they first announced people who were receiving their Master’s and it was finally the Bachelors. Row by row they went up and walked the stage, and then finally it was Fallan’s row!

She walked up to her line…

And after a little bit, it was finally Fallan’s name being announced!

Fallan has been in college for 5 years so this was a long time coming. I remember those days like they were yesterday. From getting phone calls from her when she was stressed and taking time off of work to go escape for a day or two to visit her. She has worked so hard to get to this point and she deserves a day just for her.

In a way, it gives me a little hope for myself when it comes to my own graduation because I’ve seen her go through it. And though our situations are different and life has thrown us in different directions and paths I know that she can and will support me just like I’ve supported her. She inspires me to be a better person and to be someone she is proud to be related to.

She shook hands with the president…

…she walked the platform…

… and smiled for a picture. 🙂

After the ceremony we found Fallan…

…gave her flowers… and it was time for photos!

She got one with my parents,….

…With me and our older sister Cierra,…

…her boyfriend Jay,…

…and then another one with me. I am so so proud of what she has accomplished and I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next. I know she is an adult (seeing as she just graduated college) but I can’t help but think that she will always be my baby sister. I hope she knows that no matter how old we are, her big sister will always be there to support her :).

After pictures were taken and we left the stadium we went for a late lunch at a local Chinese restaurant that we would always go to when we would visit Fallan while she was in school.

And then it was time to go home!

A few hours later after getting home we went to Fallan’s place and celebrated her graduation by playing board games and drinking (I didn’t drink) until late into the night.


So that’s it! I hope you liked this different kind of blog post! If you like this kind of blog post let me know in the comments below, you might never know I might do another one in the new year! While you are there let me know what other blog posts to do, Christmas or non-Christmas I am always up to new blog post ideas! We are starting to get to the end of Blogmas… And I don’t know how to feel! I’ve enjoyed doing this and I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together! Anywho… I hope you guys are having a wonderful Thursday and I will see you tomorrow for more Holiday Festivities!
Stay Merry!

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