Blogmas Day 9: Last Minute Gift Guide!

Happy Friday and Welcome to Day 9 of my 12 days of Blogmas! Its the weekend before Christmas so everyone is starting the holiday festivities early with attending a bunch of Holiday Parties! To the office parties, to the last minute parties most festive parties have a Secret Santa or a White Elephant aspect to it. I don’t know about you but White Elephant and Secret Santa give me crazy anxiety because I never know what to get. Especially with White Elephant, what can I get that a random person can enjoy? If you said yes you are like me, today’s blog post is perfect for you! I have made up a list of items that would be perfect for any type of Holiday parties! Even if you aren’t going to a White Elephant or Secret Santa party but are struggling with the last minute gift you can find the perfect gift with this list! That being said, let’s get right into! Here is my Last Minute Gift Guide!

Note: These photos and ideas were found online, I did not think up of these items or am trying to sell them (I wish, these are awesome ideas!), I just thought they would be great ideas for gifts!

For the Coffee Lover!

Have a coffee lover on your list but want your gift to stand out more than just another coffee mug? Get them a Coffee Infused Skincare Package! Moving the coffee obsession to the next level!

For the Music Lover!

Take a sip of coffee while listening to your favorite music with this Amped Amplifier Coffee Mug!

For the Book Lover!

Show your love for books out and about with this Literary Scarf! If anything it’s a great conversation starter!

For the Movie Lover!

Make your at home movie watching experience more fun with this Microwave Popcorn Popper!

For the Gamer!

Take your gaming experience to the next level by bringing the game to the outdoors with these Yard Dice!

For the Pizza Addict!

Having a pizza disaster? Save the best food on the planet with this Pizza Rescue Kit! I know I would love this as a Christmas Gift!

For The Traveler!

Have your favorite cocktail even when you are traveling with this Carry on Cocktail Kit!

For the Boss in the House!

Show who’s boss with these Personalized Desk Signs!

For the Healthy Guru!

Give them the gift of flavor with this Flavor Infuser Water Bottle!

For the Cat Owner!

Know a cat owner whose cat is always in the way when you’re trying to get stuff done on your laptop? Give them their own laptop with this Laptop Cat Scratching Pad!

For the Math Nerd!

Show off your love for math with this Equation Geek Clock!

For the One Who Can Never Make Decisions!

Know someone who can never make up their mind? Put theirs and your mind to ease these Decision Making Top Turners!

For the Taco Lover!

Make enjoying your favorite food easy with this Dinosaur Taco Holder!

For the Sushi Lover!

Show off your love for sushi with these Sushi socks!


So that’s the list! I hope you enjoyed these as much as I did putting them together! Can you believe we are just 3 days until Christmas, I know I can’t believe it! I hope this gift guide either helped calm your last minute anxiety shopping or give you an idea of the perfect Secret Santa/White Elephant gift! Let me know in the comments below what holiday parties you are going to this year as well as ideas for new blog posts, Christmas or non-Christmas I am always up to new ideas! I hope you have a wonderful start to your Christmas weekend and I will see you tomorrow for more Holiday Festivities!

Stay Merry!

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