Blogmas Day 10: My Christmas Tree Decorations!

Happy Saturday and welcome to day 10 of my 12 days of Blogmas! It’s the Eve of Christmas Eve so everyone is gathering up their family recipes, pulling out their ugly Christmas sweaters and wrapping their presents and setting them under their Christmas trees. So as the festivities start I thought I would share with you my Christmas Tree decorations today! So let’s just jump right into it! Here are my Christmas Tree Decorations!

The Thought Behind my Tree(s)

When I was thinking about my Christmas Tree for this year I knew I had some left over from the year before and was just content with having the one tree. But after seeing a post on Instagram I found myself at Target buying a small tree, so now I have two trees. The main one in the living room and the small tree in my office. I made a post about these trees when I first put them up on my personal Instagram account and there I made a joke that there are two types of people when it comes to Christmas Tree decorating, the Classic Tree and the Nerd Tree where you get to show off your love for your favorite fandom. I then went on to say how that I am proud to be both. Let’s first start with the main tree.

The Classic Tree

This is my big tree. I purchased it last year at Target when they were on sale. I actually forgot until this year that this tree has a certain character to it. When we put it up this year I noticed that after we put all the parts together that the tree slanted a little, and how the year before we used bobby pins and tape to keep it standing, kind of. So this year we used a rod and tape and got it to stand. Though it still tilts a little I am kind of ok with that because it brings character.

The Tree with Character

The tree stands six feet tall and is wrapped in Christmas lights and a red garland. We thought that the first box would be enough to wrap around the tree but it wasn’t. So we took the other box and wrapped the rest of the tree. So please don’t mind if the bottom of the tree is light heavy.

Now let’s talk about my favorite ornaments on the tree.


Most of these ornaments are my favorite because they remind me of important people in my life.

Wonder Woman reminds me of my mom…

…the penguin reminds me of my older sister Cierra…

…the elephant reminds me of my younger sister Fallan, who I’ve talked about on here recently…

…and a unicorn to remind me of my brand

Out of the ornaments, the 2017 heart ornament holds close to my heart. Why Kat? It’s just a heart that has the year on it. Well, it’s just that. A lot has happened this year and I have grown as a person and years down the line when I look at this ornament I will think of all that in the year 2017.

The Star

To top the tree of is a star I got when I got the tree last year. What really drew me to this star is that not only does it light up a beautiful gold but also changes to a mix of colors.

So that is the big tree that people will see when they first walk in but if you walk deeper into my office you will see my little tree in my office. So I present to you my little Nerdtree.

My Sailor Moon Tree.. aka my Nerdtree

This is my mini tree that I got at Target. I wanted to get a white tree to not only to contrast the tree in the living room but it matches my office and what I wanted for the tree. Like I said in the intro I wanted to get this tree because I saw an Instagram post that inspired me to get this tree. I have a collection of anime merch (mostly Sailor Moon) that mostly consists of Sailor Moon “keychains” was taking a bunch of room on my shelf so I thought why not put those on the tree! That way I can make room to make my collection grow and makes a great tree! Wrapping around the tree are multicolored fairy lights and to go with those are sparkly and metallic mini ornaments.

Now let’s look at the Sailor Moon Keychains!

The Sailor Moon Ornaments

From Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune…

…to Sailor Moon.

To My favorite ornament that my best friend gave me for my birthday Queen Serenity…

…to Queen Serenity and Luna.

To Chibiusa and Sailor Moon…

…To Sailor Neptune, Sailor Saturn and Princess Serenity.

There are so many ornaments!

The Star

To top the little tree I thought instead of having to buy a mini star I would use another item from my collection. This is a Silver Millennium Crystal Tablet holder that was the perfect size.

The Shelf

I needed to find someplace to put this little tree so we found this white shelf that was the perfect height. It acts as the perfect place to put my tree plus extra storage for my notebooks and such.

To sit next to the tree I got this 2018 calendar that I am excited to use in the new year and sat other Sailor Moon brooches that are tablet carriers next to it to keep up the Sailor Moon Theme.

Each of the keychains/ornaments came in its own box but since I didn’t want to open this pack of three it also sits on the desk next to the tree.


So that’s both of my trees! I am really excited about how they both turned up and makes the house look more festive for the holidays! I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I did putting it together! What are some of your favorite ornaments? Do you have multiple trees as well? Let me know (maybe even a photo as well… I would love to see them!) in the comments below as well as ideas for new blog posts. Christmas or non-Christmas I am always up to new ideas! Though Blogmas may almost be over I still have two more awesome blog posts I can’t wait to share with you! Until then, I hope you are enjoying this Christmas Eve Eve and I will see you tomorrow for more holiday festivities!

Stay Merry!

2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10: My Christmas Tree Decorations!

  1. I love your Sailor Moon themed ornaments. Very nice. Given I’m always on the road for Christmas I don’t have a tree and most of the people I stay with just don’t do decorations.


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