Blogmas Day 11: Christmas Glam Fail! // What Worked and What Did Not!

Happy Sunday and welcome to day 11 of my 12 days of Blogmas! IT’S CHRISTMAS EVE! (someone in the background yelling Hooray!) Everyone is getting glammed up for the festivities of Christmas Eve so I thought I would a Christmas Glam makeup tutorial for you since I am a pro (already laughing at myself) now at tutorials since I did my first and only one in back in the fall. But I didn’t want to do just any Christmas Glam makeup tutorial since you’ve seen pretty much all the makeup I usually use. So I thought to myself with the holidays and people spending a lot of money this season I would do a Christmas Glam makeup tutorial using only drugstore products!

I already had a few things before so I just had to get a few and I had an idea of what I wanted to do so I went to Target and got some makeup! Planning for this blog post I tested the look and it completely failed. Nothing went the way I wanted to for this makeup look and was instantly discouraged. Luckily this was all drugstore makeup because I also felt like I just spent a bunch of money on makeup I’ll never use again. I slept on it and after thinking about it I didn’t want to seem like everything was a waste so I thought instead of just throwing this idea away and writing a different blog post I would talk about it. I wanted to have all 12 days of Blogmas be happy and cheerful for the holidays but sometimes things don’t go by plan and we should still talk about it! So let’s get into it, here is my Christmas Glam Fail! What Worked and Did Not!

Note: While yes I am going to be talking about some makeup products that didn’t work out for me, that doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t work out for you. Also, I am not saying these makeup brands are bad, some of my favorite makeup has come out of these brands, some of which I will talk about here.

What Didn’t Work

My Makeup Skills Weren’t up to Where I Wanted Them

So before I get into any product I have to say that one of the main reasons this ended up failing is because of my lack of skills when it comes to eye makeup. I’ve talked about how I want to get better at it multiple times on my blog but while looking at inspiration for a Christmas glam look I thought “Oh I could do this, I could do this when in reality I couldn’t which lead me to being frustrated and discouraged.

This is the Eye makeup look I wanted to do with a bright red lip to go with that, and it didn’t turn like that at all.

Now let’s talk about the makeup.

The Foundation Wasn’t the Same As Before

The foundation I used is Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation in shade 120. Now, this used to be my favorite foundation of all time. I used it every day because it was matte and gave me good coverage. And then I started using and fell in love with my current favorite foundation which is Fenty Beauty. I felt like I was learning how to put on foundation for the first time with the Fit Me foundation because I got so used to how the Fenty foundation works I just applied the Fit Me like I would apply the Fenty… which with how much runnier the Fit Me is it, it didn’t work. Plus on top of that, the shade was way lighter than my face was. So that was a no go.

The Highlighter Wasn’t “in Your Face” Enough

The highlighter I used for this look was the Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter from Maybelline. The color is gorgeous and the highlighter does it’s job but it’s not enough! I feel like I’ve been spoiled with the Highlight Opals from Lime Crime because now I have really high expectations for highlights and when they don’t go up to those standards I am disappointed and don’t like the product.

The Glitter

So the makeup look I was going for had a glitter aspect so I was excited to try it out. I found this Wet n’ Wild glitter that was under a dollar so I thought it would be perfect. But trying to apply this was really hard and you could barely pick up any on the brush. But that’s what I get for it being under a dollar.

All of those things were ok and have a good enough reason for them to fail but these next two items are what really got me frustrated.

The Burning Lipstick

Like I said before I wanted to do a red lip for this makeup look. I’ve seen this lipstick before and wanted to try it so I thought it would be the perfect time to try a Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick from Maybelline. I was excited to see how this lipstick worked out (it’s only $6.99 compared to Lime Crime’s Velvetines that are $20.00) but right when I started to apply it I could feel my lips burning. I tried toughening through it thinking it would only burn for a little bit but the longer I wore it the more it burned. So I took it off and the burning stopped immediately. Luckily my lips didn’t look too irritated (they looked red but that could easily be because the color was red) but now I know to never buy that again. Maybe I could find a different drugstore lip color but until then I’m just sticking with my Lime Crime Velvetines.

The Bronzer Catasphrosy

So while I was at Target I couldn’t find any contour product that I was interested in but then I saw this Wet n’ Wild Coloricon Bronzer that caught my eye. I liked the color and thought it would be good for the makeup look so I got it.

Something must have happened between purchasing it at Target to getting home because when I was doing a test run of the makeup look I saw that it cracked. I was a little upset but still went on with the test run.

The next morning after sleeping on how the look failed I thought maybe I can keep some of the products (because not all of them were bad) and I thought I would keep the bronzer (it did its job as a bronzer) but when I picked it up somehow overnight it cracked and broken completely!

I was so upset about it all I just threw it in the trash. How did it manage to completely break not even having it for 24 hours is beyond me?

So through lots of things failed, there were still things that worked ok and still would want to keep in my makeup collection.

What Products Were Ok

The Eyeshadow Palette

So even though most of the items from Wet n’ Wild didn’t work out for me I was ok with this Nude Awakening eyeshadow palette from them. The colors are pretty and pigmented but they are a little hard to blend. That could also be because I don’t know what I am doing when it comes to blending. I want to play with this palette more because it is a pretty palette.

The Blush

This is the Wet n’ Wild Coloricon blush in Mellow Wine. I was attracted to this color because I usually go for the coral/orange colors but when I was testing it out the coral/orange didn’t go well with what look I was going for. The blush itself though is very pigmented (a little goes a long way) and a lot goes on the brush so I would use it again though it might not be my first choice.

Now that I’ve talked about the things worked ok, I wanted this post to be a learning experience for myself so I wanted to show the things that worked and what I really liked as well since I showed the things that didn’t.

The Products that Worked

The Mascara

So we already know my favorite drugstore mascara which is Maybelline’s The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara but as I was looking at mascaras I saw this mascara that caught my eye. This is Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Curvitude Mascara. Not only did it please me aesthetically but the small curved wand compared to a normal wand is what made me want to purchase this product. And I am here to say that I love this mascara. Having that small curved wand lets you get close to your lash line as well as lining up with the curve of your eye because it is curved. If I wanted to I could get away with only using a couple coats of this mascara alone but since I love mascara I used my old favorite and my new favorite. This mascara has definitely become a staple in my makeup routine and I will repurchase this mascara.

The Eyebrow Pencil

Though I wasn’t happy with the way my eyebrows looked unfilled (I have become custom to having more filled eyebrows thanks to my pomade from Anastasia Beverly Hills) I did love the eyebrow pencil I used which is the NYX Micro Brow Pencil. I already knew I liked this product because I was using it when I didn’t have my Goof Proof Pencil from Benefit but using it again reminded me of how much I liked it. When they said Micro they really meant it because when you take the lid off, you see how micro the tip is. But that means you can really get in the brow with this product and be very precise. Even though it takes longer to fill, if I am being honest I actually like the micro more than how big the Goof Proof applicator is. I know Benefit has a version of the Micro so when I’m out of both products I may try that next.

The Star of the Show

So out of all the products, one stood out from the rest. That product is the Rose Quartz 9 piece Brush Set from bh Cosmetics!

I purchased them after watching a favorites video from Jade the Libra (she’s awesome check her out) where she talked about how great these brushes are and they were supposed to come for the Autumn makeup tutorial I had but didn’t come in time so I saved talking about them until Christmas time.

This set is a 9 piece brush set that is in a beautiful rose quartz. You get a range of brushes from a contour brush, a powder brush, to a bunch of eyeshadow and blending brushes.

My favorites are the Large Angled Contour Brush, the Powder/Blush brush, the Tapered Highlighter Brush, and the Deluxe Blending Brush.

These brushes online were only 10-12 dollars so I was a little skeptical on how well these brushes would actually be but still got them because Jade the Libra talked so highly of them.

Luckily I can say that she was right! These brushes are so easy to use and the bristles are so soft and don’t shed. I’m excited to use eyeshadow brushes more to help sharpen my skills.

If you are in the market for new makeup brushes you should check out bh Cosmetics (they have a variety of brush sets) because they are awesome!


So that’s it! From this experience I have learned to know my skills before jumping into something and that things sometimes don’t go the way you want to but to go with it anyways! But out of this experience though I found products I didn’t like I have found some new makeup products that are going into my everyday makeup routine!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post even though it didn’t turn out how I originally thought it would be I enjoyed putting it together! Hope you can learn from my mistakes! Have you had a fail recently and what did you learn from it? What drugstore makeup items should I try next (I’m not giving up on drugstore, I’ve just been spoiled with the high end!)? Let me know in the comments as well as other ideas for new blog posts! Christmas or non-Christmas I am always up to new ideas! Speaking of Christmas, tomorrow is the big day and I have a special blog post in store for you (one that did end up working) so until tomorrow, have fun tonight be safe and Merry Christmas Eve!

Stay Merry!

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