Blogmas Day 12: Holiday Lookbook 2017!

Happy Monday and welcome to day 12 of my 12 days of Blogmas! MERRY CHRISTMAS! All of these blog posts have been leading up to this day! I’ve talked about my wrapping, tree decorations and even a Christmas makeup fail but I haven’t shown you a holiday outfit…until today! During my week of Halloween blogs, I showed you my Halloween costume but I wanted to set it up a notch because during the holiday season you aren’t just going to wear one outfit. So I created a Holiday Lookbook! From showing a little glam to full-on Christmas here are 3 looks for the Holiday season! So let’s get into it, here is my Holiday Lookbook for 2017!

Look 1: Glam

This first look is a more of a glam look for that special someone you are trying to meet under the mistletoe.

The shirt is a cropped red long sleeve shirt from Target that shows of those shoulders.

To make the redshirt pop I added my favorite pair of black skinny jeggings and some black boots.

To finish the look off I got this Wish Gold Necklace from Stella and Dot. I’ve been recently in love with smaller necklaces and with the lower neckline, you can see the necklace more.

This look not only shows your Christmas spirit but also lets you be glamorous at the same time!

Look 2: The Office Look

The next look is perfect for the office party or a night with the family.

The sweater is off Target and has a reindeer with a striped scarf and sunglasses. To top it off the antlers have little bells to make sure people can hear you coming.

To pair it off I once again wore my black skinny jeggings but it would also look good with a pair of dark wash jeans as well.

Now in public, I would wear this outfit with my brown combat boots but since we were inside I wanted to show you my current favorite slippers. My place is mostly hardwood floors which gets extra cold in the winter so finding these fuzzy slippers at Target was perfect! When I don’t have to wear shoes I always grab these!

Top the look off with this Santa hat and you are Office Party ready!

Don’t forget to work on those dance moves!

Look 3: Christmas Elf Look

The last look would probably have to be my favorite and that is the Christmas Elf Dress.

This dress I found at Target and knew right away I had to have it.

It is a red dress with a green apron that has a gingerbread and a heart candy cane on the pockets…and did I mention the pockets are actually useful!

To match it I got these red tights from Target and when I wore this dress to my parents I paired them with my Combat boots. But I can also see these being cute with converse as well.

What put this outfit from a Christmas Dress to full-on elf was this headband. It matches the dress so well and to top it off there are bells on it!

If you want to be the talk of Christmas, this look is perfect!


So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this blog post as well as the 11 other blog posts as much as I did putting them together! Once again I have to thank the woman behind the camera… my good friend Melissa! Thank you so much, Melissa, I couldn’t have done it without you!

I also want to thank you guys for participating whether by liking these blog posts or even commenting! I had so much fun replying to your comments! I hope you guys are enjoying your Christmas surrounded by loved ones and eating lots of food!

I plan on doing a couple blog posts for the New Year but I probably don’t plan on getting back to my “schedule” until the New Year! Let me know in the comments what was your favorite part about Blogmas or just the holiday season all together as well as ideas for blog posts in the new year! You know I’m always up to new blog posts! Whatever you are celebrating whether it’s Christmas or not, I hope it is wonderful and I will see you in the next blog post!

Stay Merry!

7 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 12: Holiday Lookbook 2017!

  1. I love these looks💞 the first one is my fav… but I love em’ all👍 Xx
    ~Raff // Meryy Christmas🎄


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