Things I Look Forward To!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! Today I thought I would be simple and write about the things I look forward to. I don’t know how I thought of this idea, probably thoughts from a night of no sleep, but sometimes it’s nice to think about little things like that. That being said, let’s just go right into it, here are Things that I Look Forward To!

Note: These aren’t in any particular order, I don’t look forward to one thing more than other, this is just my list.

Watching New Videos from the Michalaks Every Sunday.

As you know from “My Favorite Youtubers” blog post, you know that I love Hannah and Stefan Michalak, their boys and their videos. They come out with new vlogs every Sunday and since I don’t work until the afternoon I get up in the morning, get myself a cup of coffee and enjoy it while watching their new vlog before working on things. I love to see what they are up to and really enjoy watching them grow as filmmakers.

Watching New Videos from Jenna Marbles Every Thursday.

Along those same lines, I love watching Jenna Marbles’ new videos. It’s always fun to see how she’s going to make me laugh next.

Coming Home from a Stressful Day.

Work can be really stressful at times, so being able to come home after a bad or stressful day and being able to de-stress and relax at home really is comforting.

Seeing a Friend, Especially when I haven’t Seen them in a while.

I love seeing my friends but I understand that we all have our own lives and we get busy with life, but when our busy schedules allow us to hang, even if it’s only for a few hours, makes me very happy. It’s always nice catching up with good friends.

The Beauty of Snow

For how much I do not like driving in snow, I still can appreciate the beauty of it. Watching snowflakes fall and seeing everything covered in snow, especially the first snow of the year. Now if only I don’t have to drive in it.

Trying a New Makeup Product.

If only I had the funds to buy new makeup all the time. But since I don’t, when I do get to try a new makeup product I get very excited. Especially if I end up really liking the makeup product, then I look forward to continuing using it.

Taking a Sip of a Coffee or a Hot Cocoa when it’s the Perfect Temperature.

I love coffee and Hot Cocoa but I hate burning my tongue. So when the hot beverage is at the perfect temperature and I get to take that first sip makes the wait for it worth it.

Taking a Nap and Not Feeling Ashamed of it.

My work schedule ranges from working late at night to really early in the morning (like 4:30 am) so sometimes when I know I don’t have to be at work early the next day or know I don’t have to work on anything major for the blog or Etsy, I get to go home and take a nice nap without feeling bad for doing it.


Do I really need to get into this one? You know my thoughts on Halloween.

Getting Together with my Sisters

My sisters are my two best friends, and I love getting together with them. But I understand that we each have our own lives to live and we are busy so we don’t get to see each other as much as I would like. But this year we are going to try to get together more so hopefully, you will hear more about my adventures with them.

Reading a Book I’m Really Enjoying

This year I have been getting really back into reading (I’ve already finished a book this year and have a list of books I can’t wait to read this year). I’m trying to get in the habit of opening a book up every day whether if it’s during my break at work or 15 minutes at home when I’m not working on other things and I’ve noticed that it becomes easier to do that when I’m really enjoying the book I’m reading.
If you would like to know what books I’m excited to read this year, let me know in the comments below and I can make that happen!

Being able to Show/Reveal a Project

I love working on projects and sticker collections, but at the same time, I also enjoy finishing them and being able to show them to you guys. It’s very satisfying being able to finish a project and show the world what I have been working on.

Giving a Present to Someone that I Know they will Love

I love giving gifts to the people I care about, it’s one of the ways I show affection. I think really hard about what I’m giving them and when I know that they are going to really like it, I get excited to give it to them.


So that’s the list! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together! What are things that you look forward to? Let me know in the comments below as well as ideas for new blog posts, you know I am always open to new ideas! I hope your weekend is going well and I will see you in the next blog post!

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