Things That Inspire Me Aesthetically!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! Lately, I’ve been really thinking about my aesthetic and how I want to portray myself and my brand so I thought I would share with you what inspires me aesthetically. From people to items these things give me so much pleasure and happiness when I see them and they inspire me to want to do them myself. Some of the things you have may have seen in other blog posts but that just shows how much of an impact they make on me! So without further ado, here are Things That Inspire Me Aesthetically!

Leigh Ann Says/ Leigh Ann Vlogs


The first person that inspires me is a woman named Leigh Ann or if you have read My Favorite Youtube Channel post you already know my love for her channels leighannsays and leighannvlogs. Her style with how she styles her home, her fashion sense, her choice of makeup, how she portrays her Youtube videos and Instagram feed inspires me so much, especially on the days where I feel less inspired with my brand.

Hannah Michalak

Another person who inspires me who I’ve talked about on this blog already is the beautiful Hannah Maggs. Though I don’t really relate to her on the fact that she is a mom I can relate to her in her simple but modern style in her home and in her fashion. What really inspires me is the way she does her flat lays for her Instagram and social media. I hope my flat lays are up to her levels one day.

Megan Batoon



Recently I have been obsessing over a Youtuber I was introduced to recently and that is Megan Batoon. Not only is she hilarious and very fun to watch but I love how she styles her hair and how she is “DIY”ing her house. I always look forward to her new videos.

Liza Koshy

The next person who inspires me is Liza Koshy and her aesthetic on her Instagram. Normally on Instagram, I see a lot of bold eye-catching photos which is awesome but I love how Liza centers her Instagram around more neutral and soft tones on a white palette. All of her posts look very modern and very professional altogether.

When I first started blogging I used to talk about this brand all the time but my love for it has not changed. is an online retail store based in Los Angeles that makes everything from fashion to office supplies to home decor. Every time I see them post on their Instagram I am always inspired by the pastel colors and the fonts they use.

My Office

The next thing that inspires me is my home office. When I first moved in the color used to be blue but my roommate didn’t like the color scheme so we painted it to what’s supposed to be a more tan neutral color but turned out to be more of a pastel pale pink color, which I love. Above my desk, I have a small whiteboard that looks like marble where I hang cute notes and reminders. Every time I walk into the office I automatically feel inspired aesthetically.

My Phone

The last on the list is my phone oddly enough. I have the iPhone 8 Plus in “rose gold” color that is really just a pretty pale pink color. With my phones in the past, I usually find a phone case that shows off my favorite fandoms like Sailor Moon or I once had a huge Totoro case that made my phone look huge but since I loved the color of the phone I just got a clear case and showed a pop with the two marble Popsockets I have on the back (yes I need two Popsockets for my phone). I didn’t realize it until after it happened but my phone matches my office perfectly (even though the pictures look different… took the first photo with my phone,and the second with my camera) so I still have that aesthetic inspiration even when I’m not working in my office.


So that’s my list of things that inspire me aesthetically! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together! What inspires you aesthetically? Do you go by an aesthetic and if you do what is your aesthetic? I don’t really know what to call mine but I guess I can’t help what I like if that makes sense at all. Let me know in the comments below as well as ideas for a blog post, you know I am always up to new blog post ideas! I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week and I will see you in the next post!

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