I Did A Month of Eyeshadow Looks! // Thoughts and Favorites

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! It is March and I am so excited to finally share with you this blog post because I have been working on this project for literally all month! So what is this project? Drum roll please… (pretends to do a drum roll)… I did an eyeshadow look everyday in the month of February! I’m always talking about how I want to get better at creating eyeshadow looks so I thought instead of just talking about how I want to do it, I would just do it! Practice makes perfect right? I’m going to be talking about what I learned, my experiences, some of my favorite looks and products that I loved so let’s get into it!

Goals for Project

When I decided to do this project, I had a few goals in mind. Of course my main goal of this project was to get better at creating eyeshadow looks and being more confident wearing them but I needed to give myself a reason to do a look every single day. Like something to reach for when I feel less motivated or feeling like I want to quit. Because even though I knew I wanted to write a blog post about this project I needed something more to keep me motivated. So I thought that if I did a makeup look everyday without skipping a day I would splurge and buy a new makeup palette. I’ve always loved the idea of having a high quality eyeshadow palette but I couldn’t justify paying the price for it. So this would be a perfect prize for doing the full month of makeup looks.

Preparing for the Project

So I thought of doing this idea in the middle of January so with the time before January ended and the project officially started I prepared myself for it. I bought a few stuff at Sephora or Ulta that I knew I would be using throughout the month in which you will see later in the post but mostly what I did to prepare myself was watching a lot of makeup tutorials to get some tips and look at Pinterest for inspiration. Doing these things really helped because I found inspiration for looks I wanted to try out and tips and tricks from my favorite makeup influencers.

My Experience

So all together I think that this was a good experience but with every experience comes little struggles. Most days, especially in the beginning of the month, I was super excited to do my makeup and see what I could create but as the month went by I couldn’t get myself inspired to do a look and had to at days force myself to do it. My work schedule had a lot to do with my lack of wanting to do my makeup. My schedule, especially during the month of February, varies from working 4:30 am to working at 2 pm and sometimes 3:30 pm. The days where I worked at 2 or 3:30 made it easier for me to get ready and do a look because I’ve been awake for a few hours but when I had to work at 4:30 in the morning not only did I want to do makeup at 3-3:30 in the morning but I didn’t want to do my makeup after getting off work and just take a nap. But I did it, on the days I didn’t want to put makeup on or felt less motivated I put makeup on and worked on my skills. So let’s look at the looks and talk about my favorites!

The Looks and Favorites

I made a chart to show the look for each day the first being February 1st, to the last being February 28th. It’s so cool to see the progress from day 1 and see what kinds of looks I can create, even though I didn’t have a lot of makeup to play with.

Here are my favorite looks!

February 4th

This was my first attempt at making a smokey eye and I really loved how it turned out. You can tell by looking at the chart that throughout the month I tried really working on creating an any day smokey eye and I feel that after this month I am able to do that!

February 11th

This is my makeup I did for my Valentine’s Day Makeup tutorial. I’ve always wanted to make a glamour makeup tutorial and I felt like with the skills I have gained it won’t be my last! If you haven’t seen my Valentine’s Day Smokey Eye look, you should check it out cause I’m so proud of it!

February 15th

This is the day that I finally felt like I was finally getting a hang of blending and you can tell with the makeup look. I even had co-workers that day tell me how good my eyes look which gave me more confidence.

February 17th

This is a big day for me not just because I like the makeup look but the day in general. The day before I had a massive panic attack and the next morning I just wanted to stay at home and mulk, but I got up, put some makeup on and ended up having a good day. Now when I see this photo I think of that day. Plus my makeup did look good that day.

February 25th

Though I love a good in your face glam look, some days a girl just needs a less dramatic settle look.

February 27th

Before the month ended I wanted to do one more dramatic look and I loved how this look turned out, especially since I was running out of looks. I am so over snow, always being cold, and ready for spring so I thought having a warm bright look would help me out.

February 28th

For the last day I wanted to end the month with another smokey eye to see my skills, and I really loved how it turned out. Especially with those lashes, I finally feel I was good at creating a smokey eye.

Products I loved!

None of these looks could have been made possible without the products used. I didn’t have a lot of eye products but out of the products I thought I managed well. Here are some of the products I enjoyed using and will continue to use in future looks!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

I bought this product knowing I would use it for this product but I didn’t know then how much I would love it. Having primer on makes my eyeshadow look last all day with no crease and bring out the colors more than without primer.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

I originally got this product to set my concealer but ever since learning the trick of setting powder under my eye to catch fall out and to help create a more structured look, this product has become one of my favorites. Any loose powder would work, I just love my Laura Mercier powder.

Morphe Brushes

The two brushes that I found myself grabbing throughout the month was my Morphe M433 brush and my Morphe M441 brush. These two brushes were so easy to use, picked up lots of product and made blending easy. These brushes have easily become some of my all time favorite brushes.

Morphe 9A Palette

If you have read my last blog post you know already that I bought this palette on a whim and ended up loving it. This palette is perfect for any look both settle and glam and has helped a person with my makeup skills create a professional looking smokey eye. Plus this palette has made me love Morphe as a brand even more!

Colourpop Eyeshadow Palettes

At the beginning of the month I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy anymore eyeshadows until the month was over but I was running out of look ideas with the two palettes. I was looking at Colourpop’s website and they were having a promotion that if you bought 4 of their pressed shadows, you can get an empty palette for free and I’ve always wanted to try some of their pressed shadows so I went for it! There were also two other small palettes that I fell in love with so I had to get. All together for the 3 palettes it only cost me $36 dollars so it was a great deal! Playing with these colors, they are not only pigmented, but also very creamy and blendable. Some of my favorite looks came from these palettes!

What I’ve Learned

I feel like in this past month, I’ve learned a lot. If you are like me and wanting to get better at making eyeshadow looks, it takes a lot of patience and a lot of blending (but really, lots of blending). I honestly feel that anyone can create a beautiful eyeshadow look if you just do it and practice. The more practice the better you get it. The more you use a product, the more you know how it works like if it’s blendable or pigmented. I am still not an expert, it’s only been a month since I really started using eyeshadows and even false lashes. I still have lots to learn, but now that I’ve set foot into it and is willing to put forth the effort all I can do is get better right? I mean it’s crazy looking back at the first day and comparing it to the last day and seeing the difference just a month can make.

My Prize!

So now that I completed my month of eyeshadow looks and did a look everyday without fail, it was finally time to claim my prize! I was debating which palette I wanted to get throughout the month, but finally decided to get The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe! As you know from My Morphe Wish List, I’ve been really been enjoying Jaclyn Hill’s videos and love the variety of shades of mattes, shimmers and metallics so I had to get the palette! I’ve already started playing with the palette and I can’t wait to share with you more looks from the palette!


So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did putting it together! I really worked hard this past month and I hope you guys can see it! Which is your favorite look I did? What kinds of looks should I try? What palettes have you been loving? Let me know in the comments below as well as ideas for new blog posts, you know I am always up for new ideas! I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend and I will see you in the next post!

5 thoughts on “I Did A Month of Eyeshadow Looks! // Thoughts and Favorites

  1. This seems like such a fun idea and you came up with some gorgeous looks! Super excited to see what you come up with your new palette 🙂


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