Target Haul // I’m a Changed Woman!

Hello and welcome to another blog post! If you follow me on any of my social media you know that recently I chopped my hair off and also got contacts. I’ve been wanting to do both of these things for a while and finally after becoming more financially stable I took the bullet and just did it. To celebrate these changes as well as the many changes of I thought I would treat myself to a trip to Target and get a few items. Apparently I had that idea a few days in a row because I ended up having a lot of new stuff from the different trips, so I thought I would just share them all with you! I have a range of different things from clothes, to accessories, to makeup so let’s just get right into it, here is my Target Haul!

Let’s first start with clothes, since that’s the biggest section of the haul.


These first two are from the brand Mighty Fine and they are both graphic tees, one a short sleeve and one a tank top. I’ve been really getting into more minimal things when it comes to my style and these are perfect examples. These are both perfect for spring and summer plus the sayings are them show the empowerment of women which I love.

The next shirt is from the brand Zoe + Liv and it is a camo t-shirt. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with camo for a long time but I saw this camo shirt and couldn’t help but purchase it. It’s thin and flowy fabric makes it perfect for the warmer seasons.

This next t-shirt is from one of Target’s newer brands that I’ve been loving and that is Universal Thread. This is just a simple pastel yellow v-neck with a little pocket. This is perfect by it self or under a button up shirt plus the color is perfect for spring.

These next shirts were meant to be more for work and they are all button up shirts from another new brand from Target called A New Day. These are all comfortable and very flexible, which is needed for work. Out of the three, the striped one is my favorite and apparently I don’t know how to keep them from wrinkling, my bad.

Out of all the new clothing I got the item of clothing I got I am the most excited and so in love with this next item, and that is this jean jacket. I’ve been needed to get a new jean jacket so when I saw this jacket from Universal Thread I had to have it. It’s starting to get somewhat nice out here so I’m already grabbing for this jacket all this time. It’s great by itself but also great for layering as well. You will see me rocking all of these items in the upcoming seasons.

Now let’s move on to accessories!


When I just had glasses I hated the fact that I had to have prescription sunglasses so when I got contacts one of my first purchases were these sunglasses. These sunglasses are both from the brand A New Day and are both very comfortable. The blacks ones are for a normal everyday and the pink ones are more for the occasional pop of color.

The next two items I didn’t know I needed until I saw them and they are a scrunchie and a headband. I understand the need for a headband when I’m washing my face to get my bangs out of my face but I have short hair no so why in the world would I need another scrunchie? It’s because of the soft velvet and the pink color that made me buy it. So I did. Am I a sucker for cute things that I don’t even need? This purchase shows that I am.

Speaking of things I don’t need the next two items are earrings! The first is a 4 pack of earrings that were on clearance so I got for a good price. With my new haircut I thought with these simple earrings I would get back into wearing more jewelry, so we shall see if it actually works out.

The next pair I had a vision for the perfect Instagram post (if you want to see it, you should follow me on Instagram so I knew I had to get them. These earrings are from a brand called SugarFix and they are these cute red tassle that give you a pop of color to any outfit. I thought these earrings would go cute with my short hair when I bought them and seeing myself in photos with them on I would have to agree!


So of course I couldn’t go to target without picking up some makeup. The first two items are some drugstore foundations. You guys know that my favorite foundation is the Pro Fil’tr Foundation from Fenty Beauty but recently I have noticed that I have been going through it so fast! So I thought I would try to find a dupe to it so I don’t go through it so fast.

The first foundation is the Infallible Pro-Matte foundation by L’oreal. I heard of this foundation through RawBeautyKristi (a beauty influencer on Youtube) and she lives the glow finish, so I thought I would try the matte version since I prefer a matte finish. It is a medium coverage foundation that is supposed to last all day.

The second foundation is the Covergirl Outlast All-Day Stay Fabulous Foundation. It says that it has a lasting power of a primer, a coverage of a concealer and blends everyday for an all day flawless coverage. I’ve been already playing around with these foundations and I will definitely keep you guys updated on how I feel about them.

The next two items are lashes and guys, I never thought I would be the person to be addicted to fake eyelashes, but I am. I have such small, short, straight eyelashes so wearing falsies makes it seem like they are long and have volume.

The first pair is my current favorite lashes and they are Eylure Vegas Nay Luxe Collection in Bronze Beauty. These lashes give me the volume and curl I want in lashes without it looking too fake. Plus they aren’t too expensive which is always nice as well.

The second pair is from a brand I’ve wanted to try and had a coupon for so I just went for it. The brand is Ardell and these are the fauxmink lashes. Since I keep on buying more and more lashes to try I am thinking of doing a blog post dedicated to false lashes and what lashes I enjoy things like that, so if you are interested in me doing that type of post let me know in the comments below!

We have made it to the last item! And this item I’ve heard a lot of beauty influencers talk about and that is the Maybelline Total Temptation Mascara. This mascara is supposed to give the look of full, fluffy lashes with full volume. Now I have a fake lash addiction so I have only been really buying mascara to blend my lashes with the fake lashes but I have always loved Maybelline mascaras, so I’m interested to see if it works for me!


So that’s all the items I got! I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I did putting it together! What new items have you recently gotten that you love? Any matte foundations I should try out? Let me know in the comments below as well as ideas for new posts, you know I am always up for new ideas!

Now with the new revamp of my website complete, I hope to be getting back in the swing of blogging more so look forward to seeing more posts from me! I’m unsure of when I will be posting and have backed away from the posting every Sunday/Monday and Tuesday/Wednesday so we are just going to play by ear and see where it takes us! But I have lots of ideas for blog posts so thank you for being so patient and open with me as I go on this journey (as cheesy as that sounds) and can’t wait to share it with you!

Since we are on the topic off my revamp, not only did I revamp my website but I revamped my Etsy shop and social media!

If you are new, as well as blogging I make stickers that I design based off of fandoms like Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli and sell them on Etsy! Now that everything is updated and the aesthetic matches I can now work on a new collection that I took a pause on working on so hopefully a new collection will be out soon! You can check out my current collections at doodlesbykat on Etsy!

Also if you want to be notified on when I put new posts up, Etsy sales, or makeup products I like but don’t talk about in a blog post you should follow me on social media!

My Facebook page is @katarinastarkinfo…

…and like I said earlier my Instagram is!

I’ve missed blogging and glad I am back into it! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and I will see you in my next post!

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