My Go-To Eyeshadow Look // Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette

Hello and welcome to another blog post! On my last post I shared my go-to everyday makeup without any eyeshadow, so today I thought would share my favorite go-to eyeshadow look using the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette! This look is perfect for when I want a little extra glam to my makeup look and is easy for anyone with any makeup skill to achieve! So if you would like to know how I achieved this easy by glam eyeshadow look to keep on reading, here is my Go-To Eyeshadow look using the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette!


I already have my face done, if you want to see how I normally apply my base (I used pretty much all the same products) check out my Everyday Makeup Look post!

1. Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Before even going into the palette, I prime my eyes using the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This just helps the colors last longer without any crease. Any primer works as well as a concealer, I just went for the primer today.

Now let’s get into the palette!

2. Apply Transition Color

For my transition color, I am using the color M.F.E.O and putting that over my crease blending it pretty high almost to my brow bone.

3. Start Defining the Crease

Using a mix of the colors Butter and Hunts (Butter is the lighter color, Hunts is the red-orange color) I am starting to define my crease, starting from the outer part of my crease and blending out close to my brow just like my transition color in a windshield like motion. It’s ok if it doesn’t cover your lid fully because we are going to cover it in a second.

Recently I went to Sephora and picked up this Color Switch pod by Vera Mona. This product makes it easy to switch from one color to another without having to worry about mixing colors. Perfect for beginning makeup artists who have limited eyeshadow brushes. I am so glad I got this product!

4. Create the Half Cut Crease

Using your favorite concealer and a small brush to create a half cut crease. I’m still practicing on getting a perfect line but for this look having the perfect line isn’t that important.

5. Add a Shimmer Color

Now it’s time for the fun part! Before going into the color, spray your brush with Fix + or a setting spray to make your shimmer color pop.

Going back into the palette, I’m going into this shimmering color Obsessed and packing that on to the part where I put the concealer on my lid. Once again it is ok if it looks a little messy, we are going to clean it up.

6. Cleaning up

Going back into Butter and Hunts and using that same brush before I am cleaning up my crease as well as hiding the mistakes from the half cut crease.

7. Darken the Outer Lid

To give the look more dimension I am applying Jacs, a deeper red, to my outer lid and blending it to my middle lid where the cut crease ends.

Also please don’t mind my left eye, for some reason, I couldn’t blend the colors on my left eye like I could on my right eye, so we’re just going to pretend it’s blended and looking like the right.

8. Apply Color to Lower Lash Line

Using the same colors Butter and Hunts I used a small brush to add them to my lower lash line. Sometimes if I’m feeling bold enough I add black eyeliner to my bottom waterline and smudge it before adding the colors or add a pop of color like one of the blues instead.

I also decided I didn’t like the shape so I used those same colors to make the shape more sharp and pointed.

9. Add Eyeliner

Use your favorite eyeliner and line your eyes and make a wing.

10. Add Fake Lashes

Put on a pair of fake lashes. I’m still loving the Bronze Beauty Lashes by Eylure.

11. Add Mascara

Add mascara to blend your fake and natural lashes together as well as add mascara to your bottom lash line.

We’re almost done!

12. Add Eye Highlight

To finish off the eyes I am going back into the palette and using Enlight to brighten the inner eye corner as well as the brow bow.

13. Finishing Touches

Add a nude lip, I am using one from Lime Crime, let your hair and bangs down and you are done with this look!


I hoped you guys liked this makeup look as much as I liked putting it together! What is your go-to eyeshadow look? What is your go-to palette? Let me know in the comments below as well as what other looks you would like me to create next! Thank you guys so much for reading and I will see you in the next blog post!

One thought on “My Go-To Eyeshadow Look // Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Palette

  1. Oooo Girl! You’re looking like a real professional blogger! I love the back drop and the way you show exactly what products you are using! I read a lot of your posts without ever commenting mostly because it required me logging in and I didn’t want to come up with a new one I would easily forget! Maybe you could show me how to use WordPress too! Can’t wait for the next blog post!


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