Battle of the Concealers! // Tarte Shape Tape Concealer vs Colourpop No-Filter Concealer

Hello and welcome to another blog post! Recently Colourpop came out with a bunch of new shades for their No Filter Concealer so I thought with all the good things I have heard recently about this concealer and my love for Colourpop as a brand growing more and more I thought I would finally order it and give it a try. In this blog post, I’m not only going to talk facts (pricing, sizing etc..) about each of these products but I did a wear test (as much as I could do for a blog post) to compare these two concealers on my face. So if you are in need of a new concealer or interested in both of these products and need to know which is worth your money just keep on reading. Here is the Battle of Concealers! Tarte Shape Tape vs Colourpop No Filter Concealers.

Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

So before getting into the wear test, I wanted to get into the facts of each product.

First is the ever popular Tarte Shape Tape. If you haven’t heard of Shape Tape it is the concealer that took the makeup world by storm. According to Tarte’s website, the Shape Tape Contour Concealer is a full-coverage blendable concealer that brightens, smooths and shapes the skin. It provides a flawless matte finish that won’t flake or crease, even if you have dry skin, fine lines, or pore problems- no setting powder necessary. I was late to the Shape Tape boat but once I finally tried it, I fell in love with it. It blends so easily and stays matte (I still bake under my eyes) all day long for a flawless brightening look.

Here are some facts about Tarte Shape Tape:
-The concealer comes in 14 SHADES
-Net Weight: 10ml/ 0.3381 Fl.oz
-Vegan and Dermatologist Tested
-$27.00 on and Ulta/

I also like this concealer for the doe foot applicator. It is a big wand that covers more in a quick step.

Colourpop No Filter Concealer

I first fell in love with the brand Colourpop when I first tried out some of their eyeshadows back in February when I did the full month of eyeshadow looks. The shadows give you a high-end quality for a drugstore price. So when I saw that they had concealers I wanted to try them but never tried them. Then I saw RawBeautyKristi rave about it and that’s when it caught my eye again. She loved the coverage the concealer and said it was comparable to Shape Tape and Kylie Cosmetics Concealer. I tried getting the concealer after being convinced by her but they were sold out of my shade. And then I saw on their Instagram that they were coming out with more shades and was super excited. The day of the launch, I made sure to be up and ready and ordered my shade. According to Colourpop’s website, the No Filter Concealer is a lightweight, creamy, full-coverage concealer formulated with soft-blurring pigments to create the ultimate matte, flawless complexion.

Here are some facts about the No-Filter Concealer:
-The concealer comes in 30 SHADES
-4.0g / 0.14 Fl.oz
-Vegan and Cruelty-Free
-$6 on Colourpop’s Website

The applicator on this concealer is a lot smaller than the doe foot on Shape tape as it is slimmer.

So now let’s get into the wear test!

The Wear Test

Hello, this is my face! This is the spot in my makeup routine where I would be ready to apply concealer, so I already have my eyebrows, the start of my eyeshadow look, primer and foundation.

On the left, I am applying the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer…

…on the right, I am applying the Colourpop No Filter Concealer…

…blend both sides with my baby sponge from Real Techniques…

…and set and bake my under eyes with my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder.

Because this is just about concealer I finished my makeup and I ended up really loving this makeup look.

By this time my concealer has only been on for about 15 minutes but here are some close-ups of what each looks like.

They both very flawless on my skin as well as full coverage.

So after taking these photos I went and ran some errands, had a meeting with a friend and went about my day with this makeup on.

I didn’t take photos throughout the day but I did get photos right before I was going to take my makeup off to do the last comparison.

So finally after not only wearing these concealers by themselves but testing them out side by side, it’s time for my thoughts on these concealers!


So as I was saying before the No Filter concealer applicator was very different than Shape Tape in the way that the size of the applicator for the No Filter was a lot smaller than the big doe foot on the Shape Tape. Even though the No Filter concealer is smaller, after using the concealer I actually really like the small applicator. With a small applicator, you would think that you would get a stiff application but it bends to your application. Plus with a smaller applicator, you can get a lot closer than with the Shape Tape.

Do they Blend

If you have tried Shape Tape before or know of it, you know that Shape Tape is super blendable. So the question is, is the No Filter concealer blendable? I am happy to say that yes, it is very blendable. I will say that time-wise Shape Tape blends out faster but they both blend flawlessly.

The Wear

As you can tell from the photos the wear on the $6 concealer (Colourpop) is just the same as the $27 concealer (Tarte). They are both full coverage concealers so they cover up my dark circles as well as brighten up my face. Throughout the day they both don’t crease or crack and leave my skin feeling awake and covered. The photos of just before I was going to take my makeup, the foundation (wearing one of my favorite drugstore foundations, I wrote a blog post about it if you want to check it out) was fading as most foundations do after wearing it for 10 hours both of the concealers were still going strong.

Be Cautious With Powder

Thinking about it now I wish I would have done a test where I didn’t apply setting powder to test the concealer to the fullest but since I knew I was going to be going out I wanted my face to look flawless so I used setting powder. Maybe just for fun I’ll do that test and let you know but I think one of the reasons why both of the concealers lasted so long was because of the help of my setting powder. The setting powder just locks the concealer into the skin and gives you a beautiful soft matte look that lasts all day.

One tip to remember with the Colourpop concealer before you go to apply the setting powder (no matter which powder you choose, setting or translucent, make sure there are no creases under your eyes or on your eye if you are using it as an eyeshadow primer. Because the powder sucks up the concealer and becomes matte if there are any traces of creases, the powder locks in the creases. If there are creases pat them away with your finger or with your sponge and then apply powder.

Final Thoughts

So do I think one concealer is better than the other? No, I do not. Am I going to stop using the Tarte Shape Tape and use the Colourpop concealer more? No, I am going to use both. Each concealer has its pros and cons. Tarte Shape Tape is a little more on the expensive side but blends out super easy for a fast flawless coverage. Colourpop No-Filter Concealer is a great full coverage concealer, with a wide range of shades at an amazing price but it takes a little more work to get the flawless look you want. If you want to splurge on a good concealer if you can try out Shape Tape. But if you want to save money and still have a good concealer go with the No-Filter Concealer. I will say that the Shape Tape is easier accessible because I can pick it up at my local Ulta and not have to wait for a package to come in.


So that was the Battle of Concealers! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together! Have you tried any of these concealers? What is your favorite concealer? What products should battle next? Let me know in the comments below as well as ideas for new blog posts, I am always up to new ideas! I hope you are having a good day/night and I will see you in the next blog post!

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