All Might Inspired Makeup Tutorial!! // My Hero Academia Series Part 2!

Hello and welcome to another blog post! Today we are going along with my My Hero Academia inspired series and with people celebrating the Fourth of July I thought I would find inspiration from our favorite number 1 hero All Might! From his red white and blue hero costume to the names of his special moves All Might always just scream America… or PLUS ULTRA… literally ha. I’m super excited to share this post because not only is this look more complicated than posts in the past but I felt extra inspired so I added on a little lip tutorial for this look as well! So if you would like to see part 2 of this series, how I create this All Might inspired makeup tutorial just keep on reading!

1. Base Already Done

For this post, not only is my base done but one lid is complete without lashes so you can see what how the lid will turn out during the process.

2. Blend Blue in Crease

Going into the Morphe 35B palette I am starting this look out with blending this dark blue color with a blending brush into my crease.

3. Blend Black into Blue

Taking the black color from the same palette I am using the same brush and blending that into the blue to deepen the blue.

4. Cut the Crease

Using the P.Louise Eye Base in Rumour 2 I am using that and a flat shading brush to cut my lid.

5. Add Red Line

Now it’s time for the fun part. Using the Kat Von D 24 hour Super Brow Pomade in Scarlet and a super small detail brush I am drawing a thick like where I first cut my crease…

…and then setting that line with the red shadow from the 35B palette.

6. Add White Line

Going in with the same pomade but in White Out I am drawing a line under the red line with a small detail brush…

… and setting the line with the white shadow.

7. Add Red Line

Just like step 6, I am using the same Scarlet liner and adding a line under the white line…

… and setting it with the red eyeshadow.

8. Add Gold Liner

Since All Might has his bold yellow hair I wanted to incorporate that into this look so I am going in with this Urban Decay Razor Sharp Liquid Eyeliner in Goldrush and lining my eyes and adding a wing.

9. Add Mascara and Lashes

To finish this eye look I am adding mascara and adding a pair of lashes. These are lashes from Eyelure in the Style Bronze Beauty. I also added a mix of the black and blue colors across my lower lash line before adding mascara to my bottom lashes.

Before moving on to the lips I went ahead added blush and highlighter so this is the face before the lips. When I see All Might I am always reminded of comic book superheroes so I thought it would be fun to do a comically styled lip with this look!

1. Add Base Color

To start this lip look I am starting with a base and I am using the Fenty Beauty Lip Stunna Paint in the color Uncensored. You can always just leave it here if you would like as well if you don’t want to do the comic book look, this is a gorgeous red lip color.

2. Line the Lips

Using the NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner and a small angled brush I am lining my lips to give it the comic book effect.

3. Add Black

Going in with Sleepwalker from Black Moon Cosmetics I am applying it to the inner part of my lip.

Side note I’m going to add more red later on because I applied the black too much.

4. Add Black Lines

To give the lips more comic book dimension, I am going back into that black liner and adding lines to the top lip.

5. Attempt to Blend Black

At this point, I realized that I put way to black inside of my lips so I tried to blend it out.

6. Add Highlight

To put the comic book highlight into my lips I am going in with the Kat Von D 24 hour Super Brow in White Out and a small detailed brush and putting it on where you would highlight the lips.

7. Add More Red

So since black didn’t blend well I am just adding more red to the bottom lip to even out the black.

8. Setting Spray and Done!

With that the lips are complete. All that’s left to do is spray some setting spray, fix my hair and this All Might Inspired Makeup Tutorial is complete!


I hope you enjoyed this just as much as I did putting it together! I had a lot of inspiration with this blog and I hope this amount of inspiration continues to go with the other parts of this series! Did you have a good Fourth of July? Did you celebrate the Fourth at all? I had to work but I hope whether or not you celebrated you had a good day with family and good food! Let me know how your fourth went as well as new ideas for blog posts in the comments below you know I am always up to new ideas! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you in the next blog post!

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