Kacchan Inspired Makeup Tutorial!! // My Hero Academia Series Part 4!

Hello and welcome to another blog post! I am super excited for this blog post because it is the love of my life, everyone’s favorite complicated teenage fire throwing boy, my husbando’s turn to inspire me in my My Hero Academia Makeup Series! If you don’t know who this is it is the one and only Katsuki Bakugo aka Kacchan. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know my love for him. He’s such a complicated character who really just wants to be recognized as a hero and I can’t help loving him! Before I get too much into my love for Kacchan let’s get right this tutorial! Here is my Kacchan Inspired Makeup Tutorial, part 4 or the My Hero Academia Series!

1. Base done. Add Translucent Powder Under Eyes

Like my other tutorials, I am starting this tutorial with my base already done and I am also starting this tutorial with translucent powder under my eyes just in case there’s any fallout with these shadows.

2. Add Base

With the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean, I am starting to apply that on my lids…

… and then blending it out with a fluffy brush.

3. Deepen the Black

Now that we have a base down using the black from the Morphe 35B palette I am deepening the black more.

4. Add Orange

Using the orange from the same palette I am packing on the color in my crease then using a clean blending brush and blending it into the black. During this step I am adding and blending more orange and black as needed.

5. Cut Halo Eye

Using the P.Louise Base in Rumour 2 and my flat shader brush I am cutting my lid for a halo eye.

6. Blend Out Edges

Once I am happy with the base, I am using the black color again from the palette and blending out the harsh edges. I am shaping the halo eye in a v shape.

7. Add Orange

Grabbing the orange color from before I am adding this color to the edges of the v next to the black. This will be the outside edges of the v that we created.

8. Add Yellow

Grabbing the yellow color from the Morphe 35B palette I am adding this color to the inside of the v shape we created.

9. Add Chrome Paint

To add some sparkle to this look, I am going in the Tarte Chrome Paint in Top Yacht and adding that on top of the yellow inside the v shape.

10. Wipe Powder Away

Now it’s time to wipe away the translucent powder from under the eyes!

11. Add Eyeliner

Now using that same NYX Jumbo Pencil I am tightlining my upper lash line and adding eyeliner to my bottom lash line.

12. Smoke out Bottom Lash Line

Going in with the dark green color from the Morphe 35B Palette I am using that color and smoking out my bottom lash line.

13. Add Highlight to Eyes

Going back to the Chrome Paint in Top Yacht I am using it to highlight my inner corner and my brow bone.

14. Add Mascara and Lashes

To complete the eye look I am adding mascara and lashes. The lashes I am using today is from Morphe in the style Temptation.

15. Highlight the Face

To highlight the rest of my face I am going in with the Anastasia Beverly Hills X Amrezy Highlighter and applying it to the high points of my face.

16. Add Lipstick

To finish this look you can easily go with a nude lip but to bring out the full Kacchan I am using the Liquid Lipstick from Black Moon cosmetics in Sleepwalker and applying it to my lips.

17. Setting Spray and Done!

Set your face with setting spray, fix that hair and you are done with this Kacchan Inspired Makeup Look!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did creating it! Did I do Kacchan justice? Are you still loving this series? Let me know in the comments below as well as new ideas for blog posts, you know I am always open for new post ideas! I hope you have a good weekend and I will see you in the next post!

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