My Pink Hair Experience//L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Review

Happy Sunday and welcome to another blog post! Recently one of my favorite youtubers Leighannsays dyed her hair rose gold and after watching her video I got inspired! I’ve always wanted to dye my hair pink but was always scared to because yes even though my job does allow unnatural hair color in our dress code, but with my position as a shift supervisor I was nervous to do it. But in her video, Leighann said that the dye is semi permanent and washed out in 3 washes so I thought why not? See what it would be like to have pink hair! So without further ado, let’s get into my experience with pink hair!

The Hair Dye


The hair dye that Leighann and I used was the Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Dye. I really like what Leighann did so just like in the video I used a mix of two colors, pink and soft pink. Leighann had two bottles of each hair dyes because she was covering her whole head and she was scared that she would run out, but since I was only coloring the blonde parts in my hair (which is the bottom tips of my hair) I only got one of each bottle. In the end I ended up only using a little more than half of the bottles so I had left-over hair dye to use in case I wanted to retouch it up (spoiler alert, I retouched it up). What made me want to use this hair dye (other than the fact that Leighann used it tehe) is the fact that it is semi- permanent. According to the box the color is supposed to last 4 to 8 washes and since I wash my hair about once a week I expected it to last a little bit. I bought my hair dye at Target, and it was about 10 dollars for each box so it wasn’t expensive at all.

My Experience


(thats my sister with me :D)

When I opened the box I was surprised to see that the hair dye was in a squeeze bottle. Usually hair dyes come in three separate parts where you have to add one part to another and have this weird small tip that took a bit to get any product out, but this was very easy to use as well as time saving. Another thing I really liked was not only did it have a brush, but it came with a million of gloves! In a hair dye pack you only get one pair of gloves which is great, but really inconvenient when you accidently rip a glove or you have to take it off for some reason. So having multiple gloves was really nice, especially since I retouched up the pink later on.

My bottom tips were pretty blonde so the finishing color was very pink which I liked (first photo). The bright pink lasted until I washed my hair for the first time which then it turned from an in your face pink to a more rose gold kind of pink that I really liked. Even though I really liked the rose gold color that the pink faded into, It already started to fade fast after one wash and like I said earlier, I still had left-over dye, so I retouched it up and was back to the bright pink. Since I was dying the pink on top of an already pink tinted hair it was a more bright pink and after one wash it turned into a more beautiful rose gold color so I do recommend that if you have left-over product, I would retouch it up.

I have washed my hair three times since I retouched the color (third photo) and I feel that it is really faded. I can see a lot more blonde in my hair coming up again and the color isn’t as bright or as pretty as it used to be. It is also patchy as well which could easily be my fault more than the product’s from applying it to my hair. I feel like in the next two products my hair will be back to being blonde and the pink will be completely gone.

Finishing Thoughts and Would I recommend?

All together I would say that I have had a good experience with this hair experiment. In the long run I want to have my hair to be more blonde, I feel more confident with my hair being blonde, but in order to do what I want to do with my hair I would have to go to a professional which I can’t afford right now. So until then I thought I would have some fun with it while I can! The only bad thing I would say about it, is that it only lasts for about 4 to 6 washes instead of the 4-8 washes the box said. But hey, that could just be that with my hair, it could last longer for someone else’s hair! I really enjoyed having pink hair, it gave me a confidence like the blonde does, but a different kind of confidence. With all that being said, would I recommend L’Oreal Paris Colorista Semi-Permanent Hair Dye to friends or family? I would! I love how it gave me a taste of having colored hair like I’ve always wanted and the color is very bright and vibrant, and even pretty when it’s faded too!

There are other colors in the line, and I would like to try other colors, but I also have come attached to the pink color… so I don’t know what to do? What do you guys think? Would you like to see me use the same hair dye brand but a different color, or try a different brand of pink? I would love to try LimeCrime’s Unicorn Hair Dye one day! Let me know in the comments below!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and let me know if you like post like these, as well as ideas for other blog posts! I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you all on Tuesday!


If you want to see the video that inspired me to dye my hair pink, here it is:

50 Random Questions About Me!

Happy Wednesday and welcome to a better late than never blog post! I was looking for an idea for a blog and I realized that you guys don’t know much about me other than I love lipsticks and anime! So I thought it would be a fun idea to answer 50 Random Questions about me for you guys! So let’s get right into it!

  1. Current anime you are watching? Death Parade
  2. Current favorite song? Stay by Zedd (with Alessia Cara)
  3. Current favorite album? Paramore’s New Album.. Really if you haven’t listened to it, please do!
  4. Current favorite Starbucks drink? Venti Green Ice Tea, no water, no sweetener, add peach.
  5. Current favorite place to eat? Chipolte! Their bowls are awesome!
  6. Current favorite past time? Watching Youtube videos.
  7. Current place to shop? Hot Topic.
  8. Last movie you watched? Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2.
  9. Last tv show you watched? 1st episode of Twin Peaks on Netflix.
  10. Last person you texted? My good friend Jenna 🙂
  11. Last person you called? My older sister Cierra 🙂
  12. What was the last thing you bought? A mini sewing kit and gift wrapping.
  13. Do you have any pets? No, but my roommate just got a white kitty, her name is Luna.
  14. Are you allergic to anything? NO THANK GOODNESS!
  15. If you had all the money in the world, what would you spend it on? Tattoos and cosplay!
  16. What is your favorite sweet? Snickers 🙂
  17. Backstreet boys or NSYNC? You’re all I ever wanted… you’re all I ever needed. So tell me what to do now, when I WANT YOU BACK!!
  18. If you had to only live off of 3 foods, what would they be? (does coffee count??) Strawberries, Pizza and Tacos 🙂
  19. Favorite movie of all time? Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle.
  20. Messy or Super Clean? Messy 😀
  21. Early, on time or late? Early or on time. I hate being late.
  22. Favorite Actor of all time? Emma Watson.
  23. Can you play an instrument? I used to play percussion in school.
  24. Favorite Band of all time? Panic! At the Disco!
  25. First Concert you’ve been to? Skillet… was back in the summer before my sophomore year!
  26. Last Concert you’ve been to? Marianas Trench with my older sister and dear friend!
  27. Planning on going to any concerts soon? PARAMORE THIS SUMMER!
  28. Left brain or right brain? Right brain completely.
  29. How many piercings do you have? My ears lobes and cartilage on my left ear. I want to get more!
  30. What were your top favorite shows when you were little? Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon.
  31. Celeb Crush? Gerard Butler of course! <3.
  32. Favorite album ever? “Masterpiece Theatre” by Marianas Trench! That’s the first album I ever heard from them and needed to hear more!
  33. Places you’ve visited? Outside of the US, Canada when I was little, but the places inside the US i’ve remember visiting for more than just driving through would be California, New Jersey, Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota (for a MT Concert), and New York!
  34. Places you want to visit? I’ve always had a interest in Oregon, I also want to visit the Philippines, and the UK!
  35. Favorite Youtubers? Jenna Marbles, Kelly Eden, leighannsays/LeighAnnVlogs, h3h3productions/Ethan and Hila, and so many more (should I do a separate blog post??)
  36. Is there any tv show you have watched multiple times? Other than my favorite anime shows, there was this time when I was younger over the summer I watched the full series (and yes the series) of Avatar the Last Airbender three times! They were playing it on Nickelodeon!
  37. Favorite Disney Princess? When I was little (and I will always will still love) I loved Belle! I do love Tiana though… I love how strong and independent she is!
  38. Have you broken a bone? NOPE! And I don’t plan on ever breaking one (hopefully!)
  39. What is your Chinese Zodiac and star sign? I am the Year of the Monkey and I am a Leo!
  40. Who would play you in a Hollywood movie? Ever since I was little, everyone thought that I looked a lot like Selena Gomez, so I would say she would!
  41. First Manga? Pichi Pichi Pichi Mermaid Melody!
  42. Soprano or Alto? Both! When I was in choir I was a alto and sometimes I would sing some tenor parts (we were a small choir so we didn’t have a lot of males) but in jazz choir I was a soprano!
  43. Favorite Harry Potter Book? Movie? Book: Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix, Movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  44. Favorite animal? Fruit Bats… aka Flying Foxes!
  45. Do you collect anything? I collect lots of things! Anime figures (mostly Sailor Moon), lipsticks (tehe), patches, and buttons! (future ideas for blog posts… would you guys like to see my collections?)
  46. Horror movies or comedies? Comedies!! I can’t do horror movies!
  47. Morning, afternoon or evening? Afternoon… I work most the time in the afternoon and more awake. But I am most creative at night… maybe that’s why my blog posts are always published late late at night??
  48. Any Tattoos? Sadly no :((.. But I plan on starting soon!
  49. Biggest Dream(s)? To become a successful freelance designer! Also to be able to cosplay and go to anime conventions!
  50. How long have you been blogging? Oh man, it’s been over a year already! I really didn’t start hardcore blogging (trying to stay on a schedule) at the start of March!

So that’s it! I hope you learned a couple things about me! With some of the answers I asked you guys if you would like me to put those answers into it’s own blog post, so if you would like me to do them, please let me know in the comments below! Also if you have any other ideas for posts, let me know as well, I am always up for new ideas! I hope you guys enjoy your day and I will see you guys on Sunday!




My Teenage Playlist

Happy Sunday and welcome to another blog post! This past week, one of my all time favorite bands Paramore came out with a new album and I can’t stop listening to it. In honor of them coming with a new album and release of their new tour, I thought that it would be a good idea to show you guys a playlist of all the music I used to listen to during my middle school and high school days. There’s a bunch of variety in it but you’ll start to notice a little trend (aka what music I listened to the most) so let’s dive right into it! I bring to you my Teenage Playlist!

  1. My Immortal by Evanescence
  2. Bring Me to Life by Evanescence
  3. Going Under by Evanescence
  4. Everybody’s Fool by Evanescence
  5. Tourniquet by Evanescence
  6. For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic by Paramore
  7. Misery Buisness by Paramore
  8. Let the Flames Begin by Paramore
  9. Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore
  10. Turn it off by Paramore
  11. The Only Exception by Paramore
  12. All I Wanted by Paramore
  13. Decode by Paramore
  14. Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off by Panic! At the Disco
  15. I Write Sins Not Tragedies by Panic! At the Disco
  16. Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco
  17. That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) by Panic! At the Disco
  18. Helena by My Chemical Romance
  19. I’m Not Ok (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance
  20. The Ghost of You by My Chemical Romance
  21. Dead! By My Chemical Romance
  22. Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance
  23. I Don’t Love You by My Chemical Romance
  24. Teenagers by My Chemical Romance
  25. Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance
  26. Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance
  27. Na Na Na by My Chemical Romance
  28. Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy
  29. Sugar We’re Going Down by Fall Out Boy
  30. Sophomore Slump Or Comeback of the Year by Fall Out Boy
  31. The Take Over, The Breaks Over by Fall Out Boy
  32. This Ain’t a Scene, It’s An Arms Race by Fall Out Boy
  33. I’m Like a Lawyer with the Way I’m Always Trying To Get You Off (Me and You) by Fall Out Boy
  34. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs by Fall Out Boy
  35. You’re Crashing But You’re No Wave by Fall Out Boy
  36. Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap
  37. I Don’t Wanna Dance by Hey Monday
  38. How You Love Me Now by Hey Monday
  39. Candles by Hey Monday
  40. 6 Months by Hey Monday
  41. Josey by Hey Monday
  42. Should’ve Tried Harder by Hey Monday
  43. Let it Roll by All Time Low
  44. Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low
  45. Remembering Sunday by All Time Low
  46. Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard
  47. Fat Lip by Sum 41
  48. Motivation by Sum 41
  49. In too Deep by Sum 41
  50. Over My Head (Better Off Dead) by Sum 41
  51. Still Waiting by Sum 41
  52. Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings
  53. Be My Escape by Relient K
  54. Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus 
  55. All Around Me by Flyleaf
  56. There for You by Flyleaf
  57. Just The Girl by the Click Five
  58. Swing Swing by the All American Rejects
  59. Dirty Little Secret by the All American Rejects
  60. Move Along by the All American Rejects
  61. It Ends Tonight by the All American Rejects
  62. Wherever You Will Go by the Calling
  63. The Mess I Made- Parachute
  64. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
  65. I Want to Break Free by Queen
  66. Just Like You by Three Days Grace
  67. I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace
  68. Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace
  69. Riot by Three Days Grace
  70. Over and Over by Three Days Grace
  71. Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon
  72. Count on Me by Default
  73. It’s Not Over by Daughtry
  74. Used To by Daughtry
  75. Over You by Daughtry
  76. Feels Like Tonight by Daughtry
  77. All These Lives by Daughtry
  78. You Don’t Belong by Daughtry
  79. Surprise by Daughtry
  80. Life After You by Daughtry
  81. Learn My Lesson by Daughtry
  82. Call Your Name by Daughtry
  83. Crawling Back to You by Daughtry
  84. We’re Not Gonna Fall by Daughtry
  85. Rescue Me by Daughtry
  86. Stolen by Dashboard Confessional
  87. Born Again by Third Day
  88. Call My Name by Third Day
  89. The Way That You Are by The Classic Crime
  90. Headlights by The Classic Crime
  91. It’s Not Over by Secondhand Serenade
  92. Shadows by Red
  93. Pieces by Red
  94. Breathe Into Me by Red
  95. Dance With the Devil by Breaking Benjamin
  96. Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin
  97. One More Song by Every Avenue
  98. Think of You Later by Every Avenue
  99. A Story to Tell Your Friends by Every Avenue
  100. Only Place I Call Home by Every Avenue

So that’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed this just as much as I liked getting it all together. It brought so many memories (both good and bad) back of those days. One thing I know for sure is that without these bands and these songs, I wouldn’t have been able to get through those times in my life. Also by making this playlist I’ve realized that I still pretty much listen to this type of music as an adult. It’s so awesome to see how each of these bands have grown and I love to see growth and listen to new music. Let me know what you think of this playlist and also what type of music you listened to when you were younger in the comments below! I hope you enjoy this post and I will see you on Tuesday!




My Pastel Pink Collection

Hi there and welcome to another blog post! First of all before I want to thank you guys for letting me just chat with you guys on my last post… I do plan on doing more of the “Let’s Get Chatty” posts because I enjoyed doing it so I hope you guys enjoy them as well!

Getting back to this post, I mentioned in the last blog post that I was originally planning on doing a blog post about my pastel pink collection (which keeps on growing) so that’s what we are going to do today! Some are stuff I’ve had for a while and since the collection keeps on growing some are new! There’s a bunch so let’s get started!

Unicorn Cup

My first is a new cup from Target that says “Always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn”. It is a pastel blue and mint cup with pink clouds in white font. I recently came into the realization that I love unicorns (don’t worry, I still love flamingos… read my last post to get more into that subject) and anything that has to do with them so this cup was perfect!

Pastel Sunglasses

This is also a recent purchase from Target. I instantly fell in love with them right when I saw them, they are perfect just in time for spring!

Rose Gold Wireless Beats Headphones

This is one of the items I use on a daily basis. This past summer I bought my new Mac for school and Apple was having a promotion that students who bought their products got a free pair of headphones, the bigger the purchase, the bigger the beats you got, so I got these $300 headphones for free! They are wireless so they are really handy when I am doing chores around the house, if I remember to charge them!

I’ve Got Big Plans Notebook

I went on a crazy rampage the last time I went to Target, but while I was there I was lucky to find this beauty. On the front it says “I’ve got big plans” which goes perfect for the big project I am working on!

To Do Flip Notebook

This little notebook I’ve had for a while from Target. I’m the type of person who loves to write to do list’s as well as a list for when I go grocery shopping, so this goes perfect for both!

Sailor Moon Coin Purse

Out of all my items, this is the oldest one I have. This is a Sailor Moon coin purse that I got from Hot Topic. I usually don’t keep my coins in a coin purse, but when I saw this I just had to have it! It works perfectly because it’s a good conversation starter when people wonder what it is from.

I’m am very Busy Agenda

In my Bullet Journal posts I talked about having an agenda that I use and love, well this is the Agenda! It is from a brand called and I love this agenda for multiple reasons! Inside there are stickers, tabs for each month for easy access, and with the start of a new month, there is a cute saying and picture! I don’t know what I would do without my agenda! Notebook

I know this item isn’t fully pastel pink but speaking of the brand, I love love love this notebook! It has everything a girl needs on the cover (including my forever bae, pizza) and halfway through the notebook there is a special message! When I was originally planning and working on my website, this notebook never left my side, as you can see all the sticky notes hanging from the side!


Since we’ve moved to office supplies, I wanted to share this stapler I found at Target. I’ve never seen any stapler like this in my life so of course I had to get my hands on it!

Desk Organizer

Since I had already had grabbed the unique stapler, I of course had to grab the desk organizer to match. It has a lot of space and fits all the little things that would easily get lost on my desk.

Flamingo Pencil Holder

Last but not least is something that I hold dear to my heart. This is a pencil holder from World Market shaped as a flamingo that my little sister got for me for my last birthday. This holds dear to my heart because that’s when I first fell in love with flamingos and was getting ready to publish my website and brand. It sits perfectly on my desk and every time I look at it I am always reminded of the importance of it.


And that is the last item! I hope you guys enjoyed this little haul of my growing collection. I would love to one day show you guys my desk and work space so let me know in the comments below if you would like to see that happen!

Thank you for reading, I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I will see you on Sunday!



Let’s Get Chatty// Bringing Things Together

Hi there and welcome to another blog post! I’m starting this blog post at 11:30 pm and I have to be at work at 8 am tomorrow so I don’t know how long this blog post is going to be but since it is Sunday and I recently put a post on Instagram that there will be blog posts every Tuesday and Sunday I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging with what’s left of Sunday.


I was gonna blog about my collection of pastel things (believe me there’s a lot and it just seems to keep growing) but that would have involved doing a photoshoot and then editing the photos and I did not have time on my side today. Instead since I didn’t want to leave you hanging I thought I would just chit chat with you a little.

The Habit of Losing Things

What I originally planned on how my day would go when I woke up this morning was that I was going to spend a few hours working on my project in the morning. When I felt like I was at a good stopping point or I was hungry, I would take a break, go grocery shopping with David, spend some time with him, and then spend the rest of my day working on a good blog post. That of course didn’t happen. I did manage to work on the project (that’s what most of today was spent on) and go grocery shopping but the reason why I am just now working on the blog post because things kept getting in the way of me working on my project.

As you know, I have been working on this secret project for almost a month now and with each day I get closer and closer to getting it where I want it and then finally sharing it with you. It was a goal to get a huge chunk of it done on my day off, getting it from my computer screen to paper in my hands, but losing and looking for items kept stopping me from getting work done. The first time was a ruler I needed. I searched and searched the apartment for a good 20 minutes, David even helped me look, and there was no sign of it anywhere. I was starting to get annoyed and we still needed to go grocery shopping, so I ended up buying a new one. After getting home and getting all the groceries put away I finally sat down and started working. After a little bit I realized I needed the scissors and they were once again, nowhere to be found. I was already a little frustrated from the losing the ruler and was getting more and more frustrated because I remember using them literally the night before and I already lost them. Eventually I found them and was back to working but was still a little worked up after searching for two different items in the same hour.

Now after all this you would think that if I just put the ruler and the pair of scissors where they were supposed to go I wouldn’t have spent all that time finding them. To that I say that even though you do make a valuable point, I have a habit of not doing that and life sometimes has a way of biting bad habits right on your bottom.

Flamingos and Unicorns: Bringing them Together

Now this week I have been very conflicted emotionally. As well all know (or if you don’t you know now) when I first started my brand I really wanted to base it off of the season that it was born which is summer so pastel pink, palm trees and my favorite…. The Flaming. Recently my love for pastel pink has gone crazy (aka the idea for my Pastel Pink obsession blog post) and I was online shopping on a website called Lime Crime and fell in love with the mix of metallic silver with all the pastel colors as well as unicorns. I love it so much that this week I was debating dropping the summer flamingo vibe and going ahead with the metallic pastel unicorn vibe. I was so torn because I found something that could go perfect with my brand but I didn’t want to lose what I already had. Then today while I was catching up on the Youtube family The Michalaks’ videos as I was working I realized something.


In one of their blogs during this past summer they went to a hotel pool party for an event. They were outside having a great time, there were adorable shots of their son playing with other children when I noticed two familiar figures floating in the pool. A flamingo and a unicorn. I don’t know why it took me until this very moment to realize that it is ok to have both but during that moment I had finally made my decision. As humans it is natural for us to change what we enjoy, but that doesn’t mean we have to completely drop it for something else. I don’t know how I’m going to merge the two, but I will try and keep you guys updated!


There really isn’t a conclusion to this post because I’m not making any real points like I normally do in posts but it looks like I have run out of time and should really head of to bed. Even though today didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to be, I am glad that I got to do a post that didn’t take as much planning as others have and was able to just chat with you. If you enjoyed this as much as I did, I plan on dedicating more posts to just chatting with you because if I don’t, I feel I may lose motivation and get burnt out (especially now that I’m posting twice a week) so look forwards to that!

If you guys want me to still do the “What I own that is Pastel Pink” (still working on a title) let me know, I think it would be fun to shoot and maybe it will help keep the pastel pink craze in control (but it probably won’t but hey worth a shot?).

I’m also going to leave a link to the Michalaks’ Youtube channel down below as well as a link to Lime crime Cosmetics for anyone interested in both. If you have seen my Instagram story a few nights ago you know that I ended up buying a bunch of lipsticks that I plan on doing a blog post about soon!

I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I will see you on Tuesday!



The Michalaks’ Youtube Channel:
LimeCrime Cosmetics:

Recap of February//The Month of Motivation

Hello and welcome to another blog post! March is coming this week so this blog post would normally be a recap of the last month and then a “Plan With Me” for the next month but after this past month I have come to the conclusion that I have no need for a Bullet Journal.

Now why would I already give up on Bullet Journaling when it’s only the 2nd month in the new year? Well I’m glad you asked, I have two points on why Bullet Journaling isn’t right for me.

Good Intentions, but Never Used it

Like I said in the Introduction to my Bullet Journal blog is that I already have an agenda that I love and use almost everyday so Bullet Journaling for me wasn’t for the monthly and weekly spreads. What I was hoping to use mine for instead was to keep track of some habits and more importantly to record and keep track of my Doodle and Blog Goal. In the end the only real page I really used (other than my Doodle and Blog Goal) was the notes page and my “A Year in Pixels” Page. I had good intentions with the tracker page, but by the time I went to fill it out, it was for a Recap Blog post and I would forget if I drank water every day in the past month.

My Time Can Be Used for Something Else

When I was researching bullet journaling, what really attracted me to bullet journaling was the creative fonts and making each page colorful and creative. With the pages I did make I really enjoyed doing them (like my last February home page, I loved it!). A page like that took about 15 minutes and doing multiple pages took about an hour. Now I know that’s not a lot of time, but for the little to no time I actually used the bullet journal to how much time i’m spending in making each page wasn’t enough for me to keep wanting to do it. I have a lot I’m working on you guys whether be new ideas for blog posts and a huge huge project that I’m so close to sharing and that hour spent making pages for a journal I don’t even use could be used towards getting something I’m really into and excited for out there for you guys.

What does this mean for my Recap Posts?

I may be done with Bullet Journaling (and maybe I’ll wanna get back into it again one day) but I really enjoyed giving you guys a recap of the past month. It not only lets you guys know what I was up to in the past month but a way for me to look back and see how I can grow as a person with each new month. Also if I say something that I’m gonna do next month, I have to do it cause it’s in “ink” ;).

So let’s get into the Recap of February!

Recap of February

Blog Post Motivation

This month was all about re-finding myself in a way. January was rough so going into a new month I wanted to do better for myself. I first started with my lack of blog posting. I went from writing a new blog post every week in December to barley writing in December. Was it because I needed a break after writing so much for Doodlemas? Was it because my anxiety and seasonal depression? In the end it all came down to lack of motivation. Thinking of ideas took way too long because I couldn’t think of what people would want to read. When I finally got an idea that I could stick with it took forever to write because I kept getting distracted and had lack of motivation to finish so I just gave up on them. And then one day when I was browsing around Youtube I found this Youtuber named Kelly Eden. I was introduced to her channel through a Sailor Moon Ring unboxing. I love Sailor Moon, it was one of my first favorite animes as a kid so of course I clicked on it. The next thing I knew I was binge watching all of her videos. Something about her bubbly personality and how she does not care what people think about her made me want to do the same. Watching videos of her and her friends who also have that mindset I think really made me question what I was doing.

In the end when it comes to blog posts, I’m still not where I want to be. But thanks to Kelly and her friends I can feel the motivation and spark come back to blogging, and blogging about what I truly want to blog about, which is me. So if you enjoyed my post with “Studio Ghibli” you’ll be seeing a lot more of those in the future!



If you follow me on Instagram you already know this, but I reached my 100 Doodle Goal this month! I guess a little motivation goes a long way! If I already reached the goal of 100 two months in the year, how many doodles will be done by the end of the year!!

A Year in Pixels


If anything good came out of my Bullet Journaling, it was finding the “A Year in Pixels” page. This may sound weird, but I really think using this page helps me with my anxiety and I’m hoping at the end of the year when I look back at it I can see how much control I really do have on it. I decided since I’m going to continue with the page I want to make it look a lot cleaner, so I made it digital!

February Favorites

Also since I am no longer doing a “Plan With Me” for the next month I thought I would share some of my favorites of the month to take its place.

Favorite Memory: It was really nice outside so David (my boyfriend) and I took around the park. It was really nice spending time with him outside and enjoying the nice weather (70 degrees in February!)

Current Song Obsession: “Body Moves” by DNCE. I first heard this song on a Spotify ad and I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw it.

Current Favorite Anime/Show: David and I spent this month mostly watching Samurai Jack on Hulu. I loved watching it when it originally came out on Cartoon Network when I was a kid and I can’t wait for the revamp of it to come out next month.



All together, this month was a good month. After this month I feel like I’m going to be able to write more blog posts and get on track with my blog post goal. I also can’t wait to share with you guys the big project that I’ve been working on. I’ve worked really hard on it!

How was your February? Did you do anything memorable or have a favorite show for me and David to watch? Let me know in the comments!

I hope you have a wonderful day and I will see you in the next post!


Links I Mentioned:

Kelly Eden’s Channel:

Spotify Ad:

2017 Goals and Introduction to My Bullet Journal

Happy January!! And a very happy new year! And what a better way to start the new year with a new blog post!!

At the start of a new year, we as people make unrealistic “Resolutions” to make ourselves better and by the time the year ends, we find that we break the resolutions a long time ago. With the start of I finally found a purpose to create doodles and get back into blogging and as the months went by my passion for art and writing became stronger and stronger. I want to become a better blogger and create better doodles so instead of Resolutions, this year I made three reasonable goals for me to accomplish in 2017. My goals are as follows…

1. Write 50 blogs

With the help of Doodlemas, I got in the habit of dedicating Sundays to writing my blogs. My schedule works perfectly that way, and you get a new blog post at the beginning of each week. I did that math and I counted that in 2017 there are 53 Sundays. I originally wanted to have my goal to write a blog post every Sunday this year but I got to thinking, there may be weeks that I am sick or have plans that I can’t cancel. So instead of 53 I decided on 50, that gives me 3 “skip” weeks. Plus 50 is a better number to remember than 53.

2. Create 100 Doodles!

Now I know 100 doodles seems like a lot, but from September-December I created 60 doodles!! (and that’s not even including the work I did for school) If I can create that many doodles in just three months, how many do you think I can create in 12 months! And plus even if I surpass the 100 mark, next year’s goal can be even higher!

3. Establish my Youtube Channel

Wait you have a Youtube Channel Kat? Why yes, I do. We all know my love for my favorite Youtubers and I’ve always enjoyed watching vlogs (leading to the creation of Doodlemas… Vlogmas to Youtubers = Doodlemas to me). One of my favorite vloggers have mastered the art of time elapse and I have become interested in time elapses. Since the outside of where I live is boring I thought why don’t I create a time elapse of a doodle! So with the little information I know about iMovie and making videos I made my first ever doodle time elapse! There is no music and I’m still messing around with the placement of my camera (that’s why it’s filmed sideways) but I enjoyed doing it so much! I got to thinking I can do more of these, and make them fun by adding your contributes to ideas and thus’s Youtube Channel started.


If you go to my channel, you will see that is not even close to where I want it to be. I need to take updated photos of myself (unfortunately my hair is no longer silver) and I really want to change my Youtube banner when I get more doodle videos up.

Now when I say “establish” my Youtube Channel, I don’t mean gain a bunch of followers and suddenly have my focus be on my Youtube Channel. I just want to take this year to get it up and running like I did my Instagram, Facebook page, and slowly my blog page and website. Creating doodles will always be my main goal, having this Youtube Channel is just another way to portray my doodles. 🙂

Now the only way to reach my third goal is to actually do it and create content and videos but how am I going to keep track of my progress in my first two goals? Let me introduce you to my new and first Bullet Journal!


I’ve been doing research on Bullet Journals for a while now, and I know that a lot of users use their bullet journal for weekly things but I already have an agenda or planner that I use everyday and love (if you’re wondering it’s by so my Bullet Journal will have monthly things but not weekly things.

There are a lot of really good journals specifically made for bullet journaling, but since it was my first one, I went with a notebook from Target.



When you first open it, the first page is my Year in a Glance page. Note, lesson learned, always take the extra step and write the days in pencil first before inking because as you can see, there were some mistakes made with the days in the month.


Going to the next page it goes straight into my Blog Post Goal. With every post written I then color in the number until all 50 spots are colored in!


And because I like to see things in a list, if you turn the page, you see my Blog Post List where I can see which blog post was written for each week. When this blog post finally goes up (it’s past Sunday, off to a great start already) I can go to my bullet journal, color a number and add it to my list.



The next 5 pages are dedicated to a Blog Idea Log. Sometimes when I can’t sleep I find myself thinking of new blog ideas and don’t want to lose them. Sometimes the ideas for new blog posts come to me randomly but I already have a blog post planned for the week. This way, not only can I write this idea so I don’t forget the idea, but I can also keep track of the progress on the blog post (like when I finish writing it, and take pictures.)


After the last page for the Blog Idea Log it goes into my Doodle Goal. The concept is the same as the Blog Post Goal Page but instead of the goal being 50, the goal is 100!


This next page is a big page to me, it is called A Year in Pixels. When I was doing research I came across this idea on Pinterest and it hit me right at home. As you know I have anxiety, some days are really good days mentally, and other days are bad days. On this page is a chart of everyday in the year 2017. After each day I color in the box of that day depending on how the day went. If the day went wonderful (there’s never a perfect day) it’s a red, a good day orange, an ok day yellow, a bad day green and the worst day blue. At the end of the year this gives me a chance to look back on the year to see how much my anxiety and mental days really affect me. What I really love about this page is the quote I found.

“Just remember, even your worst day only lasts 24 hours.”

This is a wonderful reminder that even bad days don’t last too long and that everyday isn’t a bad day.


After that page, it goes into the month of January. I have January wrote in a fun font, a little snow globe with a snowman, and a bigger calendar than on my A Year in a Glance Page.


Flipping the page, you see my page for Notes and my Tracker Page. Throughout the month, if I have any mental notes for any doodles or blogs that aren’t strong enough to put on my blog idea log or a good reminder instead of making a million notes on my phone I can write it on this page.


When I was doing research on Bullet Journaling I found a bunch of people using this and I was really excited to use this. If you don’t know what a Tracker or a Habit page as some people call them, it pretty much is a habit tracker. There are some things I need to be better about or habits I’ve been doing that I would like to keep track of. On this page, like the A Year in Pixels page there is a chart, but instead of the year it is the month of January. The reason why it is only the current month, because habits and things I may want to work on may change throughout the year. Everyday before I go to bed I open to this page, if I did the habit or the things I am working on I mark it. If I didn’t do it, I leave it blank. At the end of the month when getting next month ready, I can look back onto my tracker and really see what my habits are.

And there you have it, my goals and the introduction to my Bullet Journal! I hope this helped in any way. I know we are only on day 2 in the new year, but I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. If you made any resolutions or goals let me know what they are in the comments below! If you also started a bullet journal or are continuing one comment below any tips or pages you enjoy! I enjoyed being creative and getting mine all ready and is excited for months to come!

Until next time, I will see you in the next blog post!



Big Announcement!

Hello Friends! If you follow my Instagram account or like my Facebook page this is old news but for those who don’t (and you totally should) I have exciting news!

On October 22nd, 2016, I will be apart of my first art show!

How Did this Happen?

Well I was at school and noticed a flyer on the bulletin board saying “CALLING ALL ARTISTS!” with a bunch of Christmas designs. I first thought it was a flyer with a play (does my college even do school plays??…I know.. Such a good student). No matter what it was I was interested and found myself going back to the flyer multiple times. I noticed that my classmate who I just so happen sit next to in one of my classes is hosting this “event” so I asked her the next class period about what it was about. She told me it was an art show. She didn’t know the date for it but she said that there was one coming up on the 22nd of this month if I was interested in it. With it being the month of Halloween I was of course more interested in this show than the Christmas show. She told me that since this month is busy for her, her friend is hosting this show and would ask if there was a spot for me (there’s only so many spots in a show). A few days later she informed me that I had a spot in the show! (and a spot in the show in December too) You guys heard it first (my Instagram and Facebook followers don’t know this yet) As well as other talented artists I get to show and sell my art in two shows!

The Big Question

So what does this mean for my blog posts? This is a big concern for me, especially with it being Halloween Month I had a bunch of fun ideas for blog posts but with the show being this month (2 weeks away now.. But who’s counting) I need to concentrate on producing art for the show. So will I be blogging? The answer isn’t no, but the answer isn’t yes either. The answer is that I would still love to bring those ideas to life, but there is no guarantee.

So Many Feels

This is a huge opportunity for me to get my name out (and potentially make some money) as well as my website and I can’t express all the overwhelming feelings I have about all of this (there’s too many to count). Kate and Hailey, if you ever read this, I can’t thank you enough for getting me a spot in these shows and all the help you (now and in the future) have (and will) give me.

I hope you all understand and are supportive of me. I promise if I don’t do as many blog posts this month, I will make up for it in the future!

If you haven’t already and would like to see my progress to the show you can follow me on social media!


Facebook page: @katarinastarkinfo

I even have a Snapchat! : katstark92

I hope you all are having a good Halloween month, like I said I am really excited for this opportunity and to have you guys go along it with me!

Until next time,



Finding My Dream

Hello, and welcome to my first ever blog post! Just a little bit about me (if you haven’t seen my about page…if you haven’t you should check it out… wink wink.) I am an aspiring freelance designer. I love to draw, write, and is willing to try out anything creative. I live in Ankeny, Iowa and I am currently enrolled at Des Moines Area Community College in Ankeny (DMACC for short). There I am going for a Graphic Design AAS degree and a certificate in Digital Marketing. As well as going to school, I am also a full time barista who can’t fully function until I’ve had a cup of coffee, sometimes two depending on the day.

Reading that first paragraph one might think that I somewhat have my life figured out. I am here to inform you that I am nowhere near that point. Every day I catch myself thinking back on how I managed to survive this far and realize how far I still have to go in this crazy thing we call life. But isn’t that what life is about… figuring what the hell we are doing? It’s funny, ever since I was younger I have always envied the people who know early on what they were doing in life. The people who knew what their purpose in life was and stuck with it. I was, still, and never will be that  type of person, and I have come to accept that.  The only thing that I knew for sure is that whatever purpose I am put here on, it is to do something creatively.  

“The meaning in life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” – Pablo Picasso

Early Childhood Dreams

In early elementary I excelled more in English and Art than Math and Science, and found myself really enjoying writing. Books were always a get away from me so I first thought that I would become a writer. I also enjoyed going to bookstores, so for a while I played with the idea of opening up my own bookstore. I had a plan of exactly how I wanted to have my bookstore from the theme to even having a cafe inside of it but somehow was turned away from the idea in middle school.

The dream of opening up my own bookstore will always be in my mind, one can have multiple dreams right? You can’t just decide on one and stick with it forever. Dreams come and go as you grow older and gain more experiences. It took me a long time to realize that and really accept it. Even throughout high school and even early adulthood  switching from one career choice to another that once chosen I had to stick with it and that would be it. I found myself getting down on myself for changing a career path multiple times. And let me tell you, there have been many changes in career paths. From owning a bookstore to being a school teacher. A cake decorator to being an actress.  All were good career paths, but none were right for me.

Straying Away From My Dream

After high school, instead of going straight to college like my fellow classmates, I went straight into the workforce with retail. I still really wanted to go to school (even if I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life), so I worked extra hard to save as much money as I could.

A couple years past and I still found myself working in retail (working two jobs now) and still not going to school. Every time I got close to being in a classroom, life would always find a way to get in the way. I started to feel discouraged, and found myself playing with the idea of giving up on going to school and trying to move up to management in retail. For a while I tried to work my way up in management. I sucked up to all of the managers and showed them I was management material. But every time a management position came up that I tried to get, I was rejected saying things like “You have the right job traits we are looking for but you aren’t ready yet.”

This went on for a couple of years and I felt myself being more discouraged than ever in my life calling. I was giving up on hope for myself, I was convinced I was going to be trapped in retail not going anywhere forever and had to sit myself down. But instead of thinking of a plan, I found myself doodling on the side of my paper instead. The next thing I knew ideas for drawings and writing came flowing and I was overwhelmed with inspiration. My love for being creative was rekindling again. That’s when I realized that I had drawn away from my true calling. What made me think I would enjoy being a manager in retail… the extra money? The only reason why I wanted the extra money is to go back to school.

Back on the School Wagon

Back on the school wagon again, there was still hope for me yet, but not quite. I still didn’t know what I wanted to major in. I didn’t want to make a decision just to change it spending more money (did I mention I pay for college all on my own out of pocket??). All I knew is that I wanted to do something creatively. There were so many hobbies I enjoyed doing but which one could go from just being a hobby to a career? From my retail experience I found a spark of interest in the marketing side of the company so now there was that to consider as well. I did research and a lot of soul searching and finally came across the Graphic Design program at my community college. I heard about the program once before when I first started looking into college but it didn’t grab my attention until now.

So with a chosen program I finally decided that the only way to get into school was just do it. So in the summer of 2015 I finally enrolled in a couple of classes. I still was interested in marketing but couldn’t fit another degree into my busy schedule on top of having my two jobs and the full class schedule for Graphic Design so when DMACC announced the start of the new Digital Marketing Certificate, I was excited.

Birth of a Website/Blog

After graduating, I had the original thought of going into a marketing agency as a designer but in my intro class to Digital Marketing I learned about the world of freelancing and fell in love with the idea of being your own boss. This past summer I decided not to do any classes since I needed a break after taking on a full school schedule and a full workload. I thought that by taking a break from classes I would just have to worry about work and be able to have a life again. But without school (I can’t believe I’m admitting this) but I actually missed the homework… or having something to work on creatively in better terms. I needed something to fulfill that empty space inside of me. And thus katarinastarkinfo was born!

There are multiple reasons I created katarinastarkinfo (or for social media). Not only did working on a website was giving me something to work on over the summer, but it was also giving me motivation to write and draw. Many times I have tried to start up something like this whether it was a blog or even a Youtube channel where I would video blog (or vlog) but failed to work on them or lost motivation. This time around I feel with the help of school I have a little more motivation. Who knows… maybe one day I’ll start up a Youtube channel again and actually have content to put on it.

Welcome to the Dream

Until then I am very excited to put not only my work out and get my name out, but be able to combine all of my hobbies and interests into one website/blog! I hope you all enjoy what I have to say and I can’t wait to see where this goes. So from the bottom of my heart, I not only thank you for reading this but welcome you to my dream. Here not only will I talk about my life but also things that interest me whether it is something creative, through beauty, fashion, books, whatever I feel inspired to write about! I invite you to hop along with me as I go through this creative journey, I am still in school, so a lot of things are going to be a hit or miss until I fully figure things out, but hey isn’t that the fun part? If you have any ideas for any doodles or blog posts, please let me know!

Until next time, I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you here again soon!