Blogmas Day 3: My Christmas Wish List!

Happy Saturday and welcome to day 3 of my 12 days of Blogmas! For today’s post I wanted to share with you a couple of things that are on my Christmas Wish List! I normally don’t ask for much but I thought with Blogmas it would be fun to share them with you today. That being said let’s get right into it! Here is my Christmas Wish List!

Morphe 3502 Palette

I’ve mentioned this product in a blog post before, but the first on my list is the Morphe 3502 Palette. I’ve already explained why I haven’t gotten this palette already in the blog post but if you haven’t read my “Autumn Makeup Tutorial” blog post yet I pretty much said that I suck at creating eyeshadow looks so I don’t want to spend money on a good palette until I get more practice. This is my ideal eye palette because of all of the beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows, it all reminds me of Autumn.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer

Since we are on the topic on makeup, the next item on my wishlist is Tarte’s Shape Tape Contour Concealer. I have heard from every single beauty Youtuber I watch about how much they love this concealer, and the more I hear about it the more I want to try it. I don’t really use concealer (I have been using it more recently with how much stress and little sleep I have been getting) but I feel like if this product is up to the talk about it, I could get into using concealer more often.

Lime Crime Makeup

The last makeup items on my wish list would be pretty much anything from the brand Lime Crime. You have read my reviews so you know how much I love this brand. My favorite liquid to matte lipsticks and highlighter has come from Lime Crime and I just want more. From more Velvetines to add my already huge collection to trying out the other Highlighting palettes, I just want more. I’m even interested in their Mermaids Brush Collection. If you got me anything from Lime Crime, even items I didn’t mention already, I would be perfectly content with it because I know that it is going to be a good product.

Anime Merch

Going away from makeup the next item(s) on my wish list would be any kind of anime merch. From Sailor Moon to Attack on Titan, to Studio Ghibli to My Hero Academia, if it’s from an anime I’ve seen and loved, I’m most likely going to love it. This is why I say that out of my family and friends, I am the easiest to shop for because you can get me almost any anime item and I would be happy with it.

Women’s Faux-Fur Robe- Gilligan & O’Malley

The next item is an item I thought I didn’t know I would want until I felt it. I was walking around Target and this robe caught my eye. I went up to it and felt it and fell in love with it. My house is always cold during this time of year so this robe would be perfect to wear around the house plus it is my perfect color. The only thing is that this robe is $40.00 and I don’t really want to spend that much money on just a robe. But hey, maybe one day I will get it. Until then I’m just layering and layering to keep myself warm.

Giovanna Fletcher’s and Carrie Hope Fletcher’s Books

If you have read “My Favorite Youtubers” blog post a while back, you know I love Giovanna Fletcher and her sister in law Carrie Hope Fletcher. They are both very creative and inspiring women who have achieved a lot in their lives, one being published book authors.I would love to own and read all of their books one day not only because I think I would enjoy the books even if they weren’t written by them but to know that I am supporting some of my favorite Youtubers.

New Camera

The last on my wish list is a new camera. I don’t know what kind of camera yet (I would have to do research) but what I do know is something better and more updated than the one I currently have. I bought this camera 4 or 5 years ago with one of my first ever tax returns and didn’t really do any research on which camera to get. I just looked around and picked out a random one that I thought was good enough. But with my blog posts and now Etsy shop I’ve been needing to have good quality pictures and my camera isn’t giving me that. I’ve been using my camera on my IPhone 8 plus more and more because the quality on the photos is so much better but it takes more to edit them. So until I get a new camera, I’m going to be using my phone more often but one day when I save enough money I will get a better camera!


So that’s my Wish List! I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I did putting it together! What is on your Christmas Wish List? Have you tried any of the makeup items I’ve mentioned? Do you have any suggestions of a camera I should consider buying? Let me know as well as blog posts ideas (Christmas and non-Christmas!), I am always up to new ideas! I hope you are having a wonderful month of December and you are getting pumped for Christmas, I know I am starting to! Until tomorrow, I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow for more Christmas festivities!

Stay Merry!

Blogmas Day 2: My Favorite Christmas Movies!

Happy Friday and welcome to Day 2 on my 12 days of Blogmas! I gave you a slight sneak peek yesterday but today I want to talk about my favorite Christmas movies! I love going to my parents or getting together with friends and binge-watching these holiday movies while sipping a hot cocoa. That being said let’s just get right into it, here are my favorite Christmas Movies!

A Year Without a Santa Claus (1974)

The first one the one I mentioned yesterday and that is A Year Without A Santa Claus. This classic is about the journey Mrs. Clause and some unlikely heroes set out on when Santa considers skipping Christmas one year. This story is great because you see some very fun characters as well as being reminded of what the Christmas spirit is all about.

Jack Frost (1979)

The next is Jack Frost, and not the Jack Frost you would originally think of (aka the snowman version of Jack Frost). This Jack Frost is the story of how Jack Frost became human when he fell in love with a human through the eyes of one familiar groundhog. I love this movie so much because you can see Jack as more relatable and the story all together is just adorable.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Now before you go and say this is only a Halloween movie, note that the word Christmas is in the title, so it counts as both (though if I am being honest, I would watch this movie all year round). Also though Jack Skellington is from Halloween Town, the story revolves around Jack discovering Christmas and him attempting to bring Christmas back to Halloween Town so that is another reason why. This movie is great for Halloween and Christmas because of the characters and the great music and that is why The Nightmare Before Christmas has made it to both of my favorite movies lists.

Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town (1970)

The next movie is the first classic I saw and what made me fall in love with the classics. Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town is the story of how Santa Claus became well… Santa. I remember watching this for the first time and falling in love with the characters and the catchy music that I always sing along even to this day. Writing this post I am already getting one of the songs stuck in my head and having a smirk on my face because of it.

The Little Drummer Boy (1968)

The next movie is The Little Drummer Boy. We all know the song but the song is brought to life in this movie when an orphan drummer boy who hated humanity finds his life changed when he meets three wise men on his way to Bethlehem. This movie brings always brings a smile to my face because it gives me a little faith in humanity, as well as nostalgic, feels because I used to play drums myself in school.

Frosty the Snowman (1969)

The next movie is Frosty the Snowman. This movie follows a snowman brought to life by a magical hat and the adventures he has with his friends before he melts away. I love this movie because it shows the innocence and the imagination of children playing outside in the snow.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)

…had a very shiny nose. Am I the only one who automatically does that when I hear that name? The last but not least movie on my favorite Christmas Movies list is the story of Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. I love this movie because you get to see how he was just a misfit to the head of Santa’s sleigh. Watching this movie as a kid I remember getting the feeling of one day earning my spotlight and now as an adult, I see what my path in life is and am slowly working my way towards it.


So that’s all of the movies! I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I did putting it together! What are some of your favorite Christmas movies? I know pretty much all of them revolve around the Christmas classics but if you are like me and you are an old soul, you know what it means to watch these movies. Plus it’s a tradition in my family to watch these movies while together during this time of year so I always put these movies with my family Christmas.

Let me know in the comments below your favorite Christmas movies, ongoing family traditions, and any other ideas for Christmas or non-Christmas blog posts, you know I am always open to new ideas! I hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend, and I will see you tomorrow for another festive blog post!

Stay Merry!

Blogmas Day 1: Christmas Tag!

Happy Thursday and welcome to the start of my 12 days of Blogmas! During these 12 days, I’m going to be getting into the Christmas spirit leading up to Christmas Day! To kick this all off I wanted to do a “Christmas Tag” answering all questions Christmas! That being said, let’s get right into it! Here is my version of the “Christmas Tag!”.

1. Do you get into the holiday spirit early or closer to Christmas?

As you know, especially if you have been following me for a while, I love Halloween. When Halloween ends each year, people already are putting their Halloween decorations away and putting up their Christmas trees. Some wait until the day after Thanksgiving to get into the holiday spirit. But after Halloween ends, I go through Halloween withdrawal until December 1st. So I would say that I get into the holiday spirit closer to Christmas.

2. Favorite Christmas Movie?

Wait until tomorrow to get a full list of my favorite Christmas Movies but I’ll give you a sneak peak! One of my favorite Christmas movies would have to be “A Year Without A Santa Claus!”

3. Favorite Christmas Song?

I don’t like Christmas music. I’ve worked in retail most of my life and if I have to hear one more version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, or any other Christmas song made by a different artist I may just scream. But when I listen to the ever so popular “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Moriah Carey I have a lot of nostalgic feels because I remember when I was little I loved to dance around the house with my sisters to this song. So I guess I am ok with that song, even though it is very over played over the years.

4. Naughty or Nice List?

Nice of course, unless you count when I’m being sassy. Tehe.

5. Do you start your Christmas shopping on Black Friday or wait til last minute?

I normally start mine way late into the game but since I knew ahead of time that I was going to be doing Blogmas this year I wanted to get my Christmas shopping done ahead of time. So I started even before Black Friday!

6. What recipe do you look forwards to each year?

Every year during both Thanksgiving and Christmas my mom makes a green bean casserole that I absolutely love. She adds tater-tots to it which is the perfect touch! I wish she would make it year round but it makes me look forwards to it each year.

7. Are you a pro-present wrapper or do you fail miserably?

You will see in a blog post coming soon how much I fail at gift wrapping… so look forward to that!

8. Favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink?

So of course since I am a barista, I had to put this question in my Christmas Tag, but of course I am going to choose the Chestnut Praline Latte. If you haven’t tried it yet and if you like more of a nutty flavor you will love it. I get it everyday when I’m at work and even when I’m not at work cause I need to be awake with juggling my Etsy shop and blogging.

9. Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Since I live in Iowa I can say yes that I have had a white Christmas. As a kid it was awesome having a white Christmas but as an a adult who works in retail who has to drive to work on Christmas, sometimes it’s nice not having a white Christmas.

10. What makes the holidays special for you?

Since my sisters and I are all adults and we all have moved out of my parents place we don’t get to see each other as much so getting all three of us Stark girls together is always a good time. My sisters are my best friends and I wish I could see them everyday, but since we all have our busy lives to live it’s nice to finally get a few hours with them.

Another thing that makes these past two holidays special to me is being able to spend it with you guys! Last year I did Doodlemas and this year with Blogmas I get to create content for you guys more than just my usual posts.


So that’s all my questions! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did putting it together! How is your holiday season going so far? Are you all getting into the full Christmas spirit now that we are inching closer and closer to Christmas? What Christmas activities are you doing this year? Let me know in the comments below as well as ideas for blog posts, Christmas and non Christmas you all know I am always up to new ideas! I hope you have a wonderful day and I can’t wait to share with you my festive blog posts! Until tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!

Stay Merry!

Anime Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses: Attack on Titan Edition!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! I did a blog post like this a while back with Sailor Moon, but I had so much fun doing it I thought I would continue this series by combining another one of my favorite animes with one of my all time favorite movie series to bring you another “Anime Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses!” blog post with Attack on Titan! If you haven’t read my first one, “Anime Characters Sorted into Hogwarts Houses” (The official name to this series, as of right now…tehe) is a blog series where I play sorting hat and sort different anime characters to the four Hogwarts Houses based on what we as viewers know about them. Now how I thought of this I have no clue, but if we can take a quiz to see what house we sorted into, why can’t our favorite anime characters be too? So let’s pretend these characters are in the world of Harry Potter and learning magic and fighting a war against He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named instead of Titans (I honestly don’t know who would be worst to fight, Voldemort or Titans??) and get right into it! Here’s “Anime Characters Sorted into Hogwarts Houses” Attack on Titan Edition!

Note: If you haven’t seen Season 2 and are planning on watching it, I would not read the reasons on why I sorted them into the houses (if you really want to know, you can look at the pictures) for there may be spoilers.

Eren Jeager

Eren is very brave, passionate, strong-willed person but also very impulsive and sometimes reckless with his decisions. All of these traits land him in house Gryffindor. Congrats Eren Jeager, you are a Gryffindor!

Mikasa Ackerman

Due to her loyalty to Eren she is the first to land in Team Hufflepuff! Though if she was really under the sorting hat, she would choose to be in Gryffindor to be with Eren. Congrats Mikasa Ackerman, you are a Hufflepuff!

Armin Arlelt

As much as I would want the main trio to be like the trio in Harry Potter and all be in Gryffindor, Armin would be sorted into house Ravenclaw. He is the smartest of the group, always curious about the outside word and always the brains behind every plan of attack. I do admit Armin has the bravery of a Gryffindor since he is timid and small. Congrats Armin Arlelt, you are a Ravenclaw!

Reiner Braun

Reiner would make the sorting hat question where to sort him, but after some thought I would think that Reiner would be sorted into House Gryffindor. I know he may be set out as the “bad Titan” and yes I do absolutely agree that he has made some bad choices and has done some terrible things, but I can still see him as a Gryffindor. In season 1, all the cadets saw Reiner as a “big brother” figure who was very passionate and honest. But in season 2 we see him fight emotionally through his choices as a soldier and a warrior. He’s very reckless but also very brave and that is what lands him in house Gryffindor. So congrats Reiner Braun, you are a Gryffindor!

Bertholdt Hoover

Standing by Reiner is the shy and quiet Bertholdt. He is very loyal to Reiner his childhood friend and is very aware of the choices he and Reiner has made and is willing to go through with it all. For his loyalty Bertholdt has landed a spot on Team Hufflepuff! So congrats Bertholdt Hoover, you are a Hufflepuff!

Annie Leonhart

The next is Annie Leonhart. In season 1 you see Annie shy away from making any friends with the cadets and her true desires show when she is revealed as the Female Titan. Annie is very ambitious, she showed her strong desire to succeed with capturing Eren and was upset when she failed. That and her sense of self-preservation lands her a spot as the first Slytherin in the Attack on Titan cast! So congrats Annie Leonhart, you are a Slytherin!

Christa Lenz/Historia Reiss

In the first season you see Christa as this sweet kind girl always helping people in aid but she was known to be meek as well. But in season 2 when she finally accepts herself as Historia Reiss, though she is still afraid facing Titans outside the wall, Historia still charges into the face of danger. For that Historia shows traits that puts her in house Gryffindor. So congrats Historia Reiss, you are a Gryffindor!

Ymir Fritz

The next is Ymir Fritz. In the beginning she seems very selfish, uncooperative and exploitative but in season 2 you see a different side of Ymir, especially around Historia. She shows so much love towards Historia to the fact that she would do anything of her. Her love towards Historia plus Ymir’s cunning personality shows traits that puts her in house Slytherin. So congrats Ymir Fritz, you are a Slytherin!

Connie Springer

Next is Connie Springer. Connie is very outgoing and impetuous. He loves expressing his opinions and goofing around and messing with his friends. After a few close encounters with the Titans his naive enthusiasm falls away becoming more serious but is still very eager to prove his worth. He remains optimistic always caring for the well-being of others and always willing to help in any way he can. For that he shows traits that puts him in house Gryffindor for his sense of courage and bravery he shows. So congrats Connie Springer, you are a Gryffindor!

Sasha Braus

Next is one of my favorite characters Sasha Braus. She is shown in season 1 to be timid and prone to make mistakes under stressful situations. During great stress, Sasha finds that food puts her mind at ease so she is very compulsive in her desire to eat, which leads her to make choices like stealing food. She’s very loyal to her friends and the Survey Corp as well as compassionate about food which are traits that puts her in team Hufflepuff! So congrats Sasha Braus, you are a Hufflepuff!

Jean Kirschtein

The next in the cadets is Jean Kirschtein. Jean is very blunt, he speaks his mind and that as well of being extremely hot-headed which got him in a few heated fights with Eren. Despite all of that, Jean is a natural leader, being able to understand others and assess situations. He may present himself as self-centered, he places the lives of his comrades on high value and is horrified when he leaves helpless allies behind to save himself and others. Those traits put him in house Slytherin. So congrats Jean Kirschtein, you are a Slytherin!

Levi Ackerman

How could I do this blog post without mentioning my husbando?? What can I say about Levi that I haven’t said already… well that’s start with the fact that Levi is not very approachable. He rarely shows emotion which causes people to think he is cold. But despite that Levi has a strong sense of morality and empathy to human life; one example is when it was revealed that Titans might have once been humans which disturbed him greatly knowing that he was unknowingly killing humans. He is very loyal to Erwin, the Survey Corps and humanity. His dedication to the Survey Corps and his loyalty to Erwin is sorted into house Slytherin! So congrats Levi Ackerman you are a Hufflepuff!

Erwin Smith

Speaking of loyalty, the next character is Erwin Smith. Erwin, like most characters in this anime, is a complex character. He is serious, always planning for the future. He is a leader who is very grim. He accepts all news good and bad with the ultimate goal that humanity can once again rise up and become the dominant species over the Titans. Because Erwin is cunning, a strong leader and very achievement-oriented that puts him in house Slytherin! So congrats Erwin Smith, you are a Slytherin!

Hange Zoe

The last character is the one and only Hange Zoe. Hange broadcasts her emotions in the most extreme way. She is a energetic and quirky scientist though in time of stress she is able to keep a level head. Hange is a genius. She is able to figure out complex problems and create plans for her teammates to carry out. She takes her research on the Titans very seriously, as she was very upset when the Titans she was doing research on were killed. For those reasons Hange is sorted into House Ravenclaw. So congrats Hange Zoe, you are a Ravenclaw!


So that’s it for this episode! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did putting it together! Let me know how you thought I did playing sorting hat as well as other anime I should play this game with in the comments below.

I hope you guys are having a great start to your December, if you follow me on social media you know this but this year for December I am doing things differently. Last year for December I did this thing called “Doodlemas” where everyday I made new doodles and did blog posts twice a week. This year with my store opening and I’m blogging twice a week (or trying to) I need to put my time and effort into getting my store out there. But don’t worry, I do have something planned something close to Christmas. It will be something similar to what I did for Halloween, so look forwards to that coming up. Until then, I’m going to try to get new blog posts up twice a week but I can’t promise you that there will be two a week. I hope you can understand and still enjoy the content I am putting up because I sure do enjoy posting it for you.

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I hope you guys have a great start to your week and I will see you in the next post!


My True Number 1 Husbando!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! First of all before I get into this blog post I just wanted to thank all the good feedback I am already getting on my Etsy shop opening up! I’ve worked really hard on it and believe me it was so so so hard for me to share with you what I’ve been working on for the past year and a half before it was ready but it is up and running! That all said, let’s get into the blog post!

Do you guys remember one of my first anime blog posts “My Top 10 Anime Crushes?” Well I have to admit to you guys something… My top spot for Top 10 Anime Crushes aka my number one Husbando has changed!

According to my original list, Kyo Sohma was my number one Husbando and as much as I do love Kyo for his charming good looks and short but sweet temper I feel my love for his revolves around being more nostalgic because Fruits Basket was one of the first animes I watched as a young girl.

So who has taken the top spot for number one Husbando??

**drum roll please**

My number one Husbando is the one, the only, Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan!

So Why is Levi Ackerman my number one Husbando? Well…

His Style

Who doesn’t love his cravat?

Also his cleaning uniform. So adorable.

His Obsession with being Clean

One of the best episodes on season 1 is the episode when everyone is cleaning and Levi is giving the cadets (especially Eren) a hard time because they can’t clean up to his standards.

He’s such a Badass

But Levi’s obsession with being clean doesn’t keep him from being such a badass when it comes to fighting Titans. He always manages to keep his cool when in battle and many of his kills are done solo. And after a battle, he always stays humble and makes sure to clean his blades.

He’s been through a lot

He has lost a lot of people in his life, and though he may seem cold hearted to some, he still sees faith in humanity and keeps composure.

He’s Awkward

Like everyone else, Levi also has issues and is awkward (but in an adorable way). He’s OCD wanting surroundings and himself to be spotless, he doesn’t like being touched, in case he gets dirty… all going back to his obsession with being clean.

All together it is hard to not love Levi.

So for a while I thought that Levi Ackerman was the one true Husbando… but then recently I found a competitor for the number one spot!

So who could be wonderful enough to not only get high up already on my Husbando list but fight for the number one spot against Levi Ackerman???

**drum roll again please**

My second number one is Katsuki Bakugo (Aka Kacchan)from My Hero Academia!

So why is Katsuki Bakugo is the perfect competitor for my number one spot against Levi?

His Style

You can’t control his mane, but why would you want to control it?

Plus his Hero Outfit matches his Quirk Perfect!

He’s complicated

He has a complicated personality especially when it comes to Deku. He has a very teenage delinquent attitude which makes him seem very anti-hero to some, which could have been dated all the way back to his early childhood days when he was constantly praised for his powerful quirk.. He wants to be the number one hero and seeing someone like Deku who was once “Quirkless” start to surpass him upsets him.

His Temper

You can not love Kacchan’s temper… especially when it comes to his classmates. So many times in the series, I have found myself laughing out loud when perks of Kacchan loses his temper when his classmates say something funny or sometimes brutally honest to him.

He’s Smart

Though he sometimes makes irrational decisions (especially when it comes to fighting Deku), Kacchan is really smart. He puts thought into his plan of fighting and studies his enemies. I think that’s another reason why he gets so upset when it comes to Deku, Deku suddenly got this powerful Quirk out of “nowhere” and Kacchan doesn’t know how to react to it.

Kacchan is also really book smart. To get into UA, you have to be very smart as well as have a good quirk, and while Deku spent his lifetime studying books and other hero’s quirks, Kacchan got into UA with flying colors.

He’s relatable

Despite his complicated personality and short temper, Kacchan is still human. He has emotions and though he still has a lot to work on he still shows sign of being a true hero for the people. He has his pride, and hates to see it broken. He’s relatable to people in more than one aspect, and that makes him lovable as a character as well as a wonderful husbando.

So how do I choose between these two wonderful contestants? They both have great aspects to them like I stated that make them both worthy to be my number 1. I’ve thought about this for a long time and after thinking and doing tons of research I have come to a conclusion…

My True Number 1 Husbando is…

**drumroll for the last time…*


I can’t decide which one is better so I won’t decide. They both win in my book!


Now that I have finally got all of that off my shoulders, I hope you enjoyed this blog post! As much as I love doing makeup reviews and makeup related posts, I really do miss a good anime post like this and I can’t wait to do more. Who is your number one husbando? What anime are you currently watching now? Let me know those and what to blog about next in the comments below, I am always up to new ideas! I hope you guys are having a wonderful start of your week and I will see you on the next blog post!

If you need me I’ll be drooling over my husbandos ;).



Hello and happy Saturday!! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this past week for those who celebrated it and it was spent with loved ones and good food! Did any of you go shopping for Black Friday? If you did I hope you got what you were hoping for and a little extra!

Why am I️ on here not on a blog day?Well in honor of #smallbusinesssaturday I am proud to share with you what I have been working on in the past year and a half…. and that is my Etsy shop doodlesbykat is NOW OPEN! 

Finally after trying for so long to get it up and not sharing this project without it ready to you guys (that was hard) I’ve busted my butt this past couple of months to get it just the way I want it and here it is!!

Doodlesbykat shop on Etsy is a sticker store (maybe more later down the line) for anime/fandom lovers. The first three collections I have to share are Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli and Space Zombie Food. Sailor Moon and Studio Ghibli have both made a huge impact in my life so what better way to show that love than to have my first two collections be inspired by them. And for the third collection… well who doesn’t love food?

Each sticker is a handmade 4×6 sticker printed on matte paper. Each is hand laminated and hand cut for smoother a smoother finish. They are waterproof so they are safe indoors and outdoors… binders, laptop cases, anywhere it will stick!

You can purchase a single sticker or choose a bundle based on your favorite fandom or character. I also take custom orders, message me on Etsy.

These stickers are perfect for the anime/fandom lover on your Christmas list or for your own collection!

I am very proud of this and I can’t wait to share with you more collections! Oh and don’t worry… I’m still gonna be blogging too :).

Head on over to to check out the collections!

Autumn Makeup Tutorial// Profusion Beauty Treasure Box Thoughts!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! Halloween is sadly over and even though some people are moving right into Winter and Christmas, I am still holding on to Autumn. I love the Morphe 3502 palette, the colors just scream Autumn with the beautiful browns oranges and reds. I would buy this palette right away but I am such a beginner when it comes to eye makeup other than eyeliner. I have big eyes and I also wear big glasses so I feel like a lot of attention goes straight to my eyes. If I would use color on my eyes and it wasn’t blended enough or it just straight up looks bad, I feel like the mistakes would be more noticeable. That being said I don’t want to waste the beautiful palette colors on my beginners’ skills. I told myself that once I get really good at eye makeup and started to wear more eyeshadow I would get the Morphe 3502 palette but until then I would get a cheaper one until my skills are better.

Recently my mom and I were at Target and with the holidays coming Target was selling a brand called Profusion cosmetics. There was a range of different products to choose from highlight and contour palettes to lip kits all at a really good price. The one that caught my eye out of all of them was the Beauty Treasure Box. According to the Profusion website, the Beauty Treasure box is a deluxe beauty box that includes ultra-blendable eyeshadows, blush, contour and highlight shades to enhance and define your features. The pigments are supposed to sit comfortably on the skin while giving you a natural finish. The Beauty Treasure Box a 40 piece makeup kit with 35 eyeshadow colors, 1 highlighter, 2 blush shades, 1 contour shade, a black eyeliner pencil and a Pro Series brush. If I am honest, the reason why I was so drawn to this palette is that it reminds me of the Morphe 3502. The palette at Target was retailed for $12.99 while the Morphe 3502 is $23.00 so even though the Morphe palette is still pretty affordable, the Profusion is a great first palette for beginners.

After all, that being said I originally thought that I was just going to go on here and do a review over the palette but why would I go through the reason for getting this palette and not do an Autumn makeup tutorial since I’m still not over Autumn and then my thoughts at the end! This is my first makeup tutorial on top of being a beginner at eye makeup so please please please be kind to me if the eyeshadows aren’t blended in as well as they could have been. Right as I was going to take photos of this tutorial, my camera battery died so these photos are taken from my phone since I already showered and did my hair. So finally after this long introduction, I bring to you my Autumn Makeup Look using the Profusion Beauty Treasure Box!

Hello my naked face! My hair is already styled and I already primed it with the Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer that I forgot to take a photo of. Can you tell this is my first time because I don’t know what I am doing, but I am ready to start this tutorial!

Step 1: Foundation

The first step is to clip these crazy bangs back and then I am using my favorite foundation right now which is the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shade 190 with the Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110 that I didn’t get a picture of.

Step 2: Concealer

I normally don’t use concealer but today my eye bags were crazy so I used my NYX concealer under my eyes.

Step 3: Contour

Getting into the Profusion Beauty Treasure Box I am going into the Contour color that is called Shade Contour and contouring my cheekbones, temples (I don’t know why with my bangs) and under my chin.

Step 4: Eyebrows Part 1

Then since I am moving everywhere with my makeup (I always do my makeup out of a normal order) I am starting my brows. For the arch and the tail of my brow, I am using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown and a small angled brush.

Step 5: Eyebrows Part 2

And now that my brows look weird without the start of the brows filled in I am finishing them off with the Benefit Goof Proof Pencil in Shade 3.

Now it is time to get into the Eyeshadows!

Step 6: Eyeshadow Part 1

I am using three colors. The first color is called Rust which is a dark matte red-orange color and I am putting that on the outer corner of the lid as well as blending it into the crease.

Step 7: Eyeshadow Part 2

For the second color, I am using Adventurous which is a warm matte tan color and putting that on my inner lid.

Step 8: Eyeshadow Part 3

For the third color, I am using Pharaoh which is this beautiful shimmery gold color and putting that on the middle of my lid.

Step 9: Eyeliner

Once all three colors are on, I am lining my eye with my favorite liquid eyeliner the NYX Epic Ink Liner in Black and adding a wing at the end.

Step 10: Tightlining

Next Tightline the top water line using the Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Black Lace. Can you tell how excited I am to tightline my eyes?

Step 11: Bottom Eyeliner

To eyeline my bottom waterline I am using the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cashmere which is a shimmery champagne color.

Step 12: Mascara

The final step for eyes is to use mascara. Since I have such a crazy obsession with mascara I am using 2 coats of my 2 favorite mascaras, Benefit’s Roller Lash Curling and Lifting Mascara and Maybelline’s Volum’ Express The Rocket Mascara.

Step 13: Blush

For blush, I went back into the Beauty Treasure box and used the shade Playful out of the two blush options and applied that to my cheeks. I chose the color Playful because I was in love with more deeper coral color than the bright pink.

Step 14: Highlight

I know there is a highlighter in the Treasure box but I really wanted to use my favorite highlighter for this look. That highlighter is of course Peach from the Opal Highlighting palette from Limecrime. I use this highlighter every day which you can tell because I am hitting pan with just this one color. If you are curious about this palette I did a review on this palette a while back, I will link it at the end of this post.

Step 15: Lips

To finish off this Autumn makeup look I am going in with my favorite Fall Lipstick from Limecrime and that is in the shade Bloodmoon. Bloodmoon is the deepest blood red in the Velvetine line and it the perfect dark shade for Autumn!

Finished Look!

After putting your lips on, unclip those crazy bangs and the look is complete!

Now that the Autumn look is complete, I did wear this makeup look for the rest of the day so I do have some thoughts on the products that came from the Profusion Beauty Treasure Box.

Small Pods

Before even talking about the wear of the makeup let’s talk about the package itself. Now I know in this particular palette you are getting 40 pieces of product but I wish in this palette and I noticed in the other palettes that the pods were smaller. This just could be my personal opinion, but I wish they were bigger so you can get more product!

Plastic Cover

Some makeup brands instead of just a clear sheet have plastic covers to cover the makeup so it doesn’t break in the package but two things about this plastic cover annoyed me. First of all, while opening the package it was taped on the sides so in the process of getting it off I accidentally stabbed one of the eyeshadow colors leaving a dent in it. The second thing that annoyed me is that I would normally throw the plastic cover away after removing it but the names of each shade are on the plastic cover so I have to keep it if I want to know the names of the colors.

The Brush Inside

I didn’t use the eyeliner pencil in the kit but I did use the brush to put on the middle color on my lid. I also used the brush to blend in the colors. My verdict on the brush is that I liked it! It picked up a lot of colors as well as blended them as well nicely.

The Formula and Wear

And now it is finally time to talk about the formula and the wear. I am happy to say that the colors and the contour color are pigmented but also very blendable. It didn’t irritate my skin at all for the rest of the day but by the end of the day the pigment lost its color and you can start to see creases in the color. So sadly it isn’t a long-lasting wear but if you are only wearing it for a few hours it is perfect.

Is it Worth it?

So my final verdict of the Profusion Beauty Treasure Box? I would say that is perfect for beginners. The colors are very pigmented but also blendable which makes it easy to practice and sharpens your skill. Though I am sad about some of the packaging and how it isn’t for a long-lasting wear, the palette was only $12.99 so I can’t argue with that.


So that’s it! Wow, that was a long one! I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I’m trying to open myself up to more blog post opportunities to be more creative and now that I’ve done one, I’m excited to try more in the future! Let me know in the comments below what you think as well as other blog posts ideas, I am always up for new ideas! Until then I hope you are enjoying what is left of Autumn unless you are already getting ready for winter and Christmas and I will see you in the next post!


Link to my review of Limecrime’s Opal Highlighting Palette:

10 Ways to Be and Stay Creative!

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday and welcome to another blog post! A few nights ago I was having a creative pow wow with my friend. We were talking about stories we both have written and projects we both are working and on. He was talking about how he doesn’t understand why I am so creative with me a graphic designer and writing blogs. He has his few projects he works on but other than that he doesn’t do much that is creative. After that creative pow wow I got to thinking about ways I keep creative so I thought I would share those with you today! These are helpful for whether you are wanting to be more creative in life or you are struggling with staying creative. Here are 10 ways to Be and Stay Creative!

1. Do Something Everyday!

From writing a little to doodling everyday, doing something small daily helps keep the mind stay creative while giving you inspiration daily. I know last year when I did Doodlemas kept me stay creative all the month of December. Even if you are just looking for inspiration on Pinterest that still counts because you are finding inspiration for a future project.

2. Keep an Idea Journal with you!

Whether it’s on pen and paper or it’s an app on your phone, when inspiration strikes, record it right away when the idea is fresh.

3. Make Lists!

Lists are an easy way to get ideas down quickly. Once you start, you sometimes just can’t stop! I use lists all the time, from grocery lists to organizing posts and projects.

4. Break the Norm!

Doing things the same over and over again can really dull the mind and keep you from being creative. Change things up and do things a little differently every once in awhile to make sure you don’t get into that mind dull. I like to change my blog background or the type of posts I am posting.

5. Move Around!

I spend most of my work time at a desk in my office so every so often I need to get out of the room and walk around whether it’s just around the house or running a quick errand. Plus if you are stuck on something, moving around clears your mind and you come back with a fresh mind.

6. Try Something New!

It is always ok to experiment. Try something new with your project. Listen to you gut and go for what you haven’t done before! If you don’t like it you can always adjust it later.

7. Surround Yourself With Creative People!

Being around other creative people is helpful because you can bounce off of each other with inspiration. Having creative pow wow with friends is always fun because you can spend hours being creative while hanging out with your favorite people!

8. Check out the Competition!

Not all competition is bad. Seeing what the competition is up to keeps you on your competitive edge and you might find something that inspires you while doing it!

9. Create a Vision Board!

Just like making lists, vision boards help you see inspiration and creative ideas all on one board. It also helps you stay organized as well.

10. Ask “What If?”!

Allow yourself to imagine and think freely about ideas that come to you. Focus on removing the barriers and consider how everything would turn out if you thought of something differently.


So that’s my 10 Ways to Be and Stay Creative! I hope these tips help you stay creative in any way and that you are inspired to stay creative! What do you do to stay creative? Let me know in the comments below as well as other ideas for blog posts! I am always up to new ideas! I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week and I will see you in the next blog post!

Stay Creative!

My Current Favorites!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! I’ve always been a fan of monthly favorites and even though I would love to be able to go to get new makeup every month to generate enough new favorites every month my bank account would be non existing so I can’t do that. But in these past couple of months I have found some makeup items that I’ve really loved and with Halloween over sadly I thought now would be the best time to share with you some of my Current Makeup Favorites! Almost all of these products I got at Sephora with the exception of two items and will be linked at the end of the post if you are interested in these items. That being said let’s just jump right into it! Here are My Current Makeup Favorites!

Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer

The first product is the first of a few that is out of my comfort zone. If I’m being honest with you guys until these past few months I have been a really lazy with makeup. I always just used the basics like foundation, eyeliner, etc, last summer I just started getting into contouring, bronzer, and highlighting but I never used the “extra” things in my mind like primer or a setting spray because I thought it wasn’t needed. I was at Sephora with my best friend and she got this primer and I was automatically interested in it and asked her how she felt about it. She ended up loving it and because I always trust her opinion on makeup the next time we were at Sephora I picked it up. I was a little skeptical about it and it took me a bit to get into it but it has slowly became one of my favorites. No Poreblem Primer is a silky soft to the skin primer that blurs the look of pores while enhancing the wear of makeup. It works for all skin types and prepares your skin for a flawless foundation look. After using this product I can see why primers is not just an “extra” step in my makeup routine.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shade 190

Speaking of foundation, my next product is the one and only Fenty Beauty Foundation in shade 190. For how much I love makeup I had no idea Rhianna was coming out with a makeup line until we just so happened to walk into Sephora the day of the line release. I wasn’t even going to get anything from the line, I went to Sephora to repurchase a product mentioned later on in this blog post and was so impressed with the beautiful packaging I couldn’t help but try a product from the line. Even though I was nervous to try it I got the foundation and the next day when I tried it, I fell in love. I wanted to do a review on this foundation but there are so many reviews on Youtube, I feel like you would just hear the same things over if I did one. But I didn’t want to miss the chance to put it in a favorites video because I generally like this product. I was surprised that I got the right color to match my skin tone because when we were at Sephora I remember the worker was saying how the pigment doesn’t show until after it dries, so I’m glad it didn’t take me forever to find a match. The Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is a soft matte, long-wear foundation with buildable, medium-to-full coverage. I’m not the biggest fan of Rhianna but I am very impressed with her line and can’t wait to try more of her products.

Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110

So when we were at Sephora I was debating on also getting the foundation brush but since I was already getting one thing that I didn’t come for I didn’t want to spend more money. But after watching so many Youtube reviews raving on how much they loved the foundation brush I had to pick it up. And it is safe to say that they were all right. The Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110 is a medium-density liquid foundation brush designed to give seamless, air-touched, medium to full coverage look. This brush helps you build your foundation from a medium to a full coverage look. I’m really glad I caved in and got these two products because this changes the game in foundation for me. Also before you say anything I know that I should have cleaned this brush for this blog post but I had no time. If you want to see what the makeup brush looks like clean, you can look at the link for this product.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown

So ever since I found out that you can put makeup in your eyebrows I’ve been trying to find the perfect products for my brows. We all know I love Benefit’s brow line. I was talking to one of my friends and she has never used the Benefit brow line before and has used the Dipbrow Pomade and she lived for it so I told her that I would try the Dipbrow Pomade if she tried out any product from the Benefit brow line. So I tried it and I loved it. I love how it makes my brows look filled in no time. A little goes a long way too. I also love the combination of using the Benefit goof proof pencil on my inner brow and then blending it into the pomade to make it look more natural. Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is a smudge-free, waterproof formula that glides on the skin and hair smoothly to creates a clean and defined brows. It provides color, sculpture and shading which helps create my perfect brow. Side Note, if you are debating between colors, go for the lighter color because even though the color may look like, the product is pretty dark.

NYX Epic Ink Liner

This next product is not from Sephora but from Target and it is the NYX Epic Ink Liner. Recently I haven’t been really loving the Kat Von D Tattoo liner because it isn’t as long lasting for me as it used to be. In the beginning of the day when I first put it on it looks great but by the end of the day the darkness dies down and smudges easily. My eyes also easily get really watery so I always end up accidentally smudging my eyeliner. So I was on the quest to find a new eyeliner and of course the first person I go to with help with makeup is my best friend who I always go to Sephora with. She said that she’s been recently loving this eyeliner and that I should try it out so when I went to Target I picked it up. I have to say I love this eyeliner. It is the darkest black and it makes making a line and a wing so easy. It is also waterproof so when my eyes get watery I don’t smudge my dark eyeliner. The NYX Epic Ink Liner is a slender brush tip that is intensely pigmented, waterproof pen that lets you achieve black liquid lines effortlessly. Plus NYX is really affordable so that is a nice plus to it as well!

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Black Lace

So recently I have once again opened up my world in makeup and is now trying to tightline my eyes. On top of my eyeliner smudging sometimes I would look into the mirror and see a line of skin peeking out between my eyeliner and lashes. And I thought that maybe tightlining would help solve that problem so here we are. I didn’t know what type of eyeliner to try and I was watching Jade the Libra on Youtube talking about this eyeliner so I thought I would try it out. And though I am still trying to get the hang of tightlining I can say that this product solved my problem! I also really like when I finish tightlining my upper lash line and blink it doesn’t rub on my bottom waterline. The Contour Eye Pencil is a silky formula that is resistant to water, heat, humidity and ensures up to 12 hours of smudge-less wear.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

On my last Sephora Haul I showed you that I got this product after my friend recommended it to me and I am back on here saying that I have liked it and that it has become a part of my daily makeup routine. It did take a little bit to get used to spraying something on my face but now that I’ve gotten used to it now. With the combination of my Fenty Beauty Foundation, the Foundation Brush 110 and this setting spray I can say that my makeup stays matte all day long. The All Nighter Setting spray is a weightless spray that keeps makeup looking just-applied for up to 16 hours. I got a mini version but now I think I may get the full sized next time I’m at Sephora.

Kat Von D Saint Eau de Parfum

The next product is a product that I didn’t think I would love. I don’t really wear perfume, I normally go towards body mists because I love apple smelling things (especially during the fall and springtime) but once again walking through Sephora I was just casually looking at perfumes and fell in love with this perfume. The Saint Perfume is a floral type of perfume that has vanilla, musk and Jasmine keynotes. I don’t want to spend 54 dollars on the full bottle so I’ve gotten the 22 dollar travel size and I’ve already been through two travel size perfumes. Well Kat, since you’ve been through 2 of the travel size bottles why don’t you just bite the bullet and buy the full size? Well… something about spending over 50 dollars on one item I can’t justify with myself, especially a perfume, but maybe give me a few more travel size bottles and I will, or a good sale on it.

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner

These next two products is yet another unexpected purchase from walking around Sephora. I saw this product and picked it up because I saw the girl in the picture have brown curly hair with bangs like me and was automatically drawn to it. I smelled the shampoo and fell in love with the smell of grapefruit. I wanted this product but didn’t want to spend 25 dollars for each bottle in case I ended up not liking it so I got the mini size and a week later I had to go back to buy the full sizes. The No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner is a lightweight that detangles and fights frizz. It weightlessly blocks humidity, smooths hair texture while leaving your hair feeling moisturized. Since loving this product I am intrigued with the other products for the No Frizz line.

Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment

This product is an old favorite but I haven’t talked about on my blog. The Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment is perfect for troublesome blemishes. The formula contains benzoyl peroxide that attacks blemishes without causing irritation, over-drying and redness. I put it on once in the morning and before going to bed (maybe a third if it’s a big pimple) and in the matter of a few days the pimple is gone especially before it breaks through the skin.

XOXO Makeup Bag by Magg’s London

A couple of blog posts ago I talked about my favorite Youtube Channels and I mentioned the inspiring Hannah Maggs. I’ve always loved makeup bags and wanting to support her and her family but none of the makeup bags called my name until the XOXO Makeup Bag. The XOXO Makeup Bag is a pinky/nude plether material with a rose gold zipper and logo in the middle which is pretty much my aesthetic. The day it arrived in my mailbox I was jumping for joy knowing that I could support one of my favorite Youtubers. Another thing I love about this makeup bag is that it this makeup bag is a pretty good size. I actually don’t use the makeup bag for makeup because I am very messy when it comes to makeup and I don’t want to ruin it but if I were to put makeup in it, I would be able to fit pretty much all of my makeup in it. Looking at the website now I just read that this is one of the smaller makeup bags, so you just have to picture how much you can fit in the others!


So that’s all the items! It was a pretty long one so thanks for sticking with me! I hope you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed putting this all together. I’ve been looking forward to doing this blog post for a while and I’m glad that I could finally share with you some of my current favorites! If you are interested in any of these products, there are links at the end! What are some products you’ve been loving these past few months? Let me know in the comments below as well as other ideas for blog posts. I’m always up to new ideas! Hope you are all having a great start to the week and I will see you in the next blog post!



Touch in Sol No Poreblem Primer:

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in shade 190:

Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush 110:

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Soft Brown:

NYX Epic Ink Liner in Black:

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Black Lace:

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray:

Kat Von D Saint Eau de Parfum:

Living Proof No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner:

Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment:

XOXO Makeup Bag by Magg’s London:

XOXO Makeup Bag

My Halloween Costume 2017

Happy Halloween and welcome to another blog post! These past couple of days have been blog posts leading up to this post and I am here to finally be able to share with you my Halloween costume for 2017! I love how it turned out and how my friend was able to capture it in photos. So that being said, let’s just get right into it! Without further ado, I present to you my Halloween Costume for 2017!

The Idea for my Costume

When I was thinking about what I wanted to be for Halloween I knew automatically that I wanted to be a Hufflepuff student from Hogwarts with the sorting into House Hufflepuff earlier this year. Even though the Harry Potter Series has been around for a long time, merchandise for houses other than Gryffindor wasn’t really popular since Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all from House Gryffindor. But with more and more people taking the sorting house quiz on Pottermore, Harry Potter merchandise is finally opening up more to more than just Gryffindor. People are proud to be in their sorted houses and want to show off to other fans their House Pride, myself included. I want the world to know that I am proud to be in Hufflepuff and what better way to do that than dress in full Hufflepuff from top to bottom (almost completely) for Halloween.

It just so happen that I found all of my Hufflepuff gear from Hot Topic (no this isn’t sponsored, I only wish) which made putting this costume together so simple because it was all in one place! Let’s get into the pieces!

The Skirt

This was the piece that inspired to go this direction instead of finding a robe. It is a yellow skater skirt with a black plaid pattern and a badger and the house name in the corner. It also comes with straps, but since I was wearing a sweater and a tie, I thought it would be too much so I took them off. If I wasn’t wearing the sweater, showing off the straps would be very cute!

The Sweater

This sweater is a long black sweater with yellow accents on the sleeves and the house emblem on the front. You can wear it buttoned up or unbuttoned and stay warm when you aren’t wearing a robe!

The Socks

These socks were a great find because it goes great with the skater skirt idea. They are black socks that go over the knee and have a badger and Hufflepuff written on it. This brings the uniform all together!

The Tie

This skinny tie makes the uniform look more professional. It is a silky yellow tie with black stripes. Please don’t tease me for how it is tied, before this I never knew how to tie a tie!

The Headband

This headband is a yellow thick headband with the emblem on the side. It is great for when you want to have your hair down but still want to show your house pride.

The Scrunchie

This is another great find at Hot Topic. This as well as two others came in a variety pack for when you need to pull your hair back. Scrunchies have made a comeback and what better way to show your school pride in a subtle way than with this hair accessory.

And now that you’ve seen the costume up close, let’s get some action shots!

From posing normal….

…to getting that side angle.

From staring at your awesome socks…

…to realizing you don’t have your wand.

From posing at this angle…

…to this angle,

…to this angle,

…to in your face.

Now make a cute pose again…

From realizing you have a broom…

…to realize you should have paid attention to your flying lessons.

From catching up on your favorite book series…

…to finally getting an inside photo with your wand.



So that’s it, that is my week of Halloween posts leading up today! I really hope you enjoyed these posts as much as I did putting them together. I worked really hard on them and I hope it shows! I want to thank my close friend Melissa for taking these photos, without her I don’t know how I would have pulled this off!

Whatever you did to celebrate this holiday I hope you spent it with loved ones and created awesome memories! Let me know in the comments below what you dressed up as, what your plans were as well as ideas for new blog posts! I am always up to new ideas! Thank you so much for the love and support this past week and with a huge internet hug I conclude this week of Halloween Blog Posts! Posts should hopefully be going back up to the “normal” schedule after this, after this week of posts, I have been thrown back in love with writing blog posts. I am also still working hard on a huge project that I will be hopefully sharing with you soon! But until then, I hope you have a wonderful Halloween, a wonderful rest of the week and I will see you in the next post!

Stay Spooky!