Reasons Why Autumn is the Best Season!

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday and welcome to another blog post! Autumn weather finally hit here after days and days of rain and as I stepped outside today I was reminded once again oh how wonderful Autumn is. I live in the midwest so I get to experience all four seasons of the year and though each has its perks I always seem to look forward to Autumn most of all. For today’s post, I thought it would share with you why I think Autumn is the best season. So let’s get into it, here is why I think Autumn is the best season!

Colorful Leaves and Brisk Breeze

So like I said before, Autumn weather has finally hit where I am. The last couple weeks it has either been really cold in the morning and then hot in the afternoon or just rainy all day but the last couple of days it has been the perfect Autumn weather. In the morning it has been cold and instead of it being hot and humid like it was before it stays cold but the sun is out so it feels a little warmer. Weather like this is perfect for walks and by the end of it you won’t be sweating your cute Autumn makeup off.

Speaking of Autumn walks another reason I love Autumn is for the leaves changing colors. I love all the different shades of burnt reds, oranges, and yellows. Something about the leaves falling and feeling the brisk breeze makes my heart warm.

My Color of Life!

One of my favorite colors of all time is Burgundy and Maroon. It is such a dark deep beautiful red and looks beautiful on pretty much anything. From fashion and makeup to hair color I will instantly fall in love with whatever this color is on. Autumn is the time where my color of life comes out and stock up on things to get me through the rest of the year.

The Darker the Better

Speaking of makeup, Autumn is the season for darker and more dramatic makeup. As much as I love makeup and posting makeup reviews I am not the greatest at makeup, especially eye makeup. Even though I’m not the greatest I love to watch Autumn makeup tutorials and drool over my dream palette Morphe 35F. Autumn is also the time to bring out all of my favorite dark lip colors as well. I mean I wear my color of life on my lips all year round but it’s more suitable during this time of year.

Sweaters and More!

Going along with the fashion/makeup part of Autumn, I can’t get enough of Autumn fashion. As much as I love summer dresses, I always look forward to the day when I can put away my shorts and summer dresses and pull out the sweaters, scarves coats and boots from hiding. It is so hard going to shops and not buying every single sweater I see because they are so soft and so comfy and they are all I wear during Autumn. This Autumn I’ve been really been getting into mustard yellow and of course, my color of life :).

This Is Halloween

How can I talk about Autumn and not mention the best holiday ever? If you don’t know already, I live for Halloween 365 days of the year. I loved it as a kid for the costumes, pumpkin carving, and the great movies, and even though I don’t get to do as much for Halloween as an adult my love for Halloween is still there, maybe even more. Plus as an adult, I can eat all the Halloween I want and no one can tell me no… especially when that candy is on clearance.

Blankets, Hot Chocolate, Comfort Food and Cuddling

The last thing I love about Autumn is being able to cuddle up in a layer of blankets and enjoy hot chocolate, coffee or a bowl of chili or stew. One of the things I love to do (especially in October) is have friends come over and have a Halloween movie marathon while enjoying these comfort foods. Plus with it being cold out, it is a great excuse to cuddle up with your special someone.


So that is why I think Autumn is the best season! I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it! What is your favorite part of Autumn? Are you getting excited for Halloween now that we are in the middle of October? Let me know in the comments below those as well as ideas for other blog posts, I’m always open to new ideas! I hope you guys are enjoying the best month of the year, I got a lot of stuff I am working on for you and I can’t wait to share them with you! Hope you have a great rest of the week and as always, I will see you in the next blog post!


My Favorite Anime Characters!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! Today I wanted to share with you my favorite anime characters! I’ve shared my anime crushes and my anime girl crushes before but I haven’t shared just my favorite characters. Have you ever watched a show and there’s a character (or a few characters) that you just fall in love with? Not in love like towards a husbando or a wifey but you just can’t help but fall in love with for being awesome. So without further ado, here are my favorite anime characters! You will notice that some of the characters come from the same show so I guess that shows how awesome the anime is if there’s a lot of lovable characters.

Ikalgo from Hunter X Hunter

The first character is actually the character that made me want to do this blog post and that character is Ikalgo from Hunter X Hunter. Ikalgo is an octopus like Chimera Ant from the Chimera Ant Arc who used to be a officer but was turned over after having an encounter with one of the main characters Killua (don’t want to say any spoilers for anyone who hasn’t seen the series). I love Ikalgo so much because after joining the gang he is so loyal to Killua. Plus he’s the comedic relief in the season as well.

Seiya Kou from Sailor Moon Stars

How could I do an anime blog post and not have a Sailor Moon character in it?! One of my favorite seasons (maybe my favorite season of all time) of Sailor Moon would be the 5th and final season Sailor Stars. One of the reasons why I love this season is because this character. His name is Seiya Kou otherwise known as Sailor Star Fighter. I love him because he is so in love with Usagi and I am all for team Seiya and Usagi. He cares about her so much and would do anything for her and even though I do love Mamoru and Usagi I still would have loved to see Seiya and Usagi together.

Sasha Blouse from Attack on Titan

Now we are at that part where multiple characters come from the same show. And to start off is Sasha Blouse from Attack on Titan. She is a member of the Survey Corpse as well as Eren and the gang but is more of the laid back chilled characters. In season one you knew her as the one who loved food but in Season 2 you get to know more of her as a character which is great. If you have watched Attack on Titan you know how gory, serious and intense the show is so when there is a comic relief you cherish it because then you know the show is going to throw something intense your way. Sasha Blouse is that comic relief.

Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan

Another favorite character from Attack on Titan is squad leader Hange Zoe. I love her so much because she sees the Titans more than just predators. Whenever she gets the slightest chance to learn more about the Titans she jumps right into it with big eyes and excitement. With her influence, the Survey Corpse are not just trying to kill all Titans but learn about them as well.

Abel Nightroad from Trinity Blood

I’ve talked about this show before but if you haven’t read my last anime blog post where I first talked about Trinity Blood I just said that when I was little and first started watching anime I would sneak downstairs to the basement of the house that I grew up in to watch Trinity Blood and other animes because my parents wouldn’t let me stay up to watch it (I worded it wrong in the last post, I said in the other one that my parents wouldn’t let me watch it not because of the anime but because it was too late at night and I should be in bed, so my bad). Now when I was younger I was more into the Magical Girl genre with Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura then the darker let alone any anime about religion so why was I willing to sneak to the basement to watch Trinity Blood? The characters is one of the big reasons why I kept going back for more. One of the characters is the main character Abel Nightroad. Abel has two sides which makes me love him. He has the serious side when he’s on a mission and then at other times he’s a child stuck in an adult’s body, especially when it comes with finding food. Also when a friend is in need of someone Abel listens and is there for his friends. He makes a worthy good main character, worth enough to name my car after.

Ion Fortuna from Trinity Blood

Another character I love from Trinity Blood is Ion Fortuna. Ion is not only a Methuselah (aka a vampire according to humans) but the Earl of Memphis. How Ion’s, Abel’s and Esther Blanchett’s (I talked about her in the last anime blog post) path cross is because Ion was sent from Empress Augusta Vradica as a secret envoy to talk to Cardinal Caterina about taking a step toward peace between vampires and humans. The meeting was interrupted by an attack and then betrayed by his best friend after that Abel and Esther try to get him to Cardinal Caterina. I love Ion because in the few episodes he is you see him grow. Before everything happened Ion hated humans (or Terrans as the Methuselah would call them) who were outside of the Empire but after spending some time with Esther he has matured and have had a change of heart when it comes to Terrans. He even finds himself having feelings for Esther which I am totally down for.

Seth Nightlord from Trinity Blood

My last favorite character from Trinity Blood is Seth Nightlord. You first see Seth as this cute, cheery little town girl selling tea and helping Esther and Ion on there adventure but then she ends up revealing to the gang that she is the true Empress Augusta Vradica of the New Empire who has been in hiding in case of an assassination attempt (which spoiler alert, there was an attempt). We also find out that she is Abel’s youngest sibling (which I should have known, their personalities are similar) and that their older brother is up to no good (don’t want to spoil it). I love her so much because she is such a lovable character and just brings a smile to your face. Also who else loves the name Seth for a girl? I know I do.


So that’s all my favorite characters! I hope you all enjoyed this blog post as much as I did writing it! I just wanted to say before I end this blog post that these are my favorite characters personally and no way in any shape or form by sharing these characters are saying that they should be everyone’s favorite characters or that they are better than other characters, because there are some awesome characters out there in the anime world, I just have a special love for these individual characters for own reasons. Everyone has different opinions on characters and different reasons to love or favorite a certain character, these are just mine that I wanted to share. That being said I would love to hear what are your favorite characters and why you love them in the comments below as well as any ideas for more anime blogs. I hope you guys have a wonderful start of your week and I will see you soon in another blog post!


Halloween Haul 2017

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! The best month of the year is finally upon us so that means that all the stores finally have their Halloween stuff out! Actually when I went to Michaels even though it is the BEGINNING of October all of the Halloween stuff was on clearance to make room for Christmas stuff! I shouldn’t really be complaining because I was able to get a bunch of awesome stuff at a great price but come on Christmas stuff already?! We just started celebrating the month of Halloween! Oh well, let’s just get right into it! Here is my Halloween Haul 2017!

Note: I wanted to try something new with the blog so when I normally on a haul post put in a big header the store I got the items instead I put it into each of the photos!

Skull and Flower Container

The first item I got was this awesome “glass” container. Inside there is a black skull and these beautiful blood red flowers that caught my eye enough to buy this. This goes great with the red background for future Halloween blog posts.

Table Runner

Another great item for my Halloween background is this Table Runner I found from Target. I love the fact that it looks torn and that the edges aren’t perfectly cut. Makes it look more worn and creepy.

Book of Spells

Next is this decorative Book of Spells. I love this because it goes perfectly with my Halloween background. On the front, it has the words “Book of Spells” and has a skeleton with a creepy smile on it. For being hollow on the inside it is very heavy!

Stack of Books

To go with the Book of Spells I also got a stack of books that I’m going to set on top of it. On the side it says “Curses” on the top book, “Spells” on the middle, and “Potions” on the bottom book. That is the one thing I wish the “Book of Spells” is that it was on the binding like these ones so all the books would blend together. On the top of the top book there is a skull and on the side of the books is this big spider.

Black Wings

Out of everything I got this item would be my favorite. It is a bowl like a container but is shaped like angel wings. The texture on it makes it look like real feathers but it definitely isn’t the same weight as wings of course. I’ve always loved angel wings since I was younger and I plan on using it even after Halloween because I love it so much! I can put my keys in it or little things like that.

Clear Skull Container

Another item is this clear skull container from Michaels. I got two of these containers but I can’t tell you what I have planned for these skull containers because I have a fun Halloween post planned for these so stay tuned for that!

Skull Cups

So because Michael’s had all of their Halloween stuff on clearance I got a little carried away with certain items, this is the aftermath of it. I found these glass skull cups and I originally was just going to get the clear one but I saw that there was a purple one and a green and blue one and I just thought “Oh I can get one of each cause they’re on clearance!”, so that’s what I did. I don’t know when I’m going to use all of them (they are glass) but hey they look cool!

Led Bat

The last item was completely going overboard but I couldn’t help but feel that I needed it. This is a led light that is in the shape of a bat! I love bats and even though I have nowhere to put it in my office I needed to have it. So we shall see if it actually goes up. Do I regret buying it? No, I do not!


So that’s all the items! I hope you guys enjoyed this Halloween Haul! Is your house or room all decorated for Halloween? What is your favorite decoration? Let me know what it is as well as ideas for other Halloween posts! I hope you guys are having a wonderful start to the month of Halloween and I will see you all in the next post!


Characters I Want to Cosplay!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! It’s finally October so you know what that means… it’s time to celebrate the best time of the year with Halloween blog posts! So to start out I thought that I would talk about what cosplays I would love to do one day! In the past few months I’ve been really inspired (with the help of Kelly Eden and her friends and Jessica Nigri) to want to get into cosplaying. I’ve always loved the idea of it and how cosplayers can bring a character to life just with an outfit and a wig! Also I love the idea of working on something and being able to show it off at a convention and see other cosplayers work as well and build off of it. And with Halloween just around the corner (heads up, there is going to be a Halloween costume post coming this month so look forward to that), I would love to think I could go to anime conventions, afford the cosplays and have the self confidence to do it but since I can’t right now all I can do is work on those things and plan out the ones I would love to do!.

I split the cosplays in three separate parts: Individual, Couples and lastly Groups. That being said, let’s get right into it! Here are Characters I Want to Cosplay!


Sailor Moon

So of course with my love for Sailor Moon, Usagi aka Sailor moon would make my Cosplay list. But there are more than one version I would like to cosplay. These include:

Sailor Moon in her original Sailor Suit,

The suit in armor (found the photo on Pinterest and loved it),

Usagi in her school uniform,

Punk Usagi,

And Usagi in casual clothes.

Princess Serenity/Neo-Queen Serenity

Of course if I want to cosplay Sailor Moon, then naturally I would want to cosplay Princess Serenity and then Neo-Queen Serenity. I’ve always loved the dress since I watched Sailor Moon as a young girl and would love to be able to wear the dress and portray that character.


When I was little and I watched Luna transform from a cat to a human In Sailor Moon S: Hearts in Ice I knew I loved how cute she was. Now knowing that cosplay is a thing as an adult I would love to one day be able to bring that childhood dream into life!

Wicked Lady

Wicked Lady is one of my favorite villains in Sailor Moon so I would love to be able to cosplay her.

As well as the punk Usagi picture I found I found a punk Wicked Lady as well that would look awesome.

Ochako Uraraka

My latest anime obsession has been the show My Hero Academia. One of my favorite characters is name Ochako Uraraka and she is just the cutest! Just like Sailor Moon there are a couple different ways I would like to cosplay Ochako.

Ochako in her school uniform,

In her superhero outfit,

In Deku’s superhero outfit,

And my favorite in Katsuki’s superhero outfit.

Now I don’t know if you have seen My Hero Academia or not, but it looks like the show is leaning towards Ochako and Deku getting together, but I would love to see it turn around and Ochako and Katsuki get together. If you’ve seen My Hero Academia tell me what you think? Team Deku or Team Katsuki?

Attack on Titan Girls

We all know my love for Attack on Titan and if I were to cosplay I would be two characters:

Mikasa Ackerman

And after watching Season 2, I would love to cosplay Christa, or should I say…

Historia Reiss

Studio Ghibli Girls

I love Studio Ghibli and one day I would love to be able to cosplay some of my favorite characters. Some included are:

Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle


San from Princess Mononoke

Sakura Kinomoto

Other than Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura was one of the first Magical Girls I was introduced to as a young girl. Cardcaptor Sakura will always be one of my favorite shows from my childhood. I love this dress from the Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card.

Esther Blanchett

Last but not least in the Individual section is Sister Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood. I loved this show when I was first started watching anime, I remember sneaking downstairs to watch this and other shows on Funimation because my parents wouldn’t let me watch it upstairs. I found this photo on Pinterest and I just love the extra details on her outfit.


If I could find someone who would cosplay them with me these are the Couples cosplay I would love to get the chance to cosplay.

Sophie and Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

San and Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke

Father Abel and Sister Esther from Trinity Blood

Sakura and Syaoran from Cardcaptor Sakura

Pink and Green Ranger from MIghty Morphin PowerRangers

Childhood show I loved! I’d even be ok with the white ranger!

Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy

Can’t forget my love for super-heroes!


Last but not least, the final group of cosplays are Groups. Cosplaying would be fun, but it would be more fun with a group of friends. Here are the cosplay groups I would love to cosplay one day.

Sailor Scouts

It would be my dream to be able to get a group to be able to cosplay the sailor scouts with my closest friends.

Original Suits

Armor Suits

When I was looking at Pinterest and when I clicked on the armor suit for Sailor Moon but I then found another picture but with the group. Whoever drew this and designed the suits I want to thank because they are gorgeous and I would love to bring those to life one day.

My Hero Academia Group

I can’t get enough of this anime so I would love to one day be able to cosplay it, especially with friends. There are a couple of group cosplays for My Hero Academia which include:


I especially would love to get a group of girls together to do just the girls in their uniforms!

Hero Outfits

Girls as Cheerleaders

Because who didn’t love the school festival and the girls in cheerleading uniforms!


Eevee is my favorite Pokemon of all time, when I turn on my Pokemon App I always see if there is an Eevee to catch to add to my army so I would love to be able to cosplay as Eevee and all of the evolutions. I really love how Jessica Nigri’s cosplay group of them.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Like I said in the couples section Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was one of my favorite shows as a kid and is still the best season of Power Rangers in my opinion. I would love to not only cosplay the group as Rangers but in their casual wear as well.


Well that’s my list of characters I want to cosplay! I hope you enjoyed this post! Would you be interested in cosplay? If you are what characters would you want to portray? Comment below those as well as ideas for more blog posts, Halloween or not! I hope you are having a great start to the best month of the year and I will see you in the next post!


Anime I Wish had a Second Season!

Happy Thursday/Friday (not your usual posting day Kat…) and welcome to another blog post! I’ve been sick for the past couple of days and what helps me feel better is watching anime! Last night when I was looking at anime to watch I kept on running into anime that I’ve enjoyed but wished there was a second season. So I thought I would share some of them! Often times anime love to end the season with the intent of having a second season, so they leave you on a cliffhanger or with lots of questions unanswered because they can just answer it in the next season but then because of animator shortage or the anime wasn’t as popular as they thought it would be there isn’t a second season and as a viewer you are left with a lot of unanswered questions or just left sad because you enjoyed the anime and wanted more. There are a lot of wonderful anime out there with great storylines and great characters that deserve a second season, so finding out there isn’t going to be more of that is sad. Like I’ve said in posts before, I know I can get into the manga (which I end up doing) but sometimes the manga is really hard to find, there isn’t even a manga for the anime and it isn’t the same as watching the characters come to life on a screen. Before I get into the whole conversation of the Anime Industry and the shortage of animators (which as an artist/doodler I can draw this out to be its own blog post) let’s jump into the actual blog post! Here is my list of animes that I wish had a second season!

Black Bullet

I’ve mentioned this anime before in a blog post before but the first anime I wish had a second season is Black Bullet. Black Bullet is an anime about a boy named Rentaro Satomi who lives in the world where mankind has fallen and the greatest threat to mankind are parasites named Gastrea. Rentaro fights alongside Enju Aihara against the Gastrea as well as trying to live a “normal” high school life. I love this anime so much because this anime is more than just high school life or just fighting Gastrea. You get to go deep in the characters, how the Gastrea affects their everyday life, especially Enju. Enju is also known as a “Cursed Child” due to the connection to Gastrea and throughout this anime, you see the troubles she has as a “Cursed Child” and how Rentaro helps her through them. I wish Black Bullet had a second season because you get so involved with the characters you want to know more about them as well as the fight for mankind.

No Game No Life

The second anime I wish had a second season is called No Game No Life. No Game No Life is about two siblings named Sora and Shiro who are experts at playing video games but not in the world outside their gaming room. They are so well known in the gaming world they attract a god from an alternate world and are summoned there. In the new world, Sora and Shiro do what they know what to do, and that is play games. With the help of their new friends, Sora and Shiro set out to conquer this new world playing one game at a time. I wish No Game No Life had a second season is because you just want to see what else these characters can accomplish. You get to know these characters and you start seeing their successes and you just want to see them get closer and closer to conquering the world.

The Irregular at Magic High School

The last anime I wish had a second season is called The Irregular at Magic High School. I’ve mentioned this anime before in my “Anime Tag” post as the anime that I thought was better than expected. The anime is about a pair of siblings named Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba who enroll at First High Magic High School. Tatsuya and Miyuki live in a world where magic exists through modern technology and Magic High School is a place where students can enhance and tone their magic skills. Students who enroll in Magic High School go through a test of their current magic skills are then put in a class (whether first or second course) which then guides where each student go through in their high school career. Though Tatsuya and Miyuki go through different experiences in their first semester in school (Miyuki is put in the first course while Tatsuya is in the second course) things start becoming “irregular” at school during their school festival. I wish The Irregular at Magic School had a second season is because things started becoming interesting and I need to know what happens next! There is a lot of conflict between first and second course because first course students think they are better than second course students and the enrollment of the Shiba siblings mix things up because even though Tatsuya is put in the second course his skills show that he should be in the first course and all Miyuki wants to do is be around Tatsuya because of her borderline sibling crush on him. Plus on top of all of that, we just started to get introduced to the Shiba sibling’s background and the “irregular” things happening around them. I just want to know more!


So those are the anime I wish had a second season! I do really enjoy the anime I mentioned and it makes me sad that such good and well-developed anime aren’t getting another season. But hey, maybe these anime are pulling an Attack on Titan and there is another season in the making, it’s just taking a few years. Wishful thinking aside I will continue to re-watch these series, read the manga, and find more anime to watch and love and hopefully not feel sad when there isn’t a second season. What anime do you wish had a second season? What anime have you been watching recently? I would love to know those and what anime blog post I should do next in the comments below! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the weekend, day, whatever time it is when you are reading this (it’s late getting this post up.. But hey what’s new ;D) and I will see you in the next post!


A Quick Thought

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! This is going to be a short one, but I just had a quick thought that I wanted to share with you.

As you know if you read my last update blog I just recently turned 25 years old. Turning 25 was really hard for me because I feel I am stuck between the “I need to get through school and start my career” stage and the “I want to settle down and have a family” stage which at times can be very overwhelming to think about. While I was relaxing, I suddenly found myself having a random thought.

After graduating high school when my classmates when to different colleges for different majors and opportunities I decided at the time that I wasn’t ready for school yet (I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with my life) I went straight into the workforce in retail until I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I knew early on that I was a hard worker and had good work ethics so I decided that since I knew I was going to be there for a while (and needed more money to save for school) I might as well move up and be apart of the management team. After a couple of interviews and a lot of letdowns I was never promoted with that company and even though it got to me at times I kept trying. I worked even harder than I was already working and sucked up to the right people but still didn’t get the management job I wanted. Months later I decided to leave that company and started working at a different company on top of finally starting school.

Fast forward to present day and while some of my classmates are now graduated and having a career and families, I am now a shift supervisor at Starbucks. On top of that even though it is taking forever (I am paying for it all out of pocket instead of taking out loans) I am going to school and working on my dream with my website and being able to write blog posts for you guys! I came to the conclusion that even though I didn’t go to school right away like my other classmates, 6 years later (oh my gosh it’s really been that long since I graduated high school) I have something that I worked hard towards and have reached stepping stone. I love Starbucks (it’s actually almost my 2 year anniversary there) and even though sometimes can be stressful and hard, aka the dreaded Unicorn Frappuccino, it is a fun job and has great benefits. Not only does it take the right place to present a new opportunity but it took 6 years of hard work and let downs to get to the place I am now. Thinking back on it now I am glad that I made that choice to go into the workforce first before school because through all that work it made me appreciate the workforce as well as how important my school work is because I am paying for it myself.

Having this random thought has made me feel a little better about getting older because now not only have I gained a little more respect for myself, but I know when I get down about what I haven’t accomplished in life I can remind myself of what I have worked for and have accomplished and what I am working towards now.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little thought I had randomly and now I pass this question to you. What are some accomplishments you are proud of? Let me know in the comments below as well as ideas for the next blog post. Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will see you in the next blog post.



My Favorite Youtube Channels!

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday and welcome to another blog post! As you all know I love Youtube, it is always the first thing I open up when I go on the Internet whether it is to listen to music while I work or to catch up on videos from my subscriptions. So I thought it would be a good idea to share my favorite Youtube Channels! From inspiring me to be more creative, seeing what a day in their lives are like to making me laugh I am always excited to see new content from these creators. So without further ado here are my favorite Youtube Channels!

Jenna Marbles

My first favorite Youtuber is the one and only Jenna Marbles. I’ve been watching her for a long time, I think since middle school. I think she’s the Youtuber I’ve been watching the longest. If you don’t know who Jenna Marbles is she makes Youtube videos that she would want to watch and laugh at every Wednesday/Thursday. From trying to be a makeup guru, to playing with her dogs, no matter what the video is I know that I will get a good laugh by watching her videos.

Her and her boyfriend Julien also have a podcast that comes out every Monday called “Jenna Julien” where they talk about pretty much anything they want. They can have a serious podcast talking about things happening on Youtube and the world and the next can be having a pizza party. When I’m not watching the podcast online I listen to it while working or exercising.

Ethan and Hila Klein aka h3h3 Productions

Last year I was introduced to h3h3 Productions and I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be a fan but was pleasantly surprised the more and more I watched them. H3H3 Productions is made up of Ethan and Hila Klein who make reaction videos to other Youtubers and events going on in the world. The reason why I love h3h3 Productions is because they not only do they create great memes and are all around great people but they call out and react to Youtubers in such a genius way that they are a force to not mess with. Some examples include calling out Joey Salads on making fake videos that promote racism, prank channels going a little too far on their pranks, and everything going on with Youtube and cutting ads.

They recently just won a lawsuit which is very exciting and I am very excited to see what kind of memes and videos they create in the future. They also have a podcast that is streamed live on twitch every week that I love as well!

*Nerd Alert* Every time I’m writing a blog post and use the header code “h3” I always think of them tehe. :))


Another Youtuber I’ve been watching for as long as I can remember is Leighannsays. Leigh Ann makes fashion and a makeup up videos in Houston, Texas who uploads weekly. More than once have I found myself buying makeup items after watching a video by her.

She also has a vlog channel that she uploads twice a week on that shows a glimpse of her life during the weekend (they’re weekend vlogs) and it is because of her vlog channel that I’ve fallen in love with her channel again. She recently got engaged so I’m really excited to see the next chapter of her life with the wedding.

Kelly Eden

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know how much I love Kelly Eden. She has inspired me so much to just be myself, love myself and rekindle my love anime. If you don’t know who she is, Kelly Eden is a girl living in L.A who is an artist/cosplayer and fellow anime lover. A lot of people know her for her pastel hair and her dollhouse but I know her from her cosplays and love of Sailor Moon. If pink is your aesthetic or you love anime and Sailor Moon you should really check her out because she is awesome! Her and her friends (the fellowship of the rainbow as they call their friend group) are such a great group of people so check them out as well!

Tom Fletcher

Ever since early middle school I have been in love with the band Mcfly. When I found out that one of the band members Tom Fletcher has a Youtube I was very excited. He first got famous on Youtube from his wedding speech (which made me cry of course) and since then he’s been documenting family time, new books and more.

Giovanna Fletcher aka Giovannasworld

So of course with her husband being a Youtuber, Tom Fletcher’s wife Giovanna hopped on the Youtube wagon. Giovanna is a publishing author as well as a full time mother to their two adorable sons Buzz and Buddy Fletcher. On her channel she talks about what it means to be a mother and in a way inspires me to write more. It has been one of my lifelong dreams to one day publish my own book and watching her channel inspires me every time I watch a video to work towards that dream.

She just recently started a podcast based off her most recent book “Happy Mum Happy Baby” talking to other moms about motherhood. Even though I am not a mother, I am still excited to listen to this podcast.

Carrie Hope Fletcher aka ItsWayPastMyBedTime

Before Gi started Youtube and even before Tom started Youtube, I was watching his little sister Carrie on her channel “ItsWayPastMyBedTime”. When Carrie isn’t making Youtube videos she is living her dreams on the broadway stage playing roles like Ebonie from “Les Miserables” and Truly from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”. She is currently playing Wednesday Addams on the UK tour of “The Addams Family”.

The creative gene runs very deep in the Fletcher family because just like Tom and Gi, Carrie has published a couple of books of her own which makes me so happy. (I need to one day order all the books on Amazon!)

The Fletcher family (all three of them) are all talented people who inspire me to write and stay creative, I know when I’m feeling down or uninspired I can go to any of their channels and feel inspired again.

Emma Blackery

The next Youtuber is another long time favorite, and good friend of Carrie Hope Fletcher, Emma Blackery. She is a Singer/Youtuber based off in London who does comedy sketches. I have been watching her videos for years so in a way I have seen Emma grow as a Youtuber and person. A few times throughout her career Emma has gone through changes with what she wants for her channel and herself and now has really found herself in the past couple of months, which I absolutely love. She recently just came out with a book which I am also so excited to read. Honestly I am so proud of what she has accomplished and she always makes me smile when I see her videos.

She also has a vlog channel called that is more relaxed where she sits and talks to her audience about anything and what goes on in her life as well as advice (which helped lead her to new book).

The Michalaks/ Hannah Maggs

The last favorite Youtube channel is “The Michalak Family”. Stef and Hannah Michalak are a couple based in the UK who put up a what to some may just be another weekly vlog but to them it is like making a short film every week vlogging their life for their son Grayson (and now new baby as of this past month :D). I tune in every week to watch their vlogs not only because of their fun and sassy personalities but because of the showmanship in each of their videos. Stef does such a good job in editing their vlogs, he can make what can be a boring walk in the park or running errands seem way more interesting because of how he edits it.

As well as The Michalaks (Stef runs that account mostly) Hannah has her own Youtube account where she talks about makeup, fashion and being a mom, as well as her own blog. I love the way she takes photos for her blog posts and they really inspire me to take better photos for my blog posts.


So that’s all my favorite Youtube Channels! Did I mention any of your favorite Youtubers? What Youtube Channels do you enjoy? Comment down below those and any other Youtube Channels that I should check out, I’m always interested in watching more content! Also if you have any ideas for a blog post let me know in the comments below as well!

If you want to check out any of the Youtubers I just mentioned, links are below to their channels!
Jenna Marbles:
Jenna Julien:
H3h3 Productions:
Kelly Eden:
Tom Fletcher:
Emma Blackery:
The Michalaks:
Hannah Maggs:

Hannah Maggs Blog:

I hope you guys are having a wonderful week and I should see you all in the next post!


Mini Sephora Haul!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another blog post! This past week one of my bestest friends and I went to Sephora and I thought since I haven’t done a makeup post in awhile I would show you guys what I got! Most of the stuff I needed but there are some that I didn’t expect to get, so let’s just get right into it! I bring to you my Mini Sephora Haul!

Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara

One of the things I knew I had to grab is one of my favorite mascaras from Benefit! I had a little mini version of it but I loved it so much I needed to grab a full size! I love this mascara because it keeps my lashes curled and full all day! I’ve never been a fan of eyelash curlers so having a mascara that curls my lashes is perfect!

Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil

If you have been following my blog since the beginning you know that Benefit is my favorite high end makeup brand. Last summer Benefit came up with a new and improved line of brow products that made people think differently about brow makeup. When the products came out I made sure to get my hands on some of them and ended up falling in love. One of the products I picked up is the Goof Proof Brow Pencil. It was my go to brow pencil until the day I used the last of it (there were so little product the last of it fell down the drain.. I know I cried too) Because it is a little more on the expensive side (it is 24.00 at Sephora) I tried finding a new go to brow product but nothing was the same. After almost a year of trying product after product I finally caved in and repurchased it. I guess some things are worth the retail price, and great brows are one of them.

Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner

Speaking of all time favorite products, my favorite eyeliner of all time would have to be Kat Von D’s Tattoo Eyeliner in “Trooper Black”. It is a felt tip eyeliner that in my opinion creates the perfect cat eye easily. My eyes get watery very easily so it helps that the eyeliner is waterproof. When applying makeup, it is reassuring that my cat eye will be ready for any selfie and it won’t fade or have any cracks, and that is thanks to this eyeliner.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

So the one thing I wanted to get at Sephora that is new to me is a setting spray. I never thought I needed to use a setting spray (why would I spray something on my face after my makeup is done?) but my best friend who came with me recommended that I get one since I was talking to her about how my makeup almost always isn’t as good as when I first put it on throughout the day. So I thought why not!

As always I always get a little overwhelmed when it comes with finding new makeup because I’m always afraid that I’m going to spend a lot of money that something I don’t like or going to use. So I made sure to look into the products before purchasing one, and there was a lot of them! The thing that drawed me towards getting the All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray is that it is a weightless oil free spray that keeps makeup from melting, cracking, fading or settling into fine lines (this is from the package…wish I could market makeup like that). If you are in the market for a new setting spray know that it can be used for all skin types as well! I’ve used it everyday since I got so if you would like me to do a makeup review on it just let me know in the comments below!

Birthday Gift!

This last couple items were a surprise to me when I got to the counter because I forgot since I am apart of their rewards program I got a free birthday present! There were two things I could choose from and decided on the items by Tarte.

The first item is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in “Paaarty” which the name is perfect for a birthday gift! I’ve always wanted to try the blush but didn’t want to pay the $29.00 for it (I could find a cheaper drugstore one that works the same) so I was glad that it was one of the options for the birthday gift!

The second item is Tarte’s Creamy Matte Lip Paint in “Birthday Suit” which is of course very fitting. Since I found LimeCrime I’ve been really only wearing LimeCrime lipsticks (the obsession is real guys) but I had to at least try the new lipstick since I have never tried any of the Tarteist lip paints. Mini review I will have to say that it is long lasting but felt heavy throughout the day.


So that’s all of the items! I hope you guys enjoyed this mini Sephora haul! If you guys want me to review the new setting spray that I am trying (I already have some opinions on it after almost a week of using it daily) or any other products that you would like me to review let me know in the comments below! What kind of makeup have you been loving recently? Do you have any recommendations for products I should try next? Let me know as well as your thoughts in the comments below!

I hope you guys are all having a good start to your week and I will see you all in the next post!


Oh yeah before I forget here are all the links to all the items I got in case you are interested!
Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara:
Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil:
Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner:
Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray:
Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush:
Tarte’s Creamy Matte Lip Paint:

Love you all! 🙂

Back to School Tips// Little Update on Me!!

Hello and welcome to another blog post! I know it’s been a very VERY long time since I’ve written a blog post but a lot has happened this past month. So much that the stress of trying to keep up with my blog schedule was a stress I could not handle. I could get into more of it but things are still pretty stressful and a lot of things around me are changing all at once. And though life has knocked me down multiple times this past month at the end of the day I still have my dreams. After a long and hard day dealing with stress and my lack of mental health I still have the things in life that keep me happy and keep me working through it all. That is why as of today instead of sitting around and dealing with the stress, anxiety, and depression that is growing inside of me I want to get back into going after my dream so I thought I would first come here and say hello!

One of the things that happened this past month that was planned (no matter how much I didn’t want it to) was that I celebrated my 25th birthday! Yes, the big 25…the halfway point of saying goodbye to the last of my young years and hello to true adulthood. Now, normally people my age are out of college and starting adulthood with the job of their dreams. If not working on their careers, they are getting married, or are already married and having a family. Or they have both their dream career and a family.

I am definitely not normal. As well all know well by now. I am neither working at my dream job or married and have a family of my own. I am slowly working my way through college by working a full-time job to pay for college all out of pocket with no help financially. Before I was emotionally stuck in the middle between feeling like I needed to get through college and start my career but now that I’m 25 the emotions of getting married and starting to have a family is now in the mix. All these emotions are very confusing and at times overwhelming.

So when life throws things my way all at once I have to put my college plan aside to get through it. I know I’m working my way and when I do finally reach those goals I will be debt free and a better place but right now it is hard for me mentally and emotionally because I watched my fellow classmates graduate and now I get to see all the stuff they accomplish while I feel like I am going nowhere.

Unfortunately, with everything going on, I couldn’t afford to take classes this fall semester, which makes me feel like I am once again taking a step back instead of forwards towards a better future.

So to try not to let all the emotions get to me (more than it already has) I thought it would be a fun idea to give some back to school tips to the readers who are going to school this semester! So without further ado and this long intro let’s get into the tips!

Study Hard!

This one is self-explanatory. You want to have fun but also remember that you are in school to get an education and learn something… so might as well do that while you are there!

Get plenty of sleep!

Sleep is very important. Without it, paying attention in class is a lot harder and you could miss out on important information that could be on an exam! Plus getting a good night’s rest sets you up for success and you wake up feeling ready for the day!

Set lots of alarms!

I was never a morning person (still as an adult I am still not) so it is always a good idea to set multiple alarms. If you don’t wake up to the first alarm, you’ll sooner or later wake up if you have multiple ones!

Do not get in the habit of getting to class late!

We are all human so being late is bound to happen to all of us. But if you make a habit of getting to class late, it could not only get in the way of your grades but can create worse habits down the line. So get in the habit of being on time first before getting in the habit of being late!

Get homework done/study for tests!

Speaking of getting in good habits, get in the habit of getting homework done right when you get home. I know homework is a pain and no one wants to do it but the sooner you get it done the more time you have to do other things!

Always write down due dates/test exam days!

You don’t want to be that person who forgot about the exam and is suddenly cramming in as much studying as they can before the test. Always keep a planner with you to stay organized with major due dates and exam days. A planner is also useful for writing down events or a work schedule if you add on a part time job.

Have confidence while taking exams!

Unless you forgot about the exam and crammed everything at the end if you took the time to study for an exam have confidence going into the exam! I know test taking was always the hardest for me personally so from experience just knowing that you did your best to prepare for the exam can help get yourself through the test with confidence!

Keep your friends close!

Your friends are your biggest supporters. Not only are they there to have sleepovers and talk about boys but in a way, they can empower you to be better in school and in after school activities. Plus if you have a close friend in a class you don’t enjoy, that class can become a little more bearable knowing your friend is in the same class.

Make new friends!

Are you going to a new school this year? Or are you in a class that none of your friends are in? Now would be a great opportunity to make new friends! I know it’s a scary (even as an adult, I am scared to introducing myself let alone opening myself up to new people) but you could end up making a really good friend in the end!

Don’t let boys get in the way of schoolwork!…

SCHOOLWORK IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE CUTE BOY WHO SITS IN FRONT OF YOU! Don’t let them distract you from getting homework done and getting good grades. Yes, dating can be fun but if you get hurt your grades will pay for it as well.

…or get between friends!

There’s gonna be a time when you and one of your friends have a crush on the same guy. Don’t let the boy get in between friendships… boys don’t last that long but friendships last forever! I know from experience that if you let a boy between a friendship, you may lose that friend! If you want to keep that friend, choose fries before guys! (sorry, had to put that in ;D)

Don’t get too overwhelmed!

Things at a time can get a little overwhelming. From keeping grades up to having a social life, to participating in after school activities. Some even add a part time job to the mix. Staying busy is always a good thing because it keeps you out of trouble, but if it starts getting to the point that you can’t concentrate on school work or be taking care of yourself then maybe it is time to cut back on things. If you are in multiple extracurricular activities, which activity do you enjoy the most? If you cut back on activities you don’t enjoy as much you can concentrate on becoming better at the one you do enjoy the most. Plus that gives you more time to rest or have that social life you want, and keep your grades up as well!


Well, that’s all of the tips! In all honesty, the most important tip for going back to school is to work hard but don’t forget to have fun along the way. I hope you enjoyed this blog post; I always have fun with these types of posts and it lets me have time to forget about all the stresses and troubles of life.

Before I go I just wanted to thank every single one of you for being so patient with me this past month. I can’t promise that I’m going to be back to my schedule right away but what I can promise is that I love blogging and even if I take long breaks, I will never stop writing and never stop chasing after my dreams.

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I hope you are all doing well! If you have any ideas for a new blog post idea or I forgot any tips for back to school, let me know in the comments below! Until then, I will see you in the next post!


Getting Back into Adobe Illustrator!// Motivational Quotes and Why I Love Graphic Design!

Happy Sunday/Monday and welcome to another better late than never blog post! This past week I was talking with a few people and it made me realize a few things. First I was talking with one of my best friends (she’s pretty much another sister) and after our talk with her I realized (a lot of things…won’t get into all the details) one of the reasons why I wanted to be a graphic designer was because I enjoyed making digital illustrations and hand lettering… or I guess messing around with fonts and pictures in my case. Then I was talking to a co-worker I also realized after listening to his major project he is currently working on and his goals I wanted to get into my big secret project that I stopped working on months ago (maybe one day when it’s finally happening I’ll talk all about why I stopped for a while)! I guess I’ve gotten so used to just getting on my computer, and only opening Adobe Illustrator just to make a “picture” for social media when I have new blog posts I kinda just forgot about why I loved graphic design and Adobe Illustrator to begin with!

All in all after lots of talking about dreams and life and realizing a bunch of things, what better than to have a blog post with some stuff I’ve been working on in the past couple days. I’ve been really loving on Pinterest those Tumblr like motivational quotes in a bulky font in front of a flower picture so watch out… you’ll notice a theme.

These quotes have been very helpful to me these past couple of weeks, they help me get motivated and stay in a good mind space so for anyone who is feeling down or need a little motivation, hopefully these quotes can help you like they helped me! So let’s get to the quotes!

When You Find Something You Are Passionate About…

If You Are Getting Impatient Just Remember…

It’s going to happen.. Just keep working at it :).

Don’t Over Do Things…Take…

Small Steps are still steps… You are still getting somewhere.

Whatever You are Doing…

Because self happiness and self confidence is way better than impressing someone.

Whatever Your Passion Is…

…you or your work with others. Everyone is at a different stepping stage… use them as motivation and inspiration instead of way to get down on yourself.

When Someone Tells You That You Can’t Tell Them…

Because you can.

Something to Ponder on…

This one hit me hard…

And Finally… For all the Strong Women out there…

Let’s empower each other and motivate each other to be the best we can be!


So that’s all of them.. Or at least the ones I had time to do (trust me there are way more I wanted to do)! These photos (as much as I wanted to be the one who took them) were found on Pinterest but I did edit a couple with Adobe Illustrator to make them more interesting to the eye. I really enjoyed getting back into making these kinds of doodles and I hope at least one of these quotes helped you if you were feeling a little down or needed any motivation.

What are you passionate about? What are some of your favorite quotes? Let me know in the comments below as well as what else you would like to see me blog about!

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I hope you guys are enjoying the start of the week and I will see you in the next post!